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Newsletter                                                                March, 24, 2020


Spring has sprung, the birds are singing for mates, storks are nesting, and the orchids are in full bloom. And we are in uncharted territory.  Anxiety runs high and life as we knew it a month ago has vanished.  Covid-19 has taken us perhaps not by surprise but certainly a whirlwind.  We have adapted.  No more open houses.  Showings, albeit few, are vetted and only allowed under strict CDC guidelines for social distancing.  
As often quoted, "Every cloud has a silver lining"!  Tana has given us 5 ways to survive and even enjoy a retreat from our previous daily routine.  

Stay safe, stay strong.  
Laura & Tana

Things to Do
Journal - I have heard and I am doing, that a journal is recommended - I started my journal named "counting the days" on March 12th.  This is very helpful in remembering the movies we have watched,  I hate the scrolling through Netflex, Amazon, Hulu, etc. Which my husband does all the time, and not knowing if we saw a movie before, so we start it again and after 15 minutes we may remember we saw before, or we may get to the last 15 minutes and realize we know the ending.  It's also good to know where you went or who you came in contact with, if you have to worry about the following 15 days.
Games - I know most of you have a closet where you keep all the games for kids, grand kids and friends. We played scrabble yesterday and after almost two hours, we really didn't care if the word was spelled correctly, if it sounded good it was OK.  Otherwise we wouldn't have finished.  I have determined that this game can be played by 1-4 players, if you are creative.  Just set up game for four on your square bridge table.  If you are by yourself, just move from seat to seat and pretend you are competing with each place.  If you have two, same option can apply, by playing your rack and opposite rack of tiles. This doubles your chance of winning.  
Monopoly, cribbage, clue, etc.  
Don't forget you always have games on your Ipad when  by yourself.
Books - I highly recommend reading books - especially if you are going to play scrabble - expand your vocabulary.   Books can take you to Fantasy land,  Sci-fi land, Adventure land, etc.  I personally like to binge on Jack Reacher and jaws books.
Puzzles - I also enjoy 1,000 piece puzzles - should take you long enough to get frustrated and forget for a minute why you decided to start it in the first place - if you are a first timer, do perimeter first, which will give you a good feeling that you accomplished something.  Then you can leave it out on that same bridge table and stop by now and then to put in more pieces.  When you do finish it, you won't want to break up the pieces and put back in the box.  If you do put it back, please don't donate to a thrift shop or give to a friend who does puzzles.  I can speak from expierence, there is nothing more frustrating than getting to the 1,000th piece and it's missing.
FaceTime - Don't forget to call and FaceTime your friends and relatives, they need to be encouraged that you are doing well and thinking about them. You'll feel better and they will too. If you need help just ask or see if you can do something for them!
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