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Little Italy Lodge
  Sunday, February 11
1-4 pm

5 wines matched with 5 piattini (small plates) plus Prizes! Raffles! 50/50 Cash Raffle! Italian Music! Fellowship!

Open to Lodge members/guests.
Bonnie Montcalmo littleitalylodgemd@gmail.com
Saint Leo's ITALIAN FESTIVAL committee is underway and will tackle the following assignments. If YOU are interested in assisting with festival planning (major fundraiser for Saint Leo's church), the committee can always use more brains and hands. Email Rob Daniels with interest: StLeoFacilitiesmd@gmail.com. Here is a breakdown of tasks and committee volunteers:

  • Wanda Daniels, Maria Jackson: Volunteer Coordinators
  • Nancy Wolfe: Vendor Coordinator; LI Lodge rep
  • Suzanna Molino: Promotion; Corporate Sponsorships; Vendor Coordinator
  • Donna Matricciani: Product Ordering, St. Gabriele Festival
  • Rudy D' Antoni: Music Coordinator
  • Dominic Pompa: St. Gabriele Festival
  • Sue Corasaniti: Assists volunteer coordinators; general festival duties
  • Arthur Gentile, Marco Minnie: Operations Managers
  • Rob Daniels: Special Events Coordinator
Partner with Saint Leo's Church!

Click to vie w details on becoming a
Corporate Sponsor for its Italian Festivals
Baltimore Bike Share installed a 12 dock bike station on Fawn Street in Little Italy between Albemarle & President Streets. Bike Share is public transportation offered by The City of Baltimore which promotes "grab a bike, go for a ride, give it back." Users pay for Bike Share monthly or per trip. The placement of the station did not meet with positive comments on facebook among some Little Italy residents and business owners who were unaware the city was installing the station.
The minutes from the January 16th meeting for Columbus Parade Committee reports the committee is in need of:

  • A volunteer to chair Float Committee
  • A volunteer to chair Wreath Laying Ceremony
  • Contact information on local/regional Native American organizations
  • NEW for 2018! A wine festival on the street in Little Italy after parade
  • Want to join the committee to help with details and planning? Email John Pica.
Spring session of the Rev. Oreste Pandola Learning Center will begin Thursday, March 8 and Saturday March 10. A multitude of cultural and cooking classes are available from 1 week to 8 weeks. Affordable fees! New for this semester is Delicious Italian Apertivi, focaccia, sfogliatina alla panna , and Italian folk dancing. Visit Pandola website for a detailed description of classes and dates.

Questions? Email Pandola at pandolalearningcenter@gmail.com or attend their registration session Sunday, February 18 after both St. Leo's Masses (9:30, 11:30). Teachers and staff will be on hand to help you choose courses.
9 am SAT, FEB. 10

9 am SAT, FEB. 17

9 am Sat, March 3

The ravioli and meatballs served at Saint Leo's Ravioli Dinners are never store-bought - mamma mia, no! They are handmade by dozens of volunteers. Ready to join a session? It's fun, lively, and unlike anything you have done! (Unless, of course, you once made ravioli with your  nonna  in her kitchen.) A complimentary pasta lunch is served afterwards. So, bring an apron, bring the family, and bring a ravioli tool if you have one. (NOTE to everyone: please cover your hair.)

Just show up ... downstairs Saint Leo's School Hall on Stiles Street (to the right of bocce courts). Free parking at Stratford University lot between Central Avenue & Stiles Street.

Saint Leo's Church FUN PASTA fundraiser is now live online and will help to raise revenue towards an air-conditioning upgrade for the church building.

... plus other holidays and other college logos!
Buy your favorite FUN PASTA SHAPES - for ALL INTERESTS! Kids, babies, animal lovers, sports fanatics, crab lovers, joggers, musicians, foodies, college students, princesses, hobbyists, cheerleaders, and pasta kits for the family. Makes a GREAT GIFT, or buy some for your cucina (kitchen)!
... plus other sports and other animal shapes!
The Saint Joseph’s Day Table Tradition"
S aint Leo's "St. Joseph Table" (created annually in March), pastor Father Bernie Carman, and seven Little Italy residents and 'table' volunteers were featured in this documentary film, Ringraziamenti: The Saint Joseph’s Day Table Tradition produced by Kirsten Keppel, a videographer of the Abruzzo and Molise Heritage Society in Washington D.C.. Keppel's film explored "The St. Joseph’s Day Table” and its significance in Italian and Italian-American culture. It's a marvelous piece! It won Runner Up in The Russo Brothers Italian American Film Forum.
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"We are in support of helping to keep Little Italy as a wonderful area in Baltimore. I look forward to continuing to frequent your fabulous community."
Sincerely, Kathryn Jerrard

"Very well done. This [newsletter] takes a lot of work and time. Keep them coming."
Thomas Iacoboni, Sr.

"Ciao Neighbors, I just wanted to say thank you so so so much to everyone who had a hand in making our 2nd Annual Little Italy MeatballFest a huge success. We raised thousands for Pandola Learning Center [in Little Italy] and more importantly, we had a tremendous turnout into the neighborhood. We offered over 20 door prizes - because of you. We were also very fortunate to have a few generous event sponsors. Thank you to everyone again for all of your support and contributions to this year's event. We're already looking ahead to next year with hopes of making MeatballFest bigger and better; and to include even more neighborly involvement and support. Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any ideas." 
All the best, Joe Benny

Promotion Center for Little Italy

Suzanna Molino
Director & Founder

Ray Alcaraz

Promotion Center for Little Italy, Baltimore is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit
organization established in 2010 with a mission to promote Little Italy's events,
community organizations, history and Italian heritage.