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Verdecchia donates vintage booklets
While Sue Verdecchia was cleaning out stuff around the house, she came across a handful of St. Leo's Church historical booklets and programs.
"I thought you may want these for Promotion Center for Little Italy," she wrote in an email. The items belonged to her late husband, Joe Verdecchia, who died October 26, 2018. "Pictured is Joe 54 years ago on our honeymoon!" said Sue. "Miss this guy." His memorial service was held at St. Leo's Church.
The Verdecchias were members of the Little Italy Lodge (Sue still is) and attended its Friday Night Dinners. Sue volunteered as a server and Joe sometimes helped tend bar with his cousin, Tony VerdecchiaJoe was the son of Carm Pellegrini and Frank Verdecchia. His grandfather, Pasquale Pellegrini (Americanized to Frank Marine, of Marine Construction) helped build St. Leo's School and Convent in 1930-1931 during the Great Depression, with his brother Donato Pellegrini (aka Dan Marine, of Carney Sand & Gravel).
"I just appreciate that you wanted these pieces," said Sue, who mailed us the items pictured below. "I am so pleased that you are pleased. Thank you for what you do!"
Grazie mille, Sue ... sì! We are delighted to accept these items.
  • Historical sketch of St. Leo's Parish, 1881 - 1922
  • Souvenir booklet, Golden Jubilee of St. Leo's Church, 1881-1931 (including a dedication of St. Leo's new parochial school and convent, November 29, 1931)
  • Souvenir Journal, Silver Jubilee of St. Leo's Confraternity, May 21, 1944
  • St. Leo's Church Centennial anniversary book, 1981
  • Program from Centennial Ball, June 20, 1981
  • Program for Father Louis Lulli's Golden Jubilee, 1983

St. Leo's Outdoor Stations of the Cross
resume for Easter season
stations of the cross photo collage
VOLUNTEERS are needed to work the St. Leo's food stands. PLEASE volunteer today! Ask your high school students and friends to help - such an easy and fun way to earn service hours. VENDORS needed, too! Email Sue Corasaniti.
$300 pp - Galileo seating
$350 pp - Michelangelo seating
$400 pp - DaVinci seating

Sponsorships available.
Tickets - Alex Tarasco 443.865.0970 or Mike Gallerizzo 410.385.5046
  • Cocktail hour with Italian food stations
  • Fabulous dinner and Italian desserts
  • Deluxe open bar and Martini Bar
  • Wine & Bourbon tastings
  • Cigar tent with food, open bar, live auction, and music by Mike Miano
  • Incredible silent auction and raffles
  • Dancing to the sounds of Klassix
  • Black tie optional
  • Photo booth, caricatures, magician, card reader
Honor your famiglia
in this commemorative booklet
Host a Family
Remembrance page
This commemorative booklet will be created for the September 18th Little Italy Celebration. (You do NOT need to attend the event to host a page.) A portion of booklet revenue will be donated to St. Leo's.

Ideas for your family page:
  • Tell your story related to Little Italy.
  • Recall memories of Little Italy.
  • Write a message from your family.
  • Memorialize deceased family members.
  • Include photographs or vintage documents, such as ship ticket, passports, marriage certificate, etc.

Full page = $65
(up to 3 photos, 175 words)

Half page = $35
(1 photo, 80 words)
Who wants a free book?
Promotion Center for Little Italy is clearing its stock of Baltimore's Own Little Italy Artist: The artwork of Tony DeSales. LIMITED SUPPLY - hurry! Only a few dozen left - you pay only $4.45 postage (retail $29.95, published 2003) - what it costs to mail it to you.
This beautiful 224-page hardback coffee table book, published by one of Tony's sisters, Rita, highlights the life and artwork of the late Little Italy resident - a self-taught artist, musician, philosopher, poet, and mathematician. Tony stood on a street corner in Little Italy for 35 years sketching, meeting celebrities, chatting with visitors from around the world, and selling his sketches.
blast from the past
vintage photo of pigeon man
Submitted by Michael Anselmi

"A 1946 photo of my paternal uncle, Ignazio Anselmi, taken on the rooftop of his South Baltimore home on Byrd Street in South Baltimore. He kept pigeons there until the 1960s. His parents emigrated from Marsala, Sicily, to Baltimore in 1907. He lived his entire life in Baltimore and died in 2020 at the age of 100."
 Include caption, people ID, location, approximate year, and your name.
Photos must be Little Italy or Italian immigrant-related.
from our email box
"The newsletter is informative and fun to read the Little Italy happenings." ~ Carmella Walsh

"Buon lavoro!" ~ Lou Mazzulli

"Thank you for a job well done." ~ Sue Verdecchia

"Thank you for the work you do in promoting our Italian heritage in Baltimore." ~ Michael Anselmi 

"Europe knew there was an Asia. Attila attacked the Romans in the 400s, Genghis Khan in 1200 or so, Marco Polo traveled the Silk Road in the late 1200s.
A quote - "In the 15th and 16th centuries, Europeans wanted to find sea routes to the Far East. Columbus wanted to find a new route to India, China, Japan and the Spice Islands. If he could reach these lands, he would be able to bring back rich cargoes of silks and spices."
Bottom line - the so-called native Americans (actually migrated from Asia) were in harm's way. If not Columbus it would have been another European coming here.
We should not allow the radical left to demonize Columbus and Europeans. Look at the long list of Italian and European scientists, musicians, artists who have contributed to our standard of living, the best the world has ever seen. White Europeans should never be intimidated by the radical left."
~ Regards, Ron Tassi
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