febbraio / February 2023
Saturday, March 18
11 am - 12 noon
Chef and proprietor of Joe Benny’s Focacceria in Little Italy will demonstrate how to make arancine (stuffed rice balls). Instructor: Joe Gardella; fee $25; in Center

Saturday, March 25
11 am - 1 pm
Remember the delicious Easter bread Nonna and Zia made? Treat your loved ones to this tasty bread and begin a new family tradition! Instructors: Nancy Barbieri Wolfe, Mary Ann Barbieri Owens, Celeste DiFerdinando Hughes; $25; in Center. 

Both Saturdays: April 1 and 15 
11 am - 12:30 pm
Learn to make limoncello, a delicious liqueur. Instructor: Arthur Gentile; $15; in Center.

Ancient Art from the Ukraine
Saturday, March 11
11 am - 12 noon
Create intricately decorated eggs with a hands-on technique. Each student will paint an egg. Instructor: Halyna Mudryj; $25; in Center - 908 Stiles Street.

online and in Center
7 classes - $80

Begins March 7
7 - 9 pm
Info and hints to make your trip to Italia fantastico! Basic introduction to the Italian language learning words, phrases, conversation. Instructor: Luana Colloca, M.D., Ph.D

(online) INTERMEDIATE ITALIAN Begins Thursday, March 9
7 - 9 pm
Designed for students with a knowledge of written and spoken Italian. Instructor: Luana Colloca, M.D., Ph.D. 

11am - 12:30pm
(no class April 8)
Uses Italian is Fun book, supplemented by short bi-lingual readings and conversations. Choose to do all seven classes OR some at $15 per class. Instructor: Rosalinda Mannetta, in Center.
Educational scholarships totaling $38,000 offered for undergraduate studies will be awarded for the 2022-2023 academic year by the Little Italy Lodge Foundation: three scholarships for $6,000 each and four at $5,000 each. These awards assist individuals of Italian descent in furthering their education. Eligible Little Italy Lodge members, spouses, and certain family members may apply.

2023 essay question
With each generation, elements of our traditional Italian heritage tend to fade due to neglect, heritage blending and other changes. Many families have traditions rooted in that Italian heritage. Based on your experience, which two traditions reflecting our heritage do you believe are most important to preserve and pass onto the next generation, why do you think these two are especially important, and how do you plan to ensure they are preserved?
LI Lodge Foundation logo

Application and eligibility requirements on littleitalyfoundation.org/
application. Deadline May 1, 2023. Awards announced in June.
from St. Leo's Church
NEW COMMITTEES FOCUS ON FACILITIES & FINANCE: A newly-created Facilities Committee will focus on hiring a new Facilities Manager to replace Rob Daniels who has resigned. An Events Manager has been added to the staff to focus on the parish's main fundraisers - thanks to Roy Sambuchino for his volunteerism in this important and needed role. A newly created Finance Committee is reviewing parish financial information, working with our Finance Director. The Council will establish a Security, Pastorate & Evangelization Committee. If interested in serving, email parish office.

SEEK THE CITY REVIEW: As part of the Seek the City program within the Archdiocese of Baltimore, each parish will be visited from reps of the archdiocese for a one-day event in March. Parishioners may be called upon to discuss St. Leo's community and parish. If that should be you - we hope you will be able to attend.

GRACE PERIOD ON CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS: A moratorium (grace period) is in place for two years on capital improvements for all Baltimore City parishes in our archdiocese. For St. Leo’s, this includes it rectory, school, and church buildings. The moratorium was put into place while Seek the City is in its "Listening Phase" for one year, to be followed by "Visioning Phase." However, changes to our current structures as they relate to safety, security and health, could be possibly approved by the archdiocese during the moratorium. The Facilities Committee is compiling a list of safety, security, and health-related improvements to present during the Seek the City review in March.
Little Italy Lodge Election Results - Bi-annual elections held at the Lodge's February membership meeting resulted in a new Leadership Team for the 2023-2025 term. Congratulations to the new leaders and a special thanks to Election Board members: Tony Montcalmo (chair), Mike Caruso, Sue Corasaniti, Jean Kelley, Gino Polsinelli, John Wright.
Christopher Pisano

Vince Zaccaria

Henry Crusse

Teresa Lenzenweger


Elaina Kriz

Nancy Barbieri Wolfe

Mark Hart

Carol Caiazzo, Theresa Donnelly
Tom Bell, Dominic DiCocco, Kevin Lasko, Rosalinda Mannetta, Bonnie Montcalmo

Theresa Donnelly, Mark Hart, Marc Izzi,
Rosalinda Mannetta, Albert Marra

Natalie Amato, Gale Saccarelli

2023 Grand Lodge of Maryland
Grand Lodge Convention
Natalie Amato, Tom Bell, Henry Crusse, Dominic DiCocco, Theresa Donnelly, Drena Scurto-Izzi, Marc Izzi, Kevin Lasko, Adrienne Marra
Albert Marra, Bonnie Montcalmo, Pat Novak, Tony Pagnotti, Nancy Barbieri Wolfe

Ronda Lasko
Spring Events
Blast from the past
Submitted by Will Matricciani

"Buck-Buck ... it was played in the 'big' playground, where the Little Italy Lodge is now, along the concrete wall adjacent to the alley. Billy Pompa was the biggest "Buck-Buck" breaker in the neighborhood!"

 Include caption, people ID, location, approximate year, and your name.
Photos must be Little Italy or Italian immigrant-related.
from our email box
"Buon giorno! I am Mary Sallese Whittaker, Carl's older sister and oldest grandchild of Antonio and Angelina of Eden Street. I live at Oak Crest in Baltimore County where we have an Italian Club, currently not active since our president is sick. However, we would invite outside speakers to come in. There are a bunch of people from the old neighborhood here. Our previous meetings mostly involved lunch at the nearby Liberatore's in Perry Hall. Grazie!"
~ Mary Sallese Whittaker

"Is there a suggestion box for this great and special community? I thought it would be nice if the people who love the neighborhood could make suggestions or get ideas to benefit the business and neighborhood in Little Italy, the Italian Americans who love this place are going to be the ones who support it most, I understand times are changing but Italians who live in Baltimore need this special place. I hope more Italian Americans get involved with this neighborhood to keep it special for our people. Everyone should enjoy it but it’s Italian at heart."
~ AAron Puglia

"I'm Alessandro from Italy, age 14. I am trying to get info about my family members who live in Baltimore. My great-grandfather, Vincenzo Cavalieri, lived there around the 1960s with my great-grandmother and my grandma, Annamaria Cavalieri. Around the 1970s he fell sick and returned to Italy where he died. (I know this story thanks to my grandma; we now live in a small city in Italy - Ascoli Piceno in the Marche region). My grandma was very young but she told me she went to a Catholic elementary school in a large building near a church that had elementary, middle and high school. She had a friend named Graziella - I don't know her last name. My great-grandfather worked in tailoring, run by some of his Italian friends. If my grandma is correct, we should have some family members in Baltimore. If you have any info, please contact me. Thanks a lot in advance. This is my great-grandfather's immigration ID below."

~ Alessandro in Italia

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