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Little Italy Foundation offers $33,000 in
scholarship money, accepting applications

The Little Italy Lodge Foundation Board of Directors has approved the offering of six scholarships totaling $33,000: three for $6,000 each and three for $5,000 each. The 2022 scholarship application is available on and hard copies are placed at the Little Italy Lodge entrance. Deadline for students to submit is May 1, 2022.
MISSION: To award educational scholarships to eligible Lodge members and their descendants.
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8 am & 4:30 pm Masses

9:30 & 11:30 am Masses
The Knights of Columbus Saint Vincent Pallotti Council #14535 (at Saint Leo’s Church) will display a traveling icon of Saint Joseph as part of the Order of Knights of Columbus' new Pilgrim Prayer Program to foster devotion to Saint Joseph and meditate on his example. This particular icon is special for our Knights since Saint Joseph is the namesake of its Fourth Degree Knights - Saint Joseph Assembly #3502 - based at Saint Leo’s. A prayer service will be held after each Mass and complimentary Saint Joseph prayer cards will be available.

Every few years, the Knights of Columbus selects an icon of a saint whose patronage is particularly inspiring to Knights and their communities. Each jurisdiction receives one or more of these icons, which travel Council to Council, to serve as the centerpiece for prayer services in parishes throughout the Order. The first traveling pilgrim icon began in 1979 with Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Snow, a shower curtain and the pursuit of happiness>>> This delightful anecdote written by Dan Rodricks shares his fond memories of the Italian immigrant, Giocondo Mannetta, of Little Italy​, who passed away December 22, 2021.

LIVE STREAMING OF MASS - St. Leo's parish understands some may not feel comfortable attending Masses in person. Its 9:30 a.m. Sunday Mass is usually streamed live on - search for Saint Leo's Church, Little Italy Baltimore, MD. If attending in person, Baltimore City regulations require masks indoors, so ... mask up, Maryland! St. Leo's accepts your weekly offertory online at
blast from the past
This gorgeous vellum Confirmation certificate belonged to the editor's papà, Louis Molino, as he was confirmed at St. Leo's Church in April 1939 by then-pastor, Rev. Florian Radaelli.
 Include caption, people ID, location, approximate year, and your name.
Photos must be Little Italy or Italian immigrant-related.

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"You deliver a first rate newsletter every month!"
~ Cyd Wolff

"This is beautiful."
~ Joanne Rapisarda (Seward)

"I was wondering if Anthony DePalmer Jr., who submitted a photo of his family for your November 2021 newsletter, would allow me to email him so I could ask him questions about his family. I'd like to find out if maybe we're the same Gentile family. I've been trying to find out more about my grandmother, Assunta Basso's family, who immigrated here, and her husband, Ettore Gentile."
~ Jessica Gentile
"It is a pleasure reading about the history of Baltimore’s Little Italy community. The article about the lights being repaired and the donations received was especially interesting. You have made a wonderful contribution to the Little Italy community."
~ Carmella Walsh

"When you're of both Italian and Eastern European extraction, the thoughts of pizzelle and pierogi stay with you ... and you think how lucky you are to share these two wonderful heritages. Although I've often wondered if I were more 'traditionally American' ... part of a culture that only ate white bread and bland food ... if I'd weigh 50 pounds less. Forget about it. It's Christmas!"
~ Jim Vespe, New York
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