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photo of mayor at meeting
  • HARRISON COMPLIMENTS LITTLE ITALY - During a March 7th community meeting between two Little Italy neighborhood organizations and Michael Harrison, Baltimore's acting police commissioner, Harrison commented, "I’ve been to a lot of neighborhood meetings in both New Orleans and Baltimore, and this is by far the biggest turnout!" With an introduction of Harrison by Mayor Catherine Pugh (pictured right), the meeting's full agenda included potential return of the summer open air movies, bocce court renovations, and other items which will ultimately affect The Neighborhood. The meeting was held at Little Italy Lodge.

  • PEDESTRIAN SAFETY FEATURE TO BE INSTALLED - After a long process of petitioning, Little Italy will receive a pedestrian flashing lights and painted crosswalk at the intersection of Eastern Avenue and Exeter Street, according to City Councilman Zeke Cohen during a March 7th community meeting. The apparatus will allow pedestrians to push a button to flash lights which alerts motorists of crossing pedestrians. It is the neighborhood's hope that a safer method of a full traffic light will replace this later.

  • LIPOA CHANGES ORG NAME - Little Italy Property Owners Association (LIPOA) has been recognized by Baltimore City as Little Italy’s representative neighborhood association since 2012. As of its March 19th meeting, LIPOA will operate under a new name, Little Italy Neighborhood Association (LINA) and is in the process of obtaining 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. "While we have established goodwill operating under the LIPOA name and bylaws, we have decided to expand our organization to include all residents and business owners, including the residents of Scarlett Place," announced LIPOA's board. "We feel this change will help better position the organization to represent the stakeholders in Little Italy in the ever-changing landscape of Baltimore City." LINA will be dedicated to the preservation, protection, growth and general well-being of the Little Italy community. While the name and bylaws of an organization help to provide the format and structure, it is each Little Italy community member’s participation that helps to ensure we maintain our reputation as the best neighborhood in Baltimore. LINA's board consists of:
  • Bryan Chiapparelli, President
  • Dan Sutherland Weiser, Vice President
  • Nancy Hayden, Treasurer
  • Matt Daddio, Communications/Secretary
  • PJ O’Neill, Parliamentarian

  • Pandola Learning Center classes have begun this month! Not too late to find a class in which you might be interested, to learn about Italian culture and traditions. Visit their website to view an exciting, interesting and affordable lineup of all things Italian! Questions? Email Pandola Learning Center or call Rosalie Ranieri, 410-866-8494. 

  • EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS TO BE AWARDED - The Little Italy Lodge OSIA #2286 Foundation, Inc. will be awarding educational scholarships totaling $12,000 (two for $4,000; two for $2,000) for the 2019-2020 academic year. Awards assist individuals of Italian descent in furthering their education. Eligible Little Italy Lodge members, their spouses, and specific family members may apply. Applications explaining requirements are available at the Lodge and on and Deadline is May 1, 2019.

  • Little Italy Lodge #2286 (Order Sons & Daughters of Italy) has newly elected officials as of this month, who will serve a two-year term. Congratulations to:
  • Mike Castino, President
  • Pat Greco, Vice President
  • Henry Crusse, Orator
  • Tom Moscato, Treasurer
  • Bill Atkins, Financial Secretary
  • Theresa Donnelly, Recording Secretary
  • Maureen Chandler, Corresponding Secretary
  • Louise Cox, Guard
  • Imelda Liberatore / Gina Olkowski, Mistresses of Ceremonies
  • 28 members of Arbitration Committee, Trustees, Delegates, Alternate Delegates
Saint Joseph Feast
in conjunction with
Saint Joseph Table

Saturday, March 16 -- 5:30 pm
Saint Leo's Church Hall, $15
Saint Joseph Table
on display March 17-24
Saint Leo's Church proudly continues the tradition of the Saint Joseph Table, a tradition that originated in Sicily, Italy in the Middle Ages. This special table, or "altar," features an assortment of food such as traditional cookies and cakes, bread baked in symbolic Christian symbols, assorted confections, fruit, wine, fava beans, and beautiful decorations of candles, figurines and flowers. A must see!
BUONA PASQUA! Make Easter plans in Little Italy! Restaurants accepting reservations and Saint Leo's Church invites you and your family to join in its Easter Masses, Vigil, and outdoor street procession, including a beautiful moving Stations of the Cross on Good Friday following a 3 pm service. Each station is set up at a resident's house or outside of a restaurant. It's tradition! Details >>>
Another Ravioli Dinner in the books!
The tradition lives on ...
Holy Cannoli!!!
Is your mouth watering? Cannoli for Ravioli Dinner was donated by Vaccaro's Italian Pastry Shop , still a family-owned business, since 1956 and celebrating 63 years!
little italy in the news
  • In case you missed this in the news: Secrets of the dough: Hundreds volunteer to make ravioli for Saint Leo's Catholic Church. And on the ravioli note, here's a thanks from Father Bernie Carman, pastor of Saint Leo's Church: "Gratefully, there is much to be thankful for in our parish. Day by day, so many members serve and help and remind and pray. At times we must highlight the actions of some. So many volunteers came out for the ravioli making sessions. What a wondrous surprise and what a great help! Heartfelt thanks to each and every one. Could we see here hope for more volunteers at the Italian festivals? Surely would help!"

If you see a story or article mentioning Baltimore's Little Italy
in the news or online, please send us the link in case we missed it!
blast from the past
alien card
[image above]

"This was part of the Alien Registration booklet issued to my mother, Maria Rosaria Lioi , and other Italian-Americans who were not citizens of the United States when the war broke out in 1941. The immigrants were taken to Fort Holabird in Dundalk, Maryland, interrogated, and given the booklet with instructions to file an annual form with the FBI to show where they were living. It is stamped February 18, 1942." ~ submitted by Andrew Lioi

[ Editor's note : Fort Holabird was a U.S. Army post in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, from 1918 to 1973. The Alien Registration process was necessary for non-citizen immigrants under the U.S. Alien Registration Act of 1940.]

[images below]

"The Alien Registration card pictured below belonged to Antonica Cabras Mossa , mia nonna (grandmother) from Luras, Sardinia, Italia. Note hers was stamped in Brooklyn, New York on February 13, 1942. Nonna eventually and finally became a U.S. citizen, however, not until she was 88 years old in 1998! She died three years later and had lived in America since 1929."

[ Editor's note : Alien registration cards were filed with the U.S. Department of Justice / Immigration & Naturalization Service / Alien Registration Division and the FBI. It reads: This Certificate must be carried by the person to whom issued and must be produced if required by any police officer or other duly accredited official. ]
~ submitted by Suzanna Molino
(Editor, Neighborhood News)
Share photos of you, your family and friends enjoying The Neighborhood of Little Italy, Baltimore (current or vintage photos) or send Italian immigrant photos. Email clear high resolution photos and include a caption : location, year, what Little Italy means to you, and/or identify the people in the photos.
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