April 2019 
Student Testimonials

"I began to connect with Ms. Moe after my friends told me how helpful she was with college applications, essay writing, and strategies for applying to school. 

" We really built a relationship, which made it easier to talk through things I was facing. The Future Center was a safe haven for me, and I felt Ms. Moe really knew my interests."
Class of 2019
Senior Surveys

Senior surveys will be administered at each local high school during the month of April. There surveys are used to learn about our graduating seniors, their post-graduation plans, and identify where they may still need help achieving their goals. Additionally, the survey is used to help determine which students may benefit from summer support (see "summer melt"  below) from the Future Center.

 -- Future Center Advisor Matt Gordy
We're Chilling Out the Summer Melt Syndrome

Across the country, 10-40% of students with intentions to enroll, particularly those from low-income backgrounds, fail to enroll in college the fall after graduation. This phenomenon is known as "summer melt." For a variety of reasons, their college plans derail. 

College-intending students have completed key college-going steps, such as being accepted to college and applying for financial aid, and have concretely signaled their intention to enroll in college. A student has "melted" if he or she was college-intending, and yet still fails to transition successfully to college the fall after high school graduation. Summer melt is a prevalent issue for education leaders because large shares of students are failing to bridge that gap between institutions.

As part of our ongoing efforts to help students reach their post-high school goals, we will be expanding a "Summer Melt" prevention program that launched last year. La Crosse Promise will partner with the school district to conduct outreach with 2019 graduates in order to keep them on track. The overall goal is to make sure students are continuing to work through the steps of attending school in the fall. With school out for summer and graduates left to figure out the next steps on their own, this fills a summer resource gap, providing the bridge to fall enrollment. 

- Future Center Advisor Hayley Moe

JOIN US!: Washburn
Open House on May 10

During the second week of May, we're joining the City of La Crosse in celebrating their Community Development Week. The events showcase the investment the City and La Crosse Promise are making in our historic southside neighborhoods.  The public is invited to a special open house and tour of the new home projects being built in the Washburn Neighborhood that are La Crosse Promise Scholarship-eligible.

Friday, May 10 at 811 6th Street S    
11AM - 2PM, tours and lunch
La Crosse Promise currently offers a program for new or newly-renovated homes in Washburn. If you purchase one of these homes, you may be eligible to receive up to $50,000 in education scholarships. Scholarships can be used by children or adult learners at nationally-accredited higher education institutions. There are no income requirements to participate in La Crosse Promise, and the dollars can be divided up among family members (with a max of $25,000 per individual). 

You can also learn about the lots that the City has for sale for that are Promise-eligible, opportunities to renovate a home in the eligible neighborhoods, and the City's new housing renovate loan program as well.   For more information, visit lacrossepromise.org or call 608.789.2049
The Build Season is in Full Swing

We are looking for our 18th Promise family to move in this summer! There is a lot of excitement in the neighborhoods.  Contact us today for more information and if you'd like to tour a La Crosse Promise home that is eligible for up to $50,000 in college scholarships.

921 Farnam Street

915 5th Avenue

819 6th Street

Promise Eligible Properties

Current Eligible Properties  eligible for a La Crosse Promise Scholarship of up to $50,000 per household.  

We couldn't make this Promise without you

About Us 
La Crosse Promise is a non-profit dedicated to education and neighborhood revitalization. We provide advising to all of the students in the School District of La Crosse about their future plans. In addition, our neighborhood program provides qualifying homeowners up to $50,000 in education scholarships.  lacrossepromise.org



Serving Logan and Aquinas
Logan High School, Room 125:

Serving Central and Luther
Central High School, Room 243: 

General Information:  608.789.2049 
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