August 15, 2018
A Note from the
Community Advisory Committee Co-Chairs
Hi Neighbors,

Our neighborhood planning effort is moving from visioning to the process of crafting policies and action, and we could use your help. The community has developed a set of vision statements that reflect our shared values and highest hopes. We are excited to transform feedback from the community forums, as well as the thousands of responses and conversations into a coherent plan to move us forward.

Starting in just a few weeks, working groups made up of your friends and neighbors will begin writing the first draft of the plan. They will take the themes from the vision statements and identify goals, create policies, and outline the actions needed to make it all happen.

Whether you are new to the process or have participated so far, we welcome your help and need your neighborhood expertise. Please consider joining the working group on August 28th to chart the future of our neighborhoods (see RSVP and other details below).

In solidarity,

Community Advisory Committee Co-Chairs
Louisa and Kate 
Process Update
Community Outreach
About 300 people attended the large community events back in June. Participants discussed key questions within each of the five main topic areas and generated a lot of input that will shape the neighborhood plan.

Over the summer staff, Community Advisory Committee members, and neighborhood volunteers have been taking that same questionnaire out into the community to get a wider range of perspectives. Volunteers have attended and hosted a range of events, from small focus groups at social service providers to community events held in local parks.
The activity is available online for anyone to do when and where it is convenient. Take the questionnaire yourself or forward it to a friend or neighbor.
What's Next?
Working Group Meeting
August 28th, 6 - 8 PM
St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, 4110 River Rd
The next task in the neighborhood planning process is to dive in and start writing goals and policies! At the August 28th meeting, working group members will review the draft goals and begin writing policies and actions based on all of the outreach results and the vision statements.

We hope you will RSVP and join this next phase of the project.
The River Road and Santa Clara Community Organizations, in collaboration with neighbors, businesses, the City of Eugene and Lane County, are creating a vision that will guide decision-making in River Road and Santa Clara for decades to come.