December 21, 2018
What's New with the Neighborhood Plan?
Over the past couple of months there has been a flurry of writing, reviewing and revising draft policies. These policies will be an important part of the neighborhood plan and will guide decision-making for decades to come. Topic area working groups created the first set of draft policies back in September. From that initial draft, Community Advisory Committee (CAC) members took the lead to refine and edit them with the continued support of the working groups.

Policy Round-up

On December 5th we had a chance to celebrate and review all of the hard work that has gone into the draft policies so far. At the ‘Policy Round-up’ working group members, CAC members, and staff from various agencies broke into teams to review and sort the draft policies according to certain cross-cutting themes. More than 60 people participated. Activity results are available on the Topic Areas page .
What's Next?

The next task is to incorporate the feedback we received at the Policy Round-up and write policies to fill the gaps that were identified. In January there will also be a closer review of the draft policies by the Technical Advisory Committee and a triple bottom line sounding board (environmental, social and economic sustainability) to ensure that the draft policies align with existing City and County-wide policies.

The final set of draft policies will be presented back to the broader community at our next large event in late February or early March (TBD). This will be a chance for all neighbors to see how their concerns and aspirations are represented in the policies.

River Road Corridor Study

As part of the neighborhood planning process, we are beginning an in-depth analysis of the economic, transportation and land use considerations related to the River Road Corridor . Increasing housing and retail opportunities while supporting transportation options is central to implementing the neighborhood vision. The Corridor Study will help us develop the tools needed to do this! There will be a number of opportunities for you to participate in the study and provide input, which we will publicize through this newsletter and our website. Stay tuned!

Want to Learn More?

Visit the What Have We Heard page for more information on the outcomes of each phase of the project so far. You are also welcome to email the project team directly with any thoughts, concerns, or questions.
Upcoming Events

Community Advisory Committee Meeting
(Open to the public and time provided for public comment)
January 15, 6-8 pm
North Eugene High School Library