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With Phase I of the Neighborhood Planning Initiative set to begin this spring, work is underway to ensure a successful launch for plans in the Far Northeast, East, and East Central planning areas. We want to make sure we are plugged into where residents, business owners and other neighborhood stakeholders get their news to engage as many people as possible in creating a vision for each area. 

To that end, we have created a survey (link below) to learn where you get news about your neighborhood and what you want to hear from us as planning progresses. Please take a minute to take the two-question poll to help us better communicate with you.
Gearing up: Far Northeast Planning Area

The Neighborhood Planning Initiative will officially be underway this year as planning begins in three areas of the city. Up first is Far Northeast, which encompasses the Montbello and Green Valley Ranch/Gateway neighborhoods. Staff have begun doing research on existing conditions, and are finalizing the structure of the steering committee that will help guide the planning process. 

On Thursday, February 9, Principal Planner Courtland Hyser and Associate City Planners Eugene Howard and Valerie Herrera took part in District 11 Councilwoman Stacie Gilmore's Visioning Town Hall. The three set up a station to meet with district residents and began collecting information on places or areas in the neighborhood that locals love and others where they want to see improvement. See some of the responses below.

To stay up to date on news specific to the Far Northeast Planning Area, visit the plan page and click the button below to sign up for Far Northeast Planning Area updates. The newsletter you are reading will continue to provide summary information on a quarterly basis on this and all other plans in progress and plans still to come. The plan-specific updates will be sent as needed to keep you informed on that plan and provide alerts for public input opportunities. 
Gearing up: East & East Central Planning Areas

Along with Far Northeast, the East and East Central areas are also in Phase I. East Central encompass the Capitol Hill, North Capitol Hill, City Park West, Cheesman Park, City Park and Congress Park neighborhoods, while East encompasses the South Park Hill, Hale, Montclair and East Colfax neighborhoods.

These two areas will be planned for in tandem to maximize efforts and funding related to an Urban Center planning grant from the Denver Regional Council of Governments, which is eligible to be spent here beginning in 2017. There are also efficiencies extending from transit oriented development planning taking place as part of the Colfax Corridor Connections project, funded in part by a Federal Transit Administration grant. 

Stay tuned for more information about planning in the East and East Central planning areas this summer. 

Final Neighborhood Planning Initiative Strategic Plan now online

After review by Denver's Planning Board and City Council's Land Use and Transportation Committee, the NPI strategic plan is now available online. The strategic plan, which outlines how the initiative will create area plans for the entire city, was not moved to the full council because it is only a guiding document, not adopted policy. The strategic plan includes an extensive overview of the planning process as well as detailed information on how neighborhoods were grouped into areas and how the areas are being prioritized for planning.

How do I learn more and get involved?

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About the Neighborhood Planning Initiative

Denver's Neighborhood Planning Initiative is a new long-term commitment to ensure every corner of the city can enjoy the benefits of an area plan. Over the next 10 to 14 years, residents, neighborhood groups, and community leaders will work alongside the city's neighborhood planning team to create a vision and plan for their specific area.