Are Fireworks Illegal? Yes.
The Des Moines Fire and Police Departments want to remind Des Moines residents that the use of recreational fireworks is prohibited within Des Moines City limits.

Last year, the Des Moines Fire Department responded to a significant house fire caused by fireworks and says combined with drought conditions this year, they hope they don't see an increase.

Des Moines Police officers are authorized to cite residents who break the law by setting fireworks off. Due to how quickly fireworks are set off, it is difficult to catch violators in the act. A witness able to personally identify someone breaking the law is needed in order to issue a citation.

"When we do have the necessary evidence or witness cooperation to press charges, the citation is over $600 which is a hefty price to pay for setting off fireworks," Des Moines Police Sergeant Paul Parizek said. "But even beyond that, it's about being a good neighbor when fireworks can cause distress for our residents and their pets."

If you witness someone breaking the law and are willing to personally identify them to law enforcement, please call the DMPD non-emergency dispatch line at (515) 283-4811.
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