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Three 'Teammates' Work Together for Peak Fitness


Glenn Dickstein Founder NeighborhoodTrainers

*Originally published in The Epoch Times 5/6/11


Great players have the ability to make average players better. The same can be said for one's body and fitness goals. The high hopes of achieving a championship season in any sport can come crashing down when a star player is lost for an extended period of time.


When it comes to our bodies, our "teammates" are exercise, diet, and sleep. Their relationship to our body's optimal performance are so intertwined and interconnected. It is important to know how each one affects the other.


How Can Sleep Help Diet and Exercise Habits? Adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep per night. The boundless benefits of sleep influence how well we do so many things daily. Sleep helps people make sharper decisions, be more focused, more organized, and more productive.


If you get a good night's sleep, you'll wake up rested and refreshed. However, doing so just once in a while is not going to give you the full benefit. Develop a consistent sleep pattern, including a regular bedtime. Turn off all electronics at least an hour before bed. Pick up a book to help clear your head of the day's stresses.


For instance, if you get more sleep, you'll have more energy for things like exercise. When the body is rested, it wants to be more active and wants to take more action. We're not talking about running a marathon, but you may be more apt to take the stairs up a few floors instead of the elevator, encourage a walk with a colleague, or spend a little extra time in the gym trying some new exercises.


Plus, better sleep can help you make better decisions at mealtime. There is no meal more important than breakfast. After a night of not eating, your body craves a nutritious breakfast. If you've had a good night's sleep, the decision to have a nutritious breakfast is made easier because you are not exhausted and reaching for what is most convenient.


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Eggs are a great source of protein. Throw some vegetables in them and have a nice omelet with a piece of whole-wheat toast. Your body will say thank you!


How Can Exercise Help Sleep and Diet? Exercise is often the scariest part for many and often the greatest laggard of the three "mates." For some reason, people don't want to do it. People have to sleep and have to eat, yet most people don't do them as well as needed. Exercise could help.


If you are tired at work and don't want to fall asleep at your desk, take a five minute walk. That's simple exercise, and it wakes you up. The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity per day. If you're not there yet, slowly work up to this as your goal.


Exercise helps get your heart rate up; it gets the blood flowing. It increases the oxygen circulating throughout the body. Transition that idea to exercising consistently several times a week.


Exercise is about strengthening



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May flowers are in bloom! Is your fitness routine blooming, too? Joshua, Lisa, & Daniel are here to help.  Don't forget to check out my article that appeared earlier this month in The Epoch Times.   


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Warm Weather Exercise Preparation 


Joshua Margolis Personal Trainer, Yoga & Pilates Instructo


If one decides to take the leap and work out outdoors, as mother nature intended, here are some simple items you'll need: 


1. bottled water

2. a small towel

3. loose comfortable clothing

4. jump rope

5. The Weather Channel.


Learn more about Joshua or email him for more information about the upcoming Mind Over Matter Boot Camp.

dan korolev
Daniel Korolev Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Easy Formulas For Proper Exercise


- Proper Hydration. Not sure what is the optimal fluid intake for yourself?  Conduct a sweat test and get the exact answer.  The rule of thumb is you should weigh about the same before and after your workouts for maximum performance and adequate hydration. Formula: Weight after exercise-weight before exercise+fluids consumed during exercise= the fluid needed (negative number means you need to add fluids, positive, means that you are overhydrating)

- Proper Intensity. If you do not use a heart rate monitor, use the 1-10 RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) scale to determine proper intensity. 1 (sleeping, watching TV) is the least intense and 10 is the most intense (equivalent of running away from the bear).  For regular cardivascular exercise, stay within 4-6 range and for resistnace training, increase intenstity level 8-9 for maximum benefit.

- Form is everything. Exercising without proper form is like cheating on your taxes, it will eventually catch up to you.  For the squat, keep you knees, hips and ankles in a straight line for proper biomechanical motion.  If you see your knees buckle in or out you either fatigued or using too much weight.  Take a break, and repeat with correct form.

- Physical fitness=Emotional Fitness. If your mind isn't into it, then your body isn't either.  Solution: Bring your favorite music, forget about all the worries and allow yourself to think about nothing but yourself and your health for the duration of your training - you deserve it.  Just like our bodies, emotional landscape needs upkeep. The greener the grass on your emotional lawn, the better physical shape you'll be in!

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selfimageFood Is Fuel     


lisa neilsen

Lisa Neilsen Health Coach & Natural Foods Che

*Treat your body like a sports car. Give it high test, nothing less.

*You can't trade your body in for a new one.  So let's upgrade your diet starting today with high quality natural foods."

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Summer is Almost Here   summer

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heartrateLearn Your Body Mass Index (BMI)  


Body Mass Index (BMI) is essentially a height to weight ratio.  Am I a healthy weight for my height.

Figure out your BMI now.

Underweight = < 18.5

Normal Weight = 18.5-24.9

Overweight = 25-29.9

Obese- 30 or higher


Remember, speak to your doctor before starting a fitness program and then seek out the right personal trainer for correct program design.  Enjoy your workout! 


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