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Freeze Your Excuses!

mind over matter

If anyone has been outside, which hopefully you have, you may have noticed the slight drop in temperature.  A common way of dealing with this is to comment on it and how you can't do anything because it's too darn cold to be outside. You may want to shelf those excuses.  After all they are seasonal just like the weather.

  Joshua Margolis  Personal Trainer, Nutritionist &
Yoga & Pilates Instructor

10 ways t
o conquer the cold:

Warm Up:
It sounds obvious but most of us neglect it.  It's a necessity this time of year.

Layer Cake:
This is the only time we will use cake as an analogy, but you want to layer your clothing while outside. Light, moisture wicking clothing, close to the body.

Just because you are not sweating profusely, do not let that confuse you. You need to drink water.

Inside Man:
Perhaps this is that time you fulfill that New Years Resolution, and start exercising. Remember, there is heat indoors.

Apartment Gym:
Turn your apartment into your own private gym. Whether you have a studio or a four bedroom you can always make room. Perhaps moving that couch is your warm up.

Play Date:
Make an appointment to meet a friend for exercise. You have a better chance of following through if you are accountable for somebody else.

Help Me Help You:
Hire a personal trainer; let us do the motivating for you.

The Weather Channel:
There's a reason why you can't turn on the TV without a weather report. Pay attention! There may be a time when you get the weather on your side.

Frostbite Doesn't Hurt:

It will however numb you, generally in the extremities; nose, fingers and toes. If you can't feel these things, get indoors. Your workout's over.

Cool Down:
Next to the warm up, the second most neglected part of the workout. Slowly acclimate when you head back indoors. Resist the urge to rip off the clothes.  


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"You're all heart."  There's a lot to that statement if you think about it.  


With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought we'd focus on the heart this month.  You handle the flowers and (dark) chocolate for your loved ones. Scott, Levi, Lamar, Joshua, &  want to help you get moving in this cold weather and get that heart rate up.     

Did you do your annual smoke alarm battery change for the New Year?  Now, "recharge your own batteries."  Use our  advanced search option and find your fitness partner.  Do you have a friend who could use the services of a NeighborhoodTrainer?  to them.  

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Walking Associated with Lower Stroke Risk in Women

scott cooper 

Scott Cooper Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

According to the American Heart Association heart disease is this country's No.1 killer. You do not have to do long strenuous workout routines to reap the benefits of exercise for heart health.  Exercising for as little as 30 minutes each day you can reduce your risk.  Be sure to stretch after you walk no matter how short the distance.


Women who walked two or more hours a week or who usually walked at a brisk pace (3 miles per hour or faster) had a significantly lower risk of stroke than women who didn't walk, according to a large, long-term study reported in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association.


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lamar mckay

Lamar Mckay Personal Trainer & Martial Arts Instructor

warmupGet Comfortable At The Gym With  Something New

The cold can be depressing and make us look for comfort in the foods we grew up with,(most of us meet at the dinner table for all occassions).


We can take this frosty time of year to try out new indoor activities,winter leagues are a great place to start.  Another great idea test out a new class (kickboxing).  


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levi James

Levi James Personal Trainer & Pilates, Group Fitness, & Martial Arts Instructor

selfimageMister Abs Wellness Tip  


Be sure to always work the obliques as well as the rectus abdominus. The rectus abdominus flexes the spine, bringing he shoulders and hips closer together. The obliques bend the spine laterally(sideways) and rotate the torso.


Advanced Side Plank:

Start by laying on side with lower elbow directly below shoulder. Abs tight, squeeze shoulder blades together. One foot on top of the other. Reach toward ceiling with other arm. there should be a straight line from high hand to lower elbow. Lift hips off floor until they are almost in alignment with shoulders. Hold. Lift Upper Leg. hold for 5 seconds. Lower Leg to start position. Hold for 20 seconds, hips up! Place top leg in front, pull bottom leg back so your legs are in staggerred position. Place hands on hips. Now perform 15 lifts, without allowing hips to touch floor. Switch sides.
5 second lift. 20 second hold. 15 lifts!



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heartrateLearn Your Target Heart Rate Now 


A simple formula can give you a good idea of what your target heart rate should be when exercising.  Start by subtracting your age from 220.  That answer will be your theoretical maximum heart rate (MHR).  Your target heart during exercise should fall between 60-80% of that number.

For example, take a 40 year old adult.

MHR: 220-40=180BPM

THR: 180*.6=108, 180*.8=144

The target heart rate should be between 108 and 144 for someone 40 years old.

Remember, speak to your doctor before starting a fitness program and then seek out the right personal trainer for correct program design.  Enjoy your workout! 


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