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Some of us strive (and succeed) to eat nutrient dense, clean food. And some of us  hit the gym like a tornado first
kevin hanover

Kevin Hanover

 Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

touching down on the ground, vigorous and aggressive. But
it seems rare that we couple th ese two together when in fact they go hand-in-hand. I have said before that I believe the two most important meals in any given day are your pre and post workout meals, everything else is maintenance and discipline. Don't get me wrong though, all the pieces to the puzzle nutritionally play their part. Without nutrient timing, our glucose levels would rise and fall unpredictably like a foreign stock market. I just would like to see the gym rats take their nutrition more seriously and those that take pride in what they eat to learn the benefits of strength training, by actually doing it. This, from personal experience, is complete physical wellness in the making.

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After receiving so much great feedback about last month's newsletter, I've been anxiously anticipating this month's issue.   Let Mark, Danielle, Nicki, Scott, & Kevin help you stay true to your New Year's resolutions.  Read on! 

Do you think the "New Year, New You" premise is played out, too?  Besides you can't return yourself and get a new one.  There is only one you.  Make a commitment to improve your one and only you!

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Happy Holidays!

mark darco
Mark Darco Personal Trainer

Year's Weight Control Tips


1) Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. They're healthy and very low in calories and filling.


2)Drink a glass of water before eating a meal. Studies show people consume less calories by doing so.


3) Weight train at least two times per week. You will gain or maintain muscle mass which helps to burn more calories and weight training speeds up your metabolism.


4) Try to develop the habit of eating smaller portions. Americans are very used to super sizing their food

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lowimpactThe Importance of Low Impact Workouts 
scott cooper

Scott Cooper Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Moderation is the key to living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Make sure you schedule in low impact workout days to your weekly workout regime.  It is not healthy or productive to train at a high intensity all the time.  Varying your intensity level allows your body to recover from high intensity workouts and helps to prevent overtraining, which can often lead to injury.


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Danielle Montezinos Personal Trainer, Pilates & Group Fitness Instructor

selfimage6 Tips  for  a healthy start in 2011  


1.   Start the day right.  Eat a good breakfast like your Mom told you to do.  Seriously.  Many reports show that people who eat a good breakfast of lean protein and  a complex carbohydrate starve off nighttime sugar cravings.  Also, you wouldn't run your car with no fuel in it, would you? Same principal here.  Real oatmeal and a soft boiled organic egg (or just the whites) is pretty filling. I like to mush a banana in my oatmeal.


2.   Avoid drinking your calories.  I know, sounds like common sense but apparently it isn't.  Starting your day with a Dunkin Donuts Carmel Latte or Starbucks double sugar white chocolate frappaccino is sending your blood sugar into a roller-coaster for the rest  of the day. It's  no wonder most people crash at 2pm.  And soda is no better.  If you're a coffee drinker, then have a real coffee, not a milkshake.  One package of REAL brown sugar and whatever milk you drink in it- if any.

3.        No soda.  No diet soda.  Why Danielle? It has no calories?  Yes, but did you know that read more...


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momentI'm Holding Myself & My Clients To This in 2011:

nicki miller

Nicki Miller Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor


Moment to moment ask yourself, how could I take better care of myself in this moment? Maybe it means sit with better posture at your desk, choosing to get a massage instead of going to Happy Hour, or opting to work out instead of staring at facebook aimlessly. Letting go of old unhelpful habits makes space for new and more fulfilling discoveries! 

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