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yevgeniy And Boxing For All

It is considered that boxing is a man's world, the entrance to which for the fairer part is strictly prohibited. However, this is not true. The modern world is, fortunately, "open" in the same way, for both men and women. Many experts point out that the boxing have a great influence on the female figure and also helps to overcome a lot of complexes, promotes greater self-confidence, sociability, and helps eliminate unnecessary fears.

Benefits of boxing lessons:

boxing-gloves.jpg    Boxing is an active sport. Of course, there are some ladies who prefer to deal with it professionally, performing on the ring in its category and win some prizes. But if there no desire to become the second Rocky -girl then boxing fitness is an ideal exercise to keep yourself in shape. In addition, if you exercise too hard, eventually you will not only burn the fat, but lose many signs of the actual fact that you represent the better half.


However, today we will talk about the positive impact of boxing on a woman's body and spirit. Firstly, this sport involves the work of absolutely all muscles of the body. In other words said you don`t have to concentrate on particular part of your body during a workout. You can be sure 100%, boxing fitness will involve all groups of muscles to work at the same time, all the time. An active load on legs, arms, back, abdomen, neck and so on.


Secondly, during a workout great amount of calories is burned which helps to accelerate metabolism.   However, it is very important to box only under the constant supervision of a professional trainer. The female body is quite fragile and does not have the same strength as male`s body, so if you do not seek professional help, you can get injuries of varying severity.


   Despite the fact that boxing is considered a totally men`s sport more and more women in today`s world  choose boxing as their direction of fitness, which not only keeps the body in excellent tone, muscles in the fortress, the skin in perfect smoothness (no cellulite), but also gives a lot of confidence. The realization that a woman can protect themselves and their loved ones, getting rid of the set of complexes and fears and thus stay in a positive frame of mind-among many of the important benefits of boxing fitness to addition to physical health.

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heartrateLearn Your Body Mass Index (BMI)  


Body Mass Index (BMI) is essentially a height to weight ratio.  Am I a healthy weight for my height.


Figure out your BMI now.

Underweight = < 18.5

Normal Weight = 18.5-24.9

Overweight = 25-29.9

Obese- 30 or higher


Remember, speak to your doctor before starting a fitness program and then seek out the right personal trainer for correct program design.  Enjoy your workout! 


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Philosophy to get Sexy Summer-ready BODY

 By Joel Levia, Personal Trainer 


My feeling on effective training is simple, "Keep the body guessing, keep the body changing". This is also known as muscle confusion. This approach works for fat loss as well. This is the key to unlocking your body's full fat loss potential. My approach focuses on 5 key elements. I believe these are the critical elements that make all the difference in burning fat, as well as building and sustaining lean muscle tissue.  Initially I'd like you to work on perfecting the first three.



Form is non-negotiable and a prerequisite before being able to attack the next element. Without correct form we

cannot be efficient and we open ourselves up to injury.



Consistency and form are like brother and sister. Once you have the form down for a particular exercise, consistency

says your first rep should look as good as your last. Consistency means nothing if your form is consistently incorrect.  I certainly realize fatigue sets in after a number of reps and therefore muscles may begin to compensate for other muscles, however, it's crucial to make every attempt, to correct course. Before you increase intensity it's important that you are performing the exercises with good form on a consistent basis.



Intensity refers to how hard you are working during a given period of time. There are two basic ways to measure

exercise intensity; how you feel and your heart rate. Studies indicate that your perceived exertion correlates with your heart rate. In other words, it's likely that if you think you're working hard, chances are your heart rate is elevated. However, before you are ready to increase intensity, I absolutely need consistent form from you first. Once you have these two pieces in line, every round and every rep should be performed at maximum intensity. Every time you push yourself, complete another workout, you force your body to adapt. As your mind and body adapt, you will be able to perform more reps, faster, with more focus, better form and consistency. This is the intensity element.



Progression means you're increasing the difficulty of your workout by manipulating one or more of the following:


1. Exercise

2. Repetition

3. Resistance

4. Rest


You can progress through a number of areas. So many people work out every day, yet they don't get the results they want. It's usually because of this critical progression piece. "Keep the body guessing, keep the body changing".




Recovery happens when your body is at rest. You absolutely have to rest your muscles. The newer you are to strength and resistance training the more rest you need. You may think that results take place during training. But the reality is that the results take place during recovery. It's just as important to keep your body guessing on the recovery side as well. So I strongly suggest a workout schedule that consists of 2 days on and 1 day off during your first 30 days of strength training. This will ensure that your rest days never fall on the same day, week after week. 


Sexy Summer-Ready Body Workout

Start with Circuit A. You're going to perform this circuit 3 times, immediately moving on to Circuit B for 3 times.


Circuit A Circuit B 


Exercise Reps/Time Exercise Reps/Time 


BurPee 10 Russian Twist 30


Squat 20 Mountain Climber 30


Lateral PushUp 10 SitUp 15


Wall Sit 30s Plank 30s 


Keep track of your time.

It's your goal to improve your time with each consecutive workout, without sacrificing form of course. Rest for 60s


ONLY at the end of each round. Because you are trying to improve your time, REST should continue to decrease.


Increase Difficulty.

If you'd like to increase the difficulty you can do so by increasing the isometric holds from 30 to as much as 60/90 

seconds. Or decrease rest time at the end of the rounds to 45s. Advanced athletes can also increase the number of 

rounds from 3 to 4.



Your GOAL is to progress to the most difficult progression of each exercise. Decrease rest time to 30 seconds per round without sacrificing form. Perform 4 rounds per circuit without sacrificing form, consistency, or intensity. You will effectively be making progress. This is the goal of all goals.


Let's stay fit together. 

Joel has been personal training people since 2008. His mission to bring incredible confidence and pride to men and women all around the world. We all deserve to feel great about ourselves. Everyone always says change your life today, but no one ever provides the how. Joel life goal is to provide the how to as many people as possible. He is ACE & NASM Certified and he has Specialization in Performance Enhancement, Woman Fitness, Senior Fitness, Group Training Fitness, Weight Loss, Corrective Exercise and Golf Fitness. 


 By Lisa Snow, personal trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist

Are your shoulders feeling tight or sore?  While I generally recommend foam rolling, it tends to work better for larger muscle groups such as the quads (front thighs), hamstrings (back thighs), ITB (outer thighs), and upper back.  The shoulders generally benefit from a gentler approach.  First, see if you are restricted in either internal or external rotation.


Try standing with your back to the wall.  Then reach your elbows out wide, and try to bring your hand up to the wall beside your head (external rotation), and down toward your waist (internal rotation), without your head, upper back, butt, or elbows moving off the wall.  Don't force it, but notice which direction feels tighter.  Also observe whether the right or left shoulder is tighter.  If possible, have a friend take a couple of photos with your camera or phone, showing the range of motion you have on each shoulder.  If you choose to work on shoulder mobility with a massage therapist and/or personal trainer, you'll be amazed to look back at your "before" photos six months from now!


Many people find that their external rotation is weaker, and strengthening the muscles that do that motion tends to get a lot of attention from both trainers and physical therapists.  But an equally common problem - tightness on internal rotation - often goes ignored.   One stretch you can try by yourself is to reach overhead with one hand (as if you're about to do a tricep stretch), holding a towel.  Reaching behind your back, grab onto the towel with your other hand.  Try to climb down the towel with your top hand, and/or up the towel with your bottom hand.  Go slowly!  If it hurts, you went too far.  Just backtrack an inch instead of giving up on the stretch.  If you're working with a massage therapist or a physical therapist who does a lot of manual therapy, ask them whether releasing your pecs (including pec minor), lats, coracobrachialis, rhomboids, and other surrounding muscles might be helpful.

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Lisa Snow is a Manhattan personal trainer specializing in customized fitness for older adults and post-rehab for all ages.  


By Alex Discolo

Stress Eating is extremely common among teenagers. Whether you're studying for a test, finishing up a lot of homework, or even just stressed by the things most teenagers are often stressed by, teenagers often find themselves turning to food as form of comfort. Personally, I find that eating while studying is one of my worst habits. I see it, as almost a way to make studying a little less miserable because I get to have a snack while doing it. However, all that my snack does is hurt me later on. I find that I get so caught up in my studying that I lose track of the amount of food (and therefore calories) I am consuming. Most of the time I'm not even hungry yet I still snack, often till the point of feeling ill.

While, many teens run into the problem of stress eating, there are several ways to deal with it. I have recently found that going to my town's public library is a great way for me to stay away from junk food and mindless eating while studying. Since my library doesn't allow food, there is no way for me to get the "study munchies!" if I find that I can't make it to the library for the day I eat a snack before I start my studying. This way I'm not so hungry when I begin my work which lessens my chance of wanting to grab something to eat. For those who really cant seem to get away from their habit there are ways to refine it and make it into a healthier habit. People tend to snack on crunchy things like chips or pretzels but there are healthy alternatives.

  Some of my favorites are carrots, sliced apples, or celery because they still provide me with same crunch that I crave yet are a lot healthier. If you are studying for long periods of time, sometimes snacking is actually necessary. In this case, I suggest you take a little time and plan ahead. Have healthy, nutrient rich, filling (and crunchy) snacks readily available once you have already sat down to study so you don't reach for that bag of chips. Again, here are some of my favorites, celery stuffed with peanut butter, whole grain crackers with low-fat cheese, and avocado toast (whole grain toast w/ avocado mashed slightly and spread on). And, if all else fails, sometimes a piece of sugarless gum tends to do the job!

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chrisExploring NYC's Personal Training Gyms:


By Chris Granville


Chris will be back next month.  Enjoy any of his previous articles. 


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Titan Fitness 

Atomic Total Fitness 

Core Fitness 


Tribeca Health & Fitness 

Velocity Sports NYC
Fit Factory  

Chris Granville is an ACSM certified personal trainer. A former NCAA Division 1 and professional athlete, he's a managing editor in book publishing and lives in New York City.