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jason3 Things to Remember If You Feel Uncomfortable at the Gym 

by Jason Greenberg, personal trainer


Whether you have a longtime membership to a gym or are just starting exercise, the weight floor can be an intimidating place. I have to confess that I was incredibly uncomfortable even using the spartan gym at my college for my first year of working out. The experience, though, made me realize that Planet Fitness was wrong; gyms typically aren't the judgment-heavy netherworlds they are believed to be.


Here are three tidbits to keep in mind if you're ever uncomfortable once you step through the gym doors.


POINTER #1: Most people at the gym don't realize you're there.

Every day, I see a ton of gym-goers gyrating on cardio machines and staring absent-mindedly at dumbbells between sets. I can guarantee you that you're likely not featured among the various thoughts flitting through their minds-that is, unless you're making a ton of noise or staring at them weirdly. Most people at the gym at any given moment are usually absorbed in their workouts or the consuming goings-on of their lives, so you'd have to be causing a pretty conspicuous problem for anyone to jerk out of their reveries and notice you.


POINTER #2: Help is there if you ask for it.

I can't possibly say that every gym has the energetic, knowledgable, helpful staff that one would expect (or deserve). But what I can say is that you'd be hard-pressed to find a facility where there's not a single person on the faculty-front desk, training, or even management-who can't answer questions about exercises or the layout of the gym. Ask around if you have questions; you won't be judged.


POINTER #3: If people are actually looking at you, you're probably upsetting the delicate balance of gym etiquette.

As I said above, you'd have to be really screwing things up for people to actually take notice of you at the gym. Your fellow gym-goers are most likely, in my opinion, to have a problem if you're doing one of the following things:

   *     Talking on your cell phone-anywhere

   *     Using a piece of equipment for more than five minutes

   *     Putting free weights back in the wrong place or leaving them on the floor

   *     Making a considerable amount of noise

   *     Getting bodily fluids on equipment

   *     Staring at people

Sometimes people don't notice these actions, but there are many who do. So if you find yourself in the middle of one of the above and you catch a glare or two, don't be surprised.


But remember this: unless you are displaying one of the above behaviors or happen to possess an extra limb, people aren't going to judge you at any given gym. If you feel uncomfortable, ask someone for help; there are few things more stifling than uncertainty. You're going to be okay!

Jason is a NASM certified personal trainer ready to help you to start realizing your fitness goals today.


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This month Joel, Lisa, and Jason have some motivating information for you.
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30 Days,  20 Minutes Per Day Total Body Makeover

 By Joel Levia, Personal Trainer 



I'm going to share with you a 30 days Total Body Makeover Exercises that will delivers wow effects and will keep you hooked. In less than a month you can not only sculpt a new body but, more important, change your exercise attitude.


A 15-20 minutes a day, 6 days a week commitment is the key to both quick weight reduction results and making a routine stick. I am sharing with you my no-excuse sessions that are seriously habit-forming. Each week you'll add sets and reps of the sculpting moves. All you need to get rolling is a 5- to 10-pound dumbbell.


Here the routine to follow for a 30 days Total Body Makeover: 


Joel has been personal training people since 2008. His mission to bring incredible confidence and pride to men and women all around the world. We all deserve to feel great about ourselves. Everyone always says change your life today, but no one ever provides the how. Joel life goal is to provide the how to as many people as possible. He is ACE & NASM Certified and he has Specialization in Performance Enhancement, Woman Fitness, Senior Fitness, Group Training FitnessWeight Management, Corrective Exercise and Golf Fitness. 

I'm in PT right now. Should I wait to hire a trainer until I am discharged?

 By Lisa Snow, personal trainer


It depends on your goals and the type of injury you have.  Consider these examples:


1) You have an ankle injury and are going to PT 2 days / week.  You used to jog all the time.  But since getting hurt, you've done zero exercise.  A trainer could help you do weights while sitting in a chair, so there would be no pressure on your ankle.  The injury wouldn't stop you from toning your arms, chest, shoulders, and upper back.  The trainer could also give you simple, upper body cardio options like: getting your heart rate up with circuit training using tubing at home.  Or high tech: taking you to a gym with the KrankCycle , a 21st century twist on the UBE (a bike that you pedal with your hands).  Empowered with these creative options, you can keep burning calories and working toward your fitness or weight loss goals while you complete PT.


2) You have a back injury from a car accident and are going to PT 3 days / week.  Because you're also working full time, 3 days / week is truly all the time you have to workout, so starting with a trainer right now doesn't make sense.  After receiving your physical therapy discharge in a few months, signing up with a trainer 2 days / week and doing some exercise on your own the 3rd day each week would be a logical next step.


3) You have a chronic illness like Multiple Sclerosis, but your insurance company's annual limit is 3 months of PT visits, so you go from January - March each year.   Maybe your best option is to continue seeing the physical therapist for the next 9 months (paying out of pocket) - or perhaps hiring a trainer with a lot of MS experience -  will be more affordable and still meet your needs.  Your MD, physical therapist, and the personal trainer you're considering can all have input on this choice.  However, you'll have the power to make the final decision because YOU are the captain of your healthcare team.


A good trainer should LISTEN to your wants and needs, and have the patience to wait until you finish PT if that's what's best for you.  If starting fitness training right now (before your PT discharge) is truly in your best interest, you can make both the PT and the trainer more effective by helping them get in touch with each other by phone or email as soon as possible.

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Lisa Snow is a Manhattan personal trainer specializing in customized fitness for older adults and post-rehab for all ages.  

heartrateLearn Your Body Mass Index (BMI)  


Body Mass Index (BMI) is essentially a height to weight ratio.  Am I a healthy weight for my height.


Figure out your BMI now.

Underweight = < 18.5

Normal Weight = 18.5-24.9

Overweight = 25-29.9

Obese- 30 or higher


Remember, speak to your doctor before starting a fitness program and then seek out the right personal trainer for correct program design.  Enjoy your workout! 


chrisExploring NYC's Personal Training Gyms:


By Chris Granville


Fitness Results
Steel Gym

Titan Fitness 

Atomic Total Fitness 

Core Fitness 


Tribeca Health & Fitness 

Velocity Sports NYC
Fit Factory  

Chris Granville is an ACSM certified personal trainer. A former NCAA Division 1 and professional athlete, he's a managing editor in book publishing and lives in New York City. 

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