Sunrise Senior Living Project & Upcoming Community Meeting Edition | May 22, 2021
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Dear Neighbors,

When a developer approaches my office about proposed projects, often they have already started introducing preliminary plans with Development Services in order to better understand the feasibility of their proposal and to determine if they are able to meet the requirements of our City's current Zoning Code and Land Use Element before making a commitment to invest in any particular location. If they reach out, they are typically looking for input on the needs and wants of the community to see if they are in alignment with their intent.

While every case is different, my feedback always includes a recommendation that they host a community meeting that includes introducing their ideas and seeking community feedback and input on the proposed project. They are not required to do this outside of official public hearings of our Planning Commission, where the majority of these building projects are decided on. Not every business takes me up on it and, as is the nature of economics, not all proposed projects move forward or are appropriate for any given areaHowever, they should do it because it is the right thing to do. I also offer any help needed to get the word out to residents. While many have chosen to keep their true intentions secret (their ownership and their plans) until they are legally required to tell the City, others are thankful for the opportunity to provide community outreach and receive the support needed to continue through the process. They agree that this is the best way to ensure they are putting their best foot forward and starting a positive relationship with our neighbors. 

Today, I’m pleased to share that the developers/planners of the vacant lot at 3340 Los Coyotes Diagonal are the well known developers of Sunrise Senior Living Communities, and, when we spoke, they gladly took us up on the offer to help them host a meeting to get input on their proposed project. Please see the invite details below with info on the proposed project. 

In addition, we asked our new Development Services Planning Bureau Manager, Patricia Diefenderfer, to speak on everything that goes into a project like this before the meeting. Please see her very thorough explanation (found below) of the planning and building safety process, what boxes need to be checked, and where this project currently lands before any final approvals are made.

In preparation for the meeting, we want to hear from you! Be sure to tell us what you think or submit a question as we get closer to the date (details found below).

My team and I are here to listen and help. Don't hesitate to contact us at 562-570-5555 or with any questions or needs.

Be healthy and stay safe,
Invites the Community to Meet and Speak on the Proposed Project for the Vacant Lot at
3340 Los Coyotes Diagonal

Wednesday, June 2nd
5:30-7:00 PM
Planning Bureau Manager
Patricia Diefenderfer

"Anatomy of a Project"
The process to develop a project such as the Sunrise Senior Care Facility typically starts well before a developer formally applies for a project with the City. When considering a project such as a large multiple unit residential development, developers frequently begin exploring the feasibility of the project on a particular site prior to purchasing the property as it may impact their investment or purchasing decisions in any particular city or prospective location. At that phase, prospective applicants are assessing whether the site can physically accommodate the proposed project and whether their proposal is consistent with the City’s rules and regulations.

To aid in this process, the City offers a pre-application process to assist developers in determining if their proposed project meets the City’s Code requirements and to provide guidance on the approval process that will be required. Pre-applications are reviewed by the Development Services Department Planning Bureau and offer high-level review and feedback on a development proposal, which usually includes the evaluation of a site plan and project description for a proposed development and use at a specific address.

In this particular case of the proposed senior assisted and memory care facility at 3340 Los Coyotes Diagonal, the developers submitted a pre-application to receive feedback on their proposal for a new two-story, 85-unit (108 beds) facility with 52-at grade parking stalls and common open space areas. One of the first things staff looks at as part of their review of a pre-application is whether or not the proposed use is allowed within the current Zoning District. At this location, and as outlined in our Long Beach Municipal Code, the property is zoned as “I” or Institutional District. The “I” Zoning District allows for this type of use (senior assisted/memory care facility) with the approval of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) by the Planning Commission through a public hearing process. The CUP gives the City an opportunity to place conditions on a project that ensure it will be compatible with, and have minimal impact on, neighboring properties and the surrounding community. Other types of institutional uses allowed in the “I” Zoning District include private schools and medical office complexes or hospitals.

In addition to the use of the property, staff also reviews the proposal for compliance with numerous development standards, including but not limited to:
  • Building setbacks
  • Parking requirements
  • Vehicular/pedestrian circulation,
  • Landscaping
  • Building height
  • Building design 
In response to a pre-application, applicants are provided a letter that specifies whether or not the project is in compliance with all the applicable zoning regulations and also includes information about the next steps and formal application process that will be required of the applicant to pursue the described project at the proposed location. The feedback provided by the City through the pre-application process allows the applicant to know what the City will require to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations and typically informs an applicant’s decision to continue to pursue the project.
Every project requiring a discretionary review such as a CUP, including this one, is also subject to environmental review, in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). For the proposed senior assisted and memory care facility, staff has asked the applicant to provide several different technical studies, prepared by qualified consultants, to verify that there are no environmental impacts associated with the construction and operation of the project. Required technical studies will include:
  • A site-specific traffic analysis (Vehicles Miles Traveled)
  • Noise study
  • Air quality/greenhouse gas emissions study
  • Water quality study
Should the technical studies show that the project does not exceed the minimum thresholds as prescribed by State environmental guidelines, then the project would be exempt from further environmental review.
The next step for the developer of this project is to submit more detailed plans for a formalized Plan Review (site plan, floor plans, and elevation plans) which address the items that staff commented on in the pre-application comment letter. Once the submittal is made, staff will conduct a more detailed review and determine if the project proposal, with any revisions from the pre-application process, meets the detailed development standards contained in the City’s Zoning Code.

If there are any deficiencies, a correction letter is forwarded back to the developer. Usually, the developer will make the corrections as noted and resubmit. Once the plans are satisfactory, the Site Plan Review Committee provides clearance for the project to move forward to a scheduled public hearing before the Planning Commission. In this case, the Planning Commission would hear and take under consideration a CUP and site plan review. Hearing notices are mailed to nearby residents and occupants and other parties who have expressed an interest in the project 14-days prior to the public hearing. The decision of the Planning Commission is final, unless appealed to the City Council, which serves as the appellate body in such cases.

If all of the approvals are granted, the project then moves into the building plan check phase. At the plan check phase, detailed construction drawings are submitted to Building & Safety Bureau which conducts its review for compliance with applicable Building Code regulations and also back to the Planning Department which ensures that the construction plans are consistent with the plans and the conditions that were approved by the Planning Commission. Once the construction plans are approved and building permits are obtained, construction may commence.

For any questions, feel free to call the Planning Bureau Office at 562-570-6194 or email
The Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine (PRM) will resume issuing reservation permits for picnic groves, bandshells, and amphitheaters beginning this Monday, May 24th!

Permits must be requested at least two weeks prior to the event. Details regarding permit applications, fees, and other information are available online at the PRM Facility Reservation Forms webpage.

If you are interested in requesting a permit for a specific available location, see the instructions below:
  • El Dorado Park West picnic groves; bandshells at Bixby and Recreation parks; and Cesar E. Chavez Park Amphitheater
  • In-person reservation appointments are available for the PRM Reservations Office (2760 N Studebaker Rd), and may be made online. Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. For more information call 562-570-3111.
  • El Dorado Regional Park picnic groves
  • In-person reservations can be made at the El Dorado Park Nature Center, Visitor Center (7550 E Spring St). Center hours are Tuesday thru Sunday, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. For more information call 562-570-1750.

For more details, see the press release.
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  • 14 Long Beach residents hospitalized with COVID-19 (-1)
  • 25 total COVID-19 hospitalizations in area hospitals (Long Beach Memorial Hospital, St. Mary Medical Center, College Medical Center, Lakewood Regional Medical Center and Los Alamitos Medical Center) (+2)
  • Approx. 52,137 recovered (Please note that, for low-risk patients recovering at home, recovery data is self-reported) (+147)
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State Indicators (Los Angeles County):
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  • 0.6% Testing positivity in lowest-resourced areas (health equity metric) (-.1%)
  • Information as of May 18 (Latest numbers showing 5 days of changes)

Details Regarding Fatalities:
  • 325 are associated with long-term care facilities (no change)
  • Ages:
  • 7 were in their 20s
  • 27 were in their 30s
  • 37 were in their 40s
  • 104 were in their 50s (+1)
  • 207 were in their 60s (+1)
  • 220 were in their 70s
  • 228 were in their 80s
  • 105 were over 90 
  • 392 female, 543 male
  • 22 individuals had no underlying health conditions (no change)
  • 61 individuals had unknown underlying health conditions

Long Term Care Facility Case Information:
  • 3,368 positive cases have been confirmed at long-term care facilities in the City since the start of the pandemic (see attachment)
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