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Spring is here! Well, almost. Spring offically kicks off on March 19th with the start of the vernal equinox. Spring marks the beginning of a fresh, new season and a period of growth. As our weather changes and the days get longer, many of our flowering trees come to life, such as the Royal Poinciana pictured above. A native of Madagascar, this gorgeous tree was brought to South and Central Florida in the early 1900s and is noted for its fern-like leaves and flamboyant display of orange-red flowers during the summer. Be on the lookout for some here in Vero Beach!

Green is another vibrant color prevalent during March with shamrocks, leprechauns and green beer to commemorate St. Patrick's Day. Bring out your green and check the Neighborhood Happenings below to find lots of action on St. Paddy's Day!

The approach of Easter on March 31st evokes a calmer color palette. To view an abundance of pastel colors on the beach, head over to see the City of Vero Beach's traditional easter egg hunt on Saturday, March 23rd held at Mulligan's Beach House.

We are proud to celebrate 75 years of being your neighbor, and we enjoy sharing news about what's happening in and around Our Neighborhood. We are always open to your feedback about what YOU would like to see in our newsletter. Let us know! Click here for past issues and feel free to share this with your family and friends.


The Vero Beach Dog Park is celebrating its 10th anniversary on Saturday, March 16th. Festivities start at 11:00 am in the center of the park located at 3449 Indian River Drive East.

The Vero Beach Dog Park is a nonprofit organization operated by a board of directors and community volunteers. This fabulous tree lined, 5-acre green space is leased from the City of Vero Beach and is 100% reliant on the support of our community to provide a clean, safe environment for our furry friends. Support is not only needed for the daily operations and maintenance of the park, but also for future improvements.

Amenities include water fountains, seating areas, canopies, shade tree landscaping, waste bags and more. The park is a free public space for both dogs and their owners, open 7 days a week, dawn to dusk.

There are so many things to do in our amazing piece of paradise with something for everyone! Whether it's cultural, food-related, charitable, educational, or environmental.......

Our Neighborhood has it all.

Check out these links to see what's happening around town and where to get involved and give back......

Vero Vine News 

Flash Newsletter 

Non-Profits/Charitable Groups 

Cultural Council of IRC

Looking for some great live music and fun? Come enjoy the bands and festivities at Riverside Theatre's "Live in the Loop". AMAC is the presenting sponsor! Be sure to stop by our AMAC table to say "Hi!" and grab some swag.

AMAC Helps Clothe Local Students

Since 2018, AMAC has helped clothe local children by donating new school uniforms to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Indian River County (BGCIRC) through the Realtors Association of Indian River County (RAIRC) “School Uniform Drive.” To date, AMAC has purchased approximately $8,400 worth of uniforms for children in Vero Beach, Sebastian and Fellsmere. Although school is halfway through session, the children are growing and often need different-sized uniforms for the remainder of the school year.

School uniform donations have become a tradition for AMAC and its sales agents, who embraced the idea of making this contribution in lieu of receiving top producer sales awards and trophies. AMAC Broker/Co-Owner, Alex “Buzz” MacWilliam, III and several agents personally shop for the uniforms and hand-deliver them to the RAIRC to be distributed to the children.

Pictured above are AMAC agents Craig Von Kohorn, Candace Kennedy, Jessica Mahoney, Rick Wykoff, Beth Ritter, and Michael Bottalico delivering clothes to the RAIRC for their School Uniform Drive.

Click here to learn more about other AMAC philanthropic endeavors.

FR Stats.Indian River County.November 2021-Single Family.jpg
FR Stats.Indian River County.November 2021-Condominium.jpg

January 2024 vs. 2023 STATS

Statistics developed by the REALTORS® Association of Indian River County through its Multiple Listing Service and in conjunction with Florida REALTORS® reflect the following data for January 2023 vs. 2022.


Residential Closed Sales totaled 156 homes vs. 149 representing a 4.7% increase YOY

Median Price was $384,000 vs. $385,000 representing a .3% decrease YOY.

Active Inventory totaled 1,036 vs. 841 representing a 23.2% increase YOY.


Residential Closed Sales totaled 48 homes vs. 51 representing a 5.9% decrease YOY.

Median Price was $292,500 vs. $275,000 representing a 6.4% increase YOY.

Active Inventory totaled 667 vs. 340 representing a 96.2% increase YOY.

Report Prepared on February 22, 2024

To learn more about the FLORIDA Market Update for January 2023, watch this video.


As we come across interesting content that we have found from various places around the web, we will share it with you here. Our Blog, for example, is a great source for articles about our industry and Our Neighborhood.

MacWilliam Family Contributes

To Neighborhood Parks

When Alexander D. “Mac” MacWilliam, Sr. arrived in Vero Beach in 1919, the small town had a little more than 500 people, a blacksmith shop and a few stores. A twice wounded and highly decorated veteran of WWI, MacWilliam came to Vero Beach to help build a small community on the barrier island now known as Riomar. At the time, there was no bridge to the island, so all building materials were transported via watercraft. After successfully developing this part of the barrier island, MacWilliam helped the effort to build a bridge to the island. In 1927, MacWilliam was elected mayor of Vero Beach where he spent several terms in this position for a total of 18 years. During his time as mayor and eventually as a legislator (five sessions of service), MacWilliam’s efforts contributed to our area’s public parks including Veterans Memorial Island Sanctuary and Alex MacWilliam Park.  READ MORE

More Tips & Tidbits.......

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Celebrating our 75th year, we “Thank You” for allowing our family of compassionate professionals to work with you to bring our decades of firmly woven history and success to your front door. We truly appreciate you sharing your experience with your friends and family so that we may continue to welcome everyone to “Our Neighborhood, Your Home.for another 75 years! CHEERS!


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