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WELCOME! | May 2023

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Happy Mother's Day! Honor the fallen on Memorial Day! As Spring glides into Summer, May brings renewal, growth, love, and hope. As the days grow longer and the weather warms, the world seems to come alive after a long, cold winter, as our "season" here wanes and many return to their homes up north and cooler climes. A time for graduations, weddings, remembrances, and outdoor celebrations, May embodies joy and optimism, reflection, love, and a time to leave behind the old and embrace the new.

The ancient Romans celebrated the festival of Floralia in May, a time to honor the goddess of flowers and the renewal of life. In modern times, May is also recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness about mental health issues and to promote self-care and wellness.

Whether you're celebrating new beginnings, enjoying the beauty of nature, or taking steps to improve your mental health, may your May be full of promise and possibility.

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Since 1949, Mental Health America and their affiliates (MHAirc.org) across the country observe May as Mental Health Month by reaching out to millions of people through the media, local events, and screenings.

The Mental Health Association in Indian River County (MHA) is the only mental health care agency in the county that operates a Walk-In & Counseling Center where residents (children & adults) who are in crisis can go to receive an immediate mental health screening, free of charge without an appointment. All services are free to children & veterans. The MHA also operates three peer-run Drop-In Centers, which provide a safe haven for adults with severe and persistent mental illness. It’s Okay to Get Help!

MHA is a non-profit, 501(c)3 charitable organization. Your support can make an incredible difference and save lives.


There's so many things to do in our little piece of paradise and something for everyone whether it's cultural, food related, charitable, educational, or environmental, Our Neighborhood has it all.

Check out these links to see what's happening around town...

Cultural Council of IRC

Flash Newsletter 

Non-Profits/Charitable Groups  

Looking for some great live music and fun? Come enjoy the bands and festivities at Riverside Theatre's "Live in the Loop". Be sure to stop by our AMAC table to say "Hi!" and grab some swag.

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FR Stats.Indian River County.November 2021-Condominium.jpg

MARCH 2023 vs. 2022 STATS

Statistics developed by the REALTORS® Association of Indian River County through its Multiple Listing Service and in conjunction with Florida REALTORS® reflect the following for Year Over Year MARCH 2023 vs. 2022.


Residential Closed Sales totaled 257 homes vs. 338 representing a 24% decrease YOY. 

Median Price was $395,000 vs. $375,000 representing a 5.3% increase YOY.

Active Inventory totaled 841 vs. 336 representing a 150.3% increase YOY.


Residential Closed Sales totaled 96 homes vs. 89 representing a 7.9% increase YOY.

Median Price was $309,000 vs. $228,000 representing a 30.9% increase YOY.

Active Inventory totaled 375 vs. 106 representing a 253.8% increase YOY.

Report Prepared on April 21, 2023

For the FLORIDA Market Update for March 2023, watch this video.


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