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January 31, 2020
Neighbors Help Neighbors

Arundel on the Bay experienced a terrible loss yesterday, yet we kept our most precious possessions intact -- the lives of our dear neighbors. 

As the Capital Gazette reported, the home of our new neighbors, Randy Kliewer and Jan Binneweg, at 3526 Newport was completely destroyed by fire along with their two cars. And Dick and Peggy Peyton's house was also seriously damaged and rendered uninhabitable for at least the short term. 
Although no lives may were lost, the aftermath and recovery period for our friends will certainly require a massive amount of emotional and financial support, so AOTB is already seeking to help mitigate this effort through our volunteers. 

One neighbor has established a digital donations site on Facebook to proportionately help our two families over the hump during this stressful period. Two other neighbors have graciously offered their homes as potential living quarters; and other neighbors stand ready with offers of food and clothing.  

And although one of our five community-built fire drafting sites was used and found helpful, we’ve already started the process of lengthening both of our southern site pads to better support the heavy pumper trucks, now that we’ve seen their current limitations. Once again, AOTB is operating under the principle that we’re more than just neighbors on our tiny peninsula, we’re friends who just happen to live near each other.

This is a Facebook fundraiser site within the AOTB Facebook group. Anyone with a Facebook account can donate; but you don't have to be a member of Friends of Arundel-on-the-Bay.

Once you get in the Facebook group, just scroll down to the bright yellow picture of the fire and Brigid Haragan's name (whose account will be used to apportion the donations) to the horizontal thick green line to find where you can donate. 

People wanting to join the AOTB Facebook Private Group may email Dawn Davis. I just made our donation, so I can attest it works even for a Luddite like me; however, I did use Margaret's Facebook account.

If you wish to offer any support directly to our neighbors, here’s their contact info:

Randy Kliwer and Janis Binneweg
Dick and Peggy Peyton

Thanks go so many neighbors for working so quickly to make all of this possible.

— David J. Delia, president, POA-AOTB