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Welcome to the 15th edition of Neighbours helping Neighbours, a weekly newsletter from the neighbourhoods team, with a focus on good news stories, important community updates and an ever growing list of support resources.

We hope the content in these enewsletters has been helpful over the past three months. Beginning in July we will be shifting to bi-weekly distribution.

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Knitted creature scavenger hunt in Lakeshore North
Toys and handmade items are popping up around Lakeshore North for neighbours to find. This neighbourhood scavenger hunt was started by Tiffany, who has been hand making many new things but not wanting to keep it all at home for the kids. Tiffany initially started giving new items to neighbours as a surprise but then came up with the scavenger hunt as a way to share with others in the area. Neighbours have been donating yarn to support this creativity.

Anyone participating in the hunt can post a photo of the hidden item and a photo clue about its location on the neighbourhood Facebook group. The creative creatures are in a clear bag for protection and clearly labelled so people know they are free to take. Happy hunting neighbours!
June 27 is Canadian Multiculturalism Day!
Discover the various cultures that bring Canadian society to life by participating in the virtual activities happening across the country! Learn more about the importance of  multiculturalism in Canada.
Canada Day fireworks
Thinking about setting off fireworks for Canada Day? With COVID-19, Waterloo Fire suggests using glow sticks instead.
Do you know how to #KeepFamiliesSafe from family violence?
Today, 1 in 3 Canadians is very concerned about family stress due to isolation and 1 in 10 women is very concerned about family violence. The research is clear: family violence escalates during a pandemic. And, just as individual, collective actions were critical to flatten the Covid-19 curve, simple, collective action is needed to help flatten the family violence curve.
You can help. A coalition of local agencies and municipalities has launched the #KeepFamiliesSafe campaign to: raise awareness of rising family violence, to help people know the signs and to share simple ways anyone can help at home, at work and in the community.

Celebrate Canada Day online in Waterloo
On July 1, the community is invited to join together to watch a video featuring local artists and musicians, with appearances by Mayor Jaworsky and city councillors beginning at 4 p.m.  

The video is the release of the “O Canada” anthem led by award-winning Artists in Residence Richard Burrows and Christa Mercey.
Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield will count down to the fireworks which are scheduled to begin at 9:30 p.m.

Residents are encouraged to download the  snapd HUB augmented reality platform  and hold their phones or tablets to the sky to see the fireworks display right in their own backyard.
Activity Kits in Lakeshore South create fun at home!
At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lakeshore South Community Association noticed families were looking for fun and engaging activities to do at home. A few neighbourhood leaders at Adventure4change were able to dream up activity kits that were distributed to local families to help find new ideas and fresh supplies for creativity.
Roselea Park Playground Project
The City of Waterloo and neighbourhood partners are working together to develop a new playground at Roselea Park. The city is designing and managing the installation of a new playground
for the neighbourhood. Community representatives are fundraising to optimize the value of play equipment that will be installed in the playground.

The new playground, anticipated to be completed in fall of 2020, will provide play opportunities for children ages 18 months to 12 years. The playground may include a variety of climbing elements, slides, and independent spring/spin toys.

City Project Contact: Daniel Waters
Community Contacts: Mary Jo Megginson & Jill Watson
At home gardening tips from the Waterloo Horticultural Society
All about Basil! Waterloo Horticultural Society member, Heather Kelly, shares that “The early Romans thought that it caused insanity. Ancient Greeks believed that to have a successful basil crop you had to shout and swear at the seeds while planting. In Europe, lovers exchanged sprigs of basil as a symbol of faithfulness. In rural Mexico, basil is thought to have the power to return a lover’s roving eye. In Haiti, it was used by the pagan love goddess Erzulie as a protector. Shopkeepers there sprinkle basil water around their stores to ward off evil spirits and bring prosperity. " ~ The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Basil is an ancient herb native to tropical regions ranging from Central Africa to Southeast Asia and it is easily grown right here in Canada for its delicate flavour. Basil likes warm soil; nighttime temperatures must be above 10°c or your plant will not grow well. Loose, well-draining soil is best but keep it moist—basil plants don’t like to dry out. Basil loves heat but be careful it doesn’t get burned as this alters the flavour of the leaves. It will thrive in a spot where the plants get morning sun and shade in the afternoons. If you basil begins to flower, nip the flowers so the plant continues to produce flavourful leaves. The flowers are edible and make a tasty and aesthetic addition to salads.

There are many varieties of basil, Genovese being the most common in our area. Also popular are the many Thai basils as well as the citrus basils with lemon or lime flavours; ‘Sweet Dani’ is a popular citrus basil.

The number one use for basil is, by far, pesto. It’s simple to make and delicious as a sauce on pasta, chicken, or seafood. You can add basil leaves to your appetizers, soups, pizzas, and salads or infuse the flavour into your favourite oil. A tasty herb with a myriad of uses.

Stay tuned for the at home gardening tips in the next edition!
Coordinated COVID-19 Response Newsletter - June 19, 2020
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the coordinated response to the evolving COVID-19 situation. The Region, area municipalities and local community partners are meeting regularly to make sure pandemic response efforts
are coordinated and aligned.

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