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Eastbridge neighbours share their love of local restaurants with east side neighbourhoods
Eastbridge residents Travis and Jen Restoule started a food ordering service the end of April to support hard hit local restaurants. "Just under 3,200 meals, valued at $27,584, have been delivered at no charge. It’s revenue the restaurants wouldn’t have had otherwise, as each week the Restoules worked with various independently owned establishments in Waterloo and Kitchener to come up with a single dish – some were made special – that could be delivered safely and easily for under $10 each".

Photo credit: Bill Jackson, Waterloo Chronicle
Distanced neighbourhood concert creates connections
North Colonial Acres neighbours recently enjoyed live music at a physically distanced neighbourhood concert. Four Corners band offered their talents in-kind to support the event and everyone showed care as a community to connect in a COVID-19 safe way. Neighbours pitched in to help with flyer design, event promotion, photography, and other key pieces. A mini grant also helped support the event. Organizer, Linda, reported that the event was a great success to reduce isolation, meet new neighbours, and raise $4253.65 in donations for Anselma House!

Photo credit: Erin Watt Photography
Did you know that there are free outdoor access courts across Waterloo?
Basketball courts
Dunvegan Park – 362 Dunvegan Drive
Heasley Park - 455 Parkside Drive
Mary Allen Park – 95 Allen Street East
McCrae Park - 137 Sir Sandford Fleming Drive
Pinebrook Park - 635 Sprucehurst Crescent
Vista Hills Park – 612 Sundew Drive
Waterloo Park - 50 Young Street West

Tennis courts
Bechtel Park - 185 Bridge Street West
Dunvegan Park - 362 Dunvegan Drive
Heasley Park - 455 Parkside Drive
Pinebrook Park - 635 Sprucehurst Crescent
St. Moritz Park - 506 St. Moritz Avenue
Warrington Park - 397 Warrington Drive

Pickleball courts
Bechtel Park - 185 Bridge Street West
Warrington Park - 397 Warrington Drive
Missing speed radar board
Sometime between the afternoon of August 26th and the morning of August 27th a speed radar board was removed from Kingscourt Drive by Conestoga Mall. If anyone finds or has information about the missing board please contact Haydn Kocznur, Traffic Operations Technician.
Digital Fall Program & Activities Guide
A special fall guide digital edition is now available!

The City of Waterloo is committed to delivering enjoyable recreation experiences in a safe and responsible manner and are closely monitoring Public Health and Provincial updates and will alter protocols and practices as necessary.

Registration is online at waterloo.ca/activewaterloo, beginning September 2 for swim and September 9 for all other active living programs.

We encourage readers to check advertiser websites for most up to date information.

Fall 2020 – what’s inside?
  • Letter to residents
  • Caregiver and child classes
  • Parent participation swim lessons
  • Winter break kids camps
  • Thursday morning homeschool STEM programs
  • back2basics museum exhibit
  • Test your fire safety knowledge

Questions? Call 519-886-1177 or email us.
A message from Waterloo Fire Rescue
If you smoke inside or outside please ensure to discard your ashes in a proper container that will not burn such as a glass ash tray. For more home fire & life safety information please call: 519-884-6030 ext. 23309
Alexandra Park update
In the Alexandra Park upgrade, the forested area of the park will include "Birdhouses" by local artists Sandra Dunn and Mark Resmer. The artists describe the structures as an expression of community caretaking. “We feed birds, we count birds, we invite them into our urban backyards. We can’t train them, they come and go with the seasons and they wake us up before the sun rises.”

The park project has been delayed by COVID-19, more information will be available in September.
At home gardening tips from the Waterloo Horticultural Society
Brenda Stericker, Waterloo Horticultural Society President writes, As the days get shorter and the temperatures begin to drop, it is time to prepare your garden for the coming winter. There are many little tasks that need to be done to get ready. Landscape Ontario has prepared a detailed list of fall clean up tasks. Here are some of these tasks.

  • Add compost or manure to garden beds.
  • Plant new trees and shrubs, to give them at least six weeks before frost.
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs.
  • Clean bird feeders, gardening tools.
  • Bring in any clay pots.
  • Pull weeds before they go to seed to reduce the number of weeds next year.

  • Transplant shrubs or young trees to new locations.
  • Cut diseased areas out of perennials. Do not compost.
  • Clean up garden debris. Remove all vegetable plants and fallen fruit.
  • Remove dead annuals from the garden, after a frost.
  • Cut back perennial foliage to discourage overwintering pests. Leave flowers with seeds for the birds.
  • Dig up tender bulbs such as dahlia, canna and gladiola. Wrap them in moist material and store in a cool, dark space.

  • Divide spring and summer blooming perennial plants.
  • Buy bulbs to force for winter.
  • Mulch rose bushes.

  • Start paperwhites and amaryllis for winter blooms.
  • Over the winter months you join a horticultural society to learn more about gardening and meet other gardeners to share gardening tips.

Stay tuned for the at home gardening tips in the next edition!

Photo credit: Landscape Ontario
Coordinating local events tip!
Some neighbour-led events which include the sale of food or merchandise may require a temporary vendor licence. Please contact municipal enforcement services at BL@waterloo.ca or at 519-747-8785 a minimum of 4 weeks before your event to check if a licence may be needed.
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