Waterloo is resilient.
Thanks for joining us for another edition of Neighbours helping Neighbours. The efforts of Waterloo neighbours to demonstrate kindness continues. If you have questions, ideas for resources to share or shareable stories of kindness, please send them to: neighbourhoods@waterloo.ca
Managing conflict as a result of physical distancing
Additional time at home increases the amount of time people are spending together in close quarters, which can lead to increased conflict between families, friends and neighbours.

Community Justice Initiatives (CJI) can help. Contact Jason by email
or telephone (519)744-6549 ext . 120 for more information.
Statistics Canada Survey
Statistics Canada is asking citizens to participate in an Impacts of COVID-19 on Canadians survey. All levels of government need reliable information on the current economic and social situation, as well as on people's physical and mental health, to effectively assess the needs of communities and implement suitable support measures during and after the pandemic.

Ward 2 scavenger hunt!
Councillor Bodaly created a scavenger hunt for Ward 2 neighbours! The activity provides an opportunity to get outside and see things happening in Ward 2 neighbourhoods. This could be adapted for other neighbourhoods or your daily walks maintaining physical distancing. Snap some pictures of your adventures.
Neighbours make some noise to acknowledge frontline workers
Neighbours in Eastbridge and the Barrel Yards can be heard making noise in appreciation for health care workers at 7:30 p.m. every evening. You can join in too in whatever way you feel comfortable!
Laurelwood Neighbourhood Association connects via Zoom
The Laurelwood Neighbourhood Association held their first ever online meeting over Zoom last week. While the annual Easter Egg Hunt is cancelled due to the current pandemic, the board members agree it is more important than ever to stay connected. Connecting with others to share stories, talk about how you are coping, and have some laughs are great ways to continue neighbourliness.
Community Support Connections Meals on Wheels & More needs help!
Residents are asked to identify anyone who has been struggling to prepare meals for themselves. Anyone interested in the Meals on Wheels service can call 519-772-8787 extension 252.

Volunteers are also needed, as many regular volunteers are older adults themselves and some are unable to deliver at this time. Please apply online.

Donations for buying food or donations of grocery store gift cards are also greatly needed.
Waste collection update
Curbside yard waste will be collected in Waterloo during the week of April 13, on your regular waste collection day. Residents are asked to consider if you have the ability or capacity to store yard waste or delay set-out. If collection crews are impacted by illness, yard waste collection will be cancelled.

Residents reducing their yard waste and bulky items has not gone unnoticed and is greatly appreciated. Please continue to only use the expanded six bag garbage limit if absolutely necessary and note that bulky items (things that don’t fit in a garbage bag) will still not be collected.

Interested in receiving the most up-to-date information? Download the Region’s Waste Whiz app , and subscribe to push notifications.
Please adhere to park closures
Mayor Jaworsky advises everyone that CLOSED outdoor facilities like skate parks, playgrounds, baseball/soccer fields are being monitored and fines will be issued when these critical safety rules are not followed.

Please contact Waterloo bylaw at 519-747-8785 if spaces are being inappropriately used.
News from the regional pandemic control group
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Region of Waterloo and its community partners are working together to stop the spread of the virus. The region, area municipalities and local community partners are meeting regularly to make sure our pandemic response efforts are coordinated and aligned. This work is being done through a regional pandemic control group which coordinates the efforts and actions of five other sector control groups which are described in weekly newsletters. 

School Travel Planning Waterloo Region has weekly bingos for time outside
School Travel Planning Waterloo Region encourages neighbours to t ake a copy of this card out with you and mark off what you see as you practice your route to school, to the bus stop, or in your neighbourhood. Don't mind the spring weather as you walk, bike, scoot or scamper!

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