By Nailah Herbert

Neiman Marcus hosted the Excellence 365 Exhibition, curated by business mogul and fine art gallerist Okeeba Jubalo, inside their store at Lenox Mall on February 23. The Excellence 365 Exhibition was a one-day-only pop-up exhibit featuring artists of African descent.

Neiman Marcus partnered with the Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery to expose its luxury customers to the beauty of fine art. The event was held on the last week of Black History Month with the aim of showcasing inclusivity with its luxury consumers.

Statistics show consumers care about who they shop with and how that retailer promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. Neiman Marcus took a big leap in their inclusivity efforts by partnering with Okeeba Jubalo, founder and owner of Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery located in North Charleston, South Carolina. Additionally, Okeeba Jubalo is well-known throughout the Southeast region for his artistry and strong-willed advocacy for Black artists.

“I do not take any of the opportunities for granted. As an advocate for artists, it is important to create great relationships in other nontraditional sectors to showcase our work,” said Okeeba Jubalo regarding his long-standing leadership role in the fine art industry. “My business model is one of mobility; we have to leave the traditional gallery spaces and go into spaces that complement our brand.”

Johnny Clarkson, Okeeba Jubalo, Damon Mescudi (featured artist),

Dr. Ed Garnes & Ty Davis (featured artist)

As the South’s premier gallery for African American art, it made all the sense in the world to partner with Neiman Marcus. An exhibition within their network helps to further our mission organically,” said Okeeba Jubalo. “I thank John Hughes and the Neiman Marcus leadership team for taking this beautiful step in the right direction.”

Now more than ever, people are conscious about where they spend their dollars. Since social values tend to shape purchase decisions, retailers can appeal to new consumers and draw in the consumer's loyalty and spending. As a result, luxury retailers like Neiman Marcus are taking the initiative to partner with reputable Black-owned businesses such as the Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery to assist them in representing and meeting the needs of communities of color.

“We want to bring awareness to Neiman Marcus, usher in a new crowd of people and expose the store to Black culture. We don’t have many melanated brands in the store, so this is much more of a passion project because we need representation. This is much more than what I expected, and I can’t wait to collaborate with [Okeeba Jubalo] in the future. This is important, especially during Black History Month,” said Danielle Harris, Assistant Manager for Contemporary and Fine Apparel at Neiman Marcus. “Art and fashion go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. When you tie the two together, you have greatness.”

Neiman Marcus customers admired the artwork throughout the exhibit while complimenting each piece. In addition, art-goers and customers gained insight into the art world as they

received the opportunity to talk with distinguished artists like Michael Johnson, Ty Davis, Jerushia Graham, Tosh Fomby and Dante Yarbrough, as well as the art show curator, Okeeba Jubalo.

Art by Tee Roy, guest (with art by Michael Johnson) , Danielle Harris,

Sol & Noble Brown, (art by Jerushia Graham)

Guest (with art by Michael Johnson) & Mimi Faust

The event attendees included celebrity hair stylist, television host Derek J, and reality television personality Mimi Faust.

“I love art. My father was an artist who made paintings, sculptures, wood, metal, everything, so art is in my DNA. Every time I went to see him every summer, I would have to make something. I have a true love and passion for art,” said Mimi Faust, who discussed the cultural impact of Neiman Marcus partnering with Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery to host the Excellence 365 Exhibition.

“It’s important because they're displaying Black art in this fine white establishment. The turnout was so amazing, and people really get to see Black artists. They come in every shape, size, and color. You otherwise wouldn’t see them if they weren’t showcased and displayed,” said Mimi Faust. “I commend Neiman Marcus for even putting this event on, including the partners who also put this event on. Without them, no one would have seen this. We live in Atlanta, and we never get to see Black art like this. I think this is so dope that they put this together.

The event title, Excellence 365 Exhibition, was thoughtfully created by Okeeba Jubalo, which means that Black excellence isn’t a 28-day experience, it happens all year round. Black excellence celebrates the success of the Black community, and it encompasses the Black culture, including art, fashion, and beyond.

Dante Yarbrough (featured artist) & Rushia Brown

Derek J, Mack Jones & Darrien West (featured artist) diccussing his work.

“The African-American experience is a luxury experience as hard as it’s been and as hard as it is. When we look at the luxury of African American fine art, it’s important to be on platforms like Neiman Marcus,” said Okeeba Jubalo when speaking to the significance of partnering with Neiman Marcus. “It’s important for Neiman Marcus to see the value that we bring to the table. We are curating this experience to help people bridge the gap. Our level of excellence allows for people to easily digest the arts.”

The featured artists for the Excellence 365 Exhibition are Black men and women who are leaders and role models who are taking action to advance their community through their natural talents and abilities. For the artists to have their artwork displayed in a luxury store like Neiman Marcus has allowed their artwork to be purchased beyond their network.

“It's always important to highlight Black art. It’s good for [Neiman Marcus] to give Black artists the opportunity to highlight their art, and I appreciate them for that,” said Michael Johnson, who was a standout artist at the Excellence 365 Exhibition. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’ve been creating art for under ten years, and for me to make it to Neiman Marcus, it’s really meant the world to me.”

Art and fashion are two synonymous outlets for expression. Neiman Marcus and the Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery successfully united those two worlds during the Excellence 365 Exhibition. The art buyers, guests, and consumers raved about the exhibition in hopes of seeing the two powerful brands, Neiman Marcus and the Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery, collaborate soon.

03.29.23 - Charleston, SC - SOLD OUT!


By Nailah Herbert

Burke High School in Charleston, South Carolina, have teamed up with NobleSol Art Group to offer their students a new program, The Wolfpack 2.0. An elite, nationwide program, The Wolfpack 2.0. combines students' intellectual and creative abilities with real-world entrepreneurship experiences.

“As a college student, I really struggled with getting a quality internship. It was very frustrating to have a level of talent that could not be developed further with the help of a mentor. I created this program because I knew our students needed it,” said NobleSol Art Group, Founder and President Okeeba Jubalo, who developed and established The Wolfpack internship program. “We launched this program in 2016 at Georgia State University, Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, and Morehouse College. Our pack members have grown into industry leaders, and I am excited about bringing this to my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.”

Nailah Herbert working at the 2023 Atlanta & Friends Fine Art Exhibition

As a former member of the Wolfpack program and now an alumnus of Clark Atlanta University, I learned skills within the Wolfpack internship program that stretched beyond the classroom. My first on-site Wolfpack internship experience was mind-blowing as I attended my first gala hosted by NBAF (National Black Arts Festival). I signed up to photograph, capture B-roll, and write an article about the event. At the gala, I was able to meet and photograph the late WSB-TV news anchor, Jovita Moore and meet the members of The Coca-Cola Foundation, like the recently retired Ingrid Saunders Jones.

Okeeba Jubalo was an impeccable mentor, leader, and coach throughout the internship. In addition, the Wolfpack program catapulted my career as a journalist and photographer.

The 2019 Wolf's Den $5,000 Entrepreneur's Pitch competition at Clark Atlanta University

Students who intern with the Wolfpack program can expect to develop and refine their skills and gain confidence in their craft. They will also gain a competitive edge as they transition into college or their careers.

Many professors around the Atlanta University Center, which encompasses Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, and Morehouse College, highly encouraged students to intern under the leadership of Okeeba Jubalo. A former professor of Clark Atlanta University and distinguished journalist, Maynard Eaton, knew that his students could benefit immensely from Okeeba Jubalo and his internship program.

“Okeeba Jubalo is an exemplary artist, multi-media entrepreneur, and editor of The Charleston Compass Magazine. He is also a friend, partner, and co-founder of, and our online TV interview program GEORGIA POWER,” said Maynard Eaton. “After meeting with and lecturing to my four journalism classes, we discussed how we could train these interested students for what could be a pioneering HBCU media internship program beginning here at Clark Atlanta University.”

More than 20 students at Clark Atlanta University were chosen to intern with the Wolfpack internship program.

“Thus, The Wolfpack was conceived and created. But, that's the rare and appealing essence of Okeeba Jubalo. He is the quintessential creative spirit; a man who is riveting, robust, talented, savvy, and divinely gifted. Jubalo has crafted a dynamic internship program that is already making a dramatic difference in the lives of our journalism, videography, and public relations students. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse Jubalo and the brilliant breath of fresh air and spirit he has infused into his Wolfpack internship media team.”

Since the inception of the Wolfpack program at the Atlanta University Center in Atlanta, Georgia, Okeeba Jubalo has helped to further the professional careers of several students.

Now that Okeeba Jubalo is back in his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, he is prepared to equip the bright and talented young minds at Burke High School with tools that will further their personal and professional growth.

“Our program is for elite students who will move into their industries with the skills needed to succeed,” said Okeeba Jubalo. “This is designed for every creative high school and college student who wants to get to the next level.”

Learn more about The Wolfpack Internship Program here.