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Nellya New Year Sabre
January 12, 2014
January North American Cup
January 17, 2014
Virginia Beach
Div.1, Jr., Chr., SRTeam
Capitol Clash Super Youth Circuit & Cadet
January 31- February 2, 2014
National Harbor, MD
Registration Deadline: January 5
Nellya Valentine Sabre
February 23, 2014
Junior Olympic Championships
Feb.14-17, 2014
Portland, OR
Registration Deadline Jan. 20
All Fencers are invited to participate in Nellya Tournaments.  Consult with your coach if you are unsure about other tournaments.
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Arkady Burdan Foundation "Sabre Saturday" Open 
House Tues., Jan. 7, 5 p.m. Come to practice video camera-ready with your competition gear and DON'T FORGET YOUR FENCING SOCKS!

Nellya Teen Council Sabre Saturday training is Friday, Jan. 3 from 4-5 p.m.  
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Poll ends January 7, 2014.

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Nellya Girls in New Jersey
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TWO gold medals for Christian Fernandes in New Jersey!

November 12, 2013
Nellya Jabber
Keeping in Touch with the Coolest Fencing Club in Atlanta
 We've put together some news and information to help you navigate the business of our community.  The quick links will get you where you need to go, and a quick scan of the headlines will keep you in the know.  And while you're clicking and scrolling,  connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for ALL the latest breaking news, and more!

Nellya Families Contribute $13,174 to The Arkady Burdan Foundation in Honor of our Coaches
This holiday season, the Nellya coaches--Maestro, Terrence, David, Eugene and Jesse--requested that families make a contribution to The Akrady Burdan Foundation in lieu of gifts.The response was overwhelming.  "Nellya families expressed loudly and clearly their love of our coaches and our community through their generosity.These gifts will help support programs that will enrich the physical, academic and character development of children in need through the sport of fencing," said Leonard Walker, Foundation Chair. January 11, 2014, The Foundation will roll out Sabre Saturday, a pilot 6-week introduction to fencing for children in need who attend our neighborhood schools. Sabre Saturday will be held at Nellya Fencers and will include an exceptional educational component developed and directed by certified educators, professionals and volunteers from the Nellya community. If you are interested in the rewarding volunteer opportunities available through The Arkady Burdan Foundation, please contact Becky Douville.
"Thank You!" from the Nellya Coaches, who are looking fine in their new Arkady Burdan Foundation Polo Shirts!
Nellya Fencers Compete at Cadet and Junior World Cups 
Sara Cunningham and Coach Terrence in Goppingen.

Nellya Cadet and Junior fencers have been balancing travel with school this month as they compete internationally and prepare for final exams; add college application deadlines to the mix and life can become stressful!  We can see our advanced fencers pulling strength and skill sets from reserves begun in the     Y-10 years of training and from supportive parents and coaches.  We love watching them utilize their fencing skills on the strip and in life--and are always proud when they earn the right to compete on the world stage, because that usually includes a German Christmas market in December!  Results from the most recent events:  


JR. Sosnowiec POL                         

Sara and Tori warming up in Goppingen.

Nov. 16

Lena Johnson (WS) 22


JR. Dormagen GER 

Nov 30

Lena Johnson (WS) 39


CDT.  Goppingen GER

Dec. 7

Tori Johnson (WS) 52
Sara Cunningham (WS) 89
Alex Walker (MS) 28


Nellya Goes to College
Lena Johnson, Barnard College Class of 2018, Columbia University Fencing Team and her coach, Terrence Lasker

The college acceptance letters have begun to arrive accompanied by the usual bittersweet celebrations. There is great satisfaction in knowing our athletes are sought after by top U.S. colleges and universities. We are proud our fencers are well-prepared for the athletic, academic and social challenges that lie ahead, sometimes far away from their Nellya roots. But coaches, who can devote 10 years or more preparing their athletes for opportunities such as these, have mixed emotions as they send their students into new training and competitive environments.


Haley Fisher, Duke University Class of 2018 Fencing Team and her coach, Maestro Arkady Burdan.

Lena Johnson and Haley Fisher will soon begin their NCAA fencing careers! Lena has been accepted to the Barnard College Class of 2018 and will be fencing for the Columbia University Lions.  Haley Fisher will be our first Blue Devil, fencing for Duke University Class of 2018.  We are proud of these athletes and are excited they will be reunited with other Nellya collegiate fencers next year (Margaret McDonald, St. Johns, Daniel Wolfson, Stanford, Julia Abelsky, Northwestern, and Jason Choi, Princeton).


We look forward to more NCAA fencing news soon.  Stay tuned!

Steve Sobel SYC & Cadet NJ
Nov. 22-24, 2013

29 Nellya Fencers swept through the sabre events at The Steve Sobel SYC & Cadet in New Jersey, earning spots on the podium in every event and medals in all but one. Most notably, Christian Fernandes won both the Y-14 and Cadet MS events.  Other gold medalists were Himani Kalra (Y-10 WS), Alexis Anglade (Y-12 WS) and Christopher Walker (Y-12 MS). More results and photos are on the Nellya Blog.  

Y-12 Men's Sabre and Y-12 Women's Sabre Podiums

December North American Cup Dallas

Dec.12-16, 2013

The December NAC in Dallas yielded a bronze medal for Alex Walker in Cadet Men's Sabre and a 7th place finish for Henry Fisher in the same event.  Lena Johnson also had a good showing in Div.1Women's Sabre, finishing 10th.  



Div. 1 Women's Sabre


10.  Lena Johnson

27.  Skyla Powers


Cadet Men's Sabre


3.  Alex Walker

7.  Henry Fisher

37.  Andrew Sun

67.  Erwin Cai

77.  Chris Walker


Div. 1 Men's Sabre


45.  Grant Williams


Cadet Women's Sabre


14.  Lark Izenson

27.  Tori Johnson

The Arkady Burdan Foundation receives donation of 500 polo shirts from Zhao family.

 Ellen and Roger Zhao were honored with a reception at Nellya on December 21, 2013, for their generous contribution of 500 The Arkady Burdan Foundation polo shirts.  These high-quality polo shirts will be sold to benefit the Foundation for $40 each.  Proceeds from the sales will help the Foundation enrich the physical, educational and character development of children in need through the sport of fencing.  Celebrating the day with Maestro are Roger, Sabrina and Raymond Zhao.


Dr. Jennifer Priestley: 10,000 Hours
Cate and Chap Priestley with author and mom, Jennifer, and Coach Terrence
Note from Becky:  My office (the broom closet) is near the front door and Moms and Dads will frequently pop in to chat;  this article is the result of several of those conversations with Jennifer Priestley about Malcolm Gladwell.  Dr. Priestley is an Associate Professor of Statistics at Kennesaw State University, where she is the Director of the Center for Statistics and Analytical Services.  She teaches courses in statistics at the undergraduate, masters, and PhD. levels, and was recognized by the SAS
 Institute as the 2012 Distinguished Statistics Professor of the year.  More importantly, she is the mom to fencers Cate and Chap;  Cate, who arrived at her first practice in a car seat, holding her sippy cup, is now one of our successful Y-12 youth fencers.

We live in a culture that places value on successful outcomes - outcomes related to professional success, athletic success, academic success.  There are an infinite number of books that we have all seen and read related to success - and how its defined and how to achieve it.

I want to share one, somewhat unexpected source of understanding as it relates to achieving success (in all of its many iterations) - 


Read more...... 

Friends and Families CPR Certification Offered at Nellya on January 25, 2014 for ages 8 & Up. 
Bring the whole family for this life-saving opportunity!  

Would you like to write an article or share a photo in the Nellya Jabber?  Please let us hear your ideas for making this THE place to keep in touch!
Happy Fencing,


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