July 22, 2021

Nelson Mandela International Day 2021
Nelson Mandela International Day is celebrated every year on July 18 (Mandela’s Birthday) to honor the life and work of Mandela, anti-apartheid revolutionary, political leader and South Africa’s first democratically elected president. The UN General Assembly (UNGA) declared this day in 2010 in recognition of the contributions made by Mandela to the culture of peace and freedom. While we honor the man and his legacy on this day, it is also a global call to action that celebrates the idea that each individual has the power to transform the world and make a major impact. The day is not meant as a public holiday, but rather as a day to honor the life and values of Mandela, through volunteering and service.

“Nelson Mandela has fought for social justice for 67 years.
We are asking you to start with 67 minutes.”
--United Nations General Assembly
In the resolution establishing this International Day, the United Nations General Assembly recognized Mandela’s values and his dedication to the service of humanity in the following areas: conflict resolution, race relations, promotion and protection of human rights, reconciliation, gender equality and the rights of children and other vulnerable groups, the fight against poverty and the promotion of social justice. The resolution also acknowledged his contribution to the struggle for democracy internationally, and the promotion of a culture of peace throughout the world.

As we honor the life and work of Mandela this year, take time to make a difference in your community through service to others. Mark the day by volunteering or donating to a charity. In times of turbulence, Mandela’s legacy teaches everyone to choose dignity over humiliation, to speak up when witnessing injustice, and to forgive rather than hate.

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