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May 2015
1. Support Nepal
2. Ten Squared Impacts
3. Happy 18th Birthday SAI
4. SAI Spring Advisory Board Meeting
5. Why We Dedicate Ourselves to Human Rights at Work
5. Highlights & Announcements
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Social Accountability International (SAI) is a non-profit, multi-stakeholder organization established to advance the human rights of workers by promoting decent work conditions, labor rights, and corporate social responsibility through voluntary standards and capacity building. 


SAI is headquartered in the United States with field representation in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, India, the Netherlands, Philippines, Switzerland, and UAE.

SAI- Human Rights at Work
Website: www.sa-intl.org

For newsletter inquiries contact: info@sa-intl.org
Support Nepal in Earthquake Emergency Aftermath
Call for Action Letter from CEO Alice Tepper Marlin

Nepalese workers, like impoverished people in so many countries where opportunities are sparse, travel worldwide to find jobs that promise to provide income for their families so their children can attend school, and so they can obtain health care, build homes, and save to start a business. Leading edge companies - such as HP - seek to assure a better future for migrant workers, their families and their country, by avoiding workplace discrimination against migrants and forbidding the use of abusive employment -- directly and by their suppliers -- of agents that charge the workers.

Unfortunately, when disaster strikes, as it did recently in Nepal with the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck that country, migrant labor patterns mean families are separated in a time of intense need. We are heartbroken to think of the earthquake victims and of the workers abroad, desperate for news of their families and friends. In the face of a problem of this magnitude, we reach out to our network to suggest that you support leading organizations that do great work in Nepal -- emergency response and/or development.


AKUT conducted a technical search at four collapse sites within the city of Kathmandu


One of SAI's closest partners, AKUT Search and Rescue Association, sent a team to help in Nepal in the immediate period following the earthquakes. Although the search and rescue operation has ended, and they have since pulled the team back to Istanbul, it is important to remember the value of having organizations like AKUT ready to deploy and save lives at a moments notice. Please consider giving to AKUT to show appreciation for the work they have done, and to help them maintain readiness for future disasters. Information on how to make a donation to AKUT can be found  here


Now development NGO's are on the scene in Nepal, trying to rebuild devastated areas and provide much needed assistance in the form of supplies, healthcare, and general supports to families in need. We encourage our readers to donate as well to these organizations currently working in Nepal:




Catholic Relief Services

Direct Relief


Goodweave International

International Relief Teams

Operation USA

Save the Children

Seva Foundation

World Help



NYU Capstone Team Closes Extensive M&E Project


SAI and RRI have experienced first hand the dramatic impact of our joint TenSquared program on factories and the lives of participants. The program has been positively assessed through both Labor Link surveys and progress against specific health and safety goals. But despite our understanding of program strengths, it is always good to have an outside party assess the work, look for new ways to grow, and aspects of the project that are strongest. with the longest impacts. We are very excited to say that results of our most recent impact evaluation for the TenSquared program targeted at sustainability of impacts over time, have been overwhelmingly positive. Below is a letter from the researchers explaining more about their role in this project.

From Left to Right Marco Perez (BSD), Lilian Liu (NYU), Andrea Dallman (BSD), Anita Lederer (NYU), Julia Chambers (NYU), Jenny Roberts (NYU)

Hello SAI Newsletter Subscribers,

We are researchers from New York University, hailing from the United States, Sweden, and China. We are currently finalizing an Impact Evaluation and a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the TenSquared program for Social Accountability International and the Rapid Results Institute. 


The two studies we produced form part of our final project to complete our Masters in Public Administration degree at NYU's Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. We have been working with SAI and the Rapid Results Institute (RRI) for the last 8 months to assess the program's impacts and also to propose a plan to monitor and evaluate program progress as the TenSquared platform expands. We were guided in these efforts by Professor John Gershman and sincerely thank him for his help.


This January, we traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil to visit TenSquared program sites and conduct interviews with participants to learn more about their experiences within the program. We visited ten factories, from notebook manufacturers to chemical producers to financial service firms. The teams we visited have achieved a variety of impressive health and safety goals through their participation in TenSquared, such as creating fire prevention plans and reducing time exposed to hazardous materials. Below two of the standout comments from our time in Sao Paolo:


"People put ideas in a drawer before (TenSquared). So for me, it was interesting to see us give ideas and that those ideas were being implemented...My motivation is the opportunity to be listened to and have an opportunity for the good idea to be implemented. "

- Worker Describing Improvements in Worker Manager Relations


"In my personal and professional life, the project gave me more confidence and made me feel more powerful. I was always a focused person, but now I believe you must be determined. You can't just let things happen, you gotta go for it. I feel an improvement in my personal and professional attitude (after TenSquared)"

- Manager Describing TenSquared Impacts on Personal Development 


We were very impressed with our findings concerning the impact of the program and with the program staff we met. We found that a majority of participants felt that the program directly strengthened relationships between workers and managers. In addition, we found that a majority of participants felt that health and safety conditions did improve at the program site after the project was implemented.


We are grateful to SAI, RRI, and the local coaches in Brazil for this wonderful and enriching experience.




The NYU Wagner Capstone Research Team

For more information, and to apply, please contact SAI's Senior Program Manager, Stephanie Wilson, at swilson@sa-intl.org 

SAI Celebrates its 18th Year Advancing Human Rights for Workers around the World
Innovating over 18 Years

SAI Logo for PC (no white space)

In 1997, Social Accountability International (SAI) established one of the world's preeminent social standards: SA8000? Standard based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, ILO conventions, international norms, national law, and industry and corporate codes. In 2015 alone, we have trained over 3000 participants in our SA8000? Courses and expanded our programs that work directly with brands, suppliers, and local communities to improve working conditions in supply chains.


Today, we have rapidly growing interest by Corporate Partners within our  Corporate Programs to conduct Social Fingerprint? evaluations for members' supply chains. Our Training & Capacity Building Team has expanded offerings, creating four new courses in the last 6 months including: BSCI Auditor Upgrade Course and E-Learning, Living Wage Webinar, and the SA8000:2014 Revision Webinar. We plan to develop a Basic Auditor Training Course Pre-requisite as well as numerous additional professional development courses including auditor interview techniques in the coming months. And we are constantly reaching further in terms of the issues and subject matter effecting workers around the world.

Currently, SAI's innovative projects include:


TenSquared, a revolutionary worker manager program that addresses serious issues of health and safety. Partnering with Rapid Results Institute (RRI), we've combined our expertise in labor standards and management systems with their proven change acceleration methodology to drive immediate, practical improvements in the health and safety conditions of participating companies. Thus far, 95% of participating teams have met their health and safety goals. 


Living Wage, a project partnering with 6 international standard setting organization and Dr. Richard Anker (former Senior Economist at the ILO), and Martha Anker (former Senior Statistician at the WHO) to promote and implement a living wage for workers. We are currently calculating benchmarks in 8 countries and hope to expand the benchmark calculations to more countries in 2015. We are also working alongside corporate partners to explore practical implementation strategies to paying the Living Wage in both owned and supply chain factories and facilities. 


SAI has also recognized a shift in the staff culture as a response to the demand for our work. Because our small, dynamic team is managing projects that require swift deliverables, we were inspired to integrate design thinking into our physical space. By making our office more functional to allow spaces for collaboration and balancing with private spaces, we hope to cultivate a culture that will transform the way we address our challenges and create ever more collaborative solutions.


All of this marks our 18th anniversary as a year of change, a year of inspiration, and a year of innovation.


A View into SAI's Spring Advisory Board Meeting

TenSquared, Living Wage, and Working Hours


In order to ensure our work is informed by a diverse set of viewpoints, SAI's Advisory Board and committees include experts from trade unions, businesses and non-governmental organizations. They represent a broad range of international expertise in human rights, child and labor rights, socially responsible investing, auditing, and supply chain management. The full list of our Advisory Board members and their latest bios can be found here on our website.

SAI's AB during the Spring 2015 Advisory Board meeting at Tchibo in Hamburg, Germany
( Front row and then behind, left to right)  Rochelle Zaid - Executive Director, Social Accountability Accreditation Services;  Alice Tepper Marlin - President and Founder, Social Accountability International;  Federico Tani Translator , CGIL;  Vera Fenske - Vice President Sustainability, DEG;  Margaret Jungk - Founding Director of the Human Rights and Business Department, Danish Institute for Human Rights;  Rohini Barreto - Director of Strategic Programs, SAI;  Luna Lee - Human Rights Leader, Eileen Fisher;  Christian Ewert - Director General, The Foreign Trade Association;  Dominique Gangneux Proxy, Rainforest Alliance;  Rossella Ravagli - Head of Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility, Gucci;  Achim Lohrie - Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Tchibo GmbH;  Jane Hwang - Chief Operating Officer, SAI;  Alex Katz - Senior Manager Research & Stakeholder Relations, SAI;  Amy Hall - Advisory Board Chair & Director of Social Consciousness, Eileen Fisher;  Christie Daly - Senior Manager Corporate Programs, SAI;  Dundar Sahin - Director of AKUT Search and Rescue Association Badrinath Gulur - Technical Director, SAI;  David Zwiebel - National Child Labor Committee Laura Rubbo - Director of International Labor Standards, The Walt Disney Company;  Dorianne Beyer - General Counsel, National Child Labor Committee;  Sunil Bhaskaran - Vice President Corporate Services, Tata Steel Limited;  Ivano Corraini - Lead of the National Legal Office, CGIL;  Adam Greene Observer  Senior Advisor, International Labour Organization; Joe Iarocci - Founding Partner - Cairnway Center for Servant Leadership Excellence

On May 19-21, SAI's semi-annual Advisory Board meeting took place in Hamburg, Germany at Tchibo GmbH's offices led by Chair, Amy Hall, Head of Corporate Social Consciousness at Eileen Fisher. Agenda highlights include discussion of TenSquared progress and adaption for future countries, the Living Wage project future steps including benchmarking and implementation, and Working Hours. 

SAI's Advisory Board was joined by observers from organizations such as BSCI, the ILO, DEG, Harvard Business School and AKUT. More details on this meeting will be included in next month's newsletter. 

SAI thanks Tchibo for hosting the meeting at their offices and would like to highlight their excellent benefits for employees and families, including a swimming pool,ping pong, excellent food in their cafeteria and fabulous coffee.


For more information, contact Program Associate, Alicia Mara - amara@sa-intl.org  

Why We Dedicate Our Lives to Human Rights at Work
Program Associate, Alicia Mara, on Work with SAI

Alicia Mara Linkedin Starting from a very young age, my mother taught me through her words and actions to empathize and have strong compassion for others. Because of this, I've always been sensitive to the plight of those around me, and around the globe, and felt especially convinced about the idea of equality. 

This mindset led to a passion for human rights in college at the University at Buffalo where I pursued internationally focused majors and a minor. I served as the Vice President of my university's Amnesty International chapter and interned at a nonprofit that built water wells in Sierra Leone. I afterwards began my career in human rights by working extensively with the refugee community at numerous resettlement organizations such as the International Rescue Committee. These experiences solidified my passion for working at nonprofit organizations to address and solve human rights issues.

I was attracted to SAI by their goal of advancing "human rights at work" and  their work to eliminate human rights abuses from the global supply chain . By protecting the integrity of workers all around the world through systems of accountability and our socially responsible standard, SAI is a complex organization that works through complex supply chain issues to benefit business while securing basic human rights. In our ever globalized world, I enjoy working at SAI because of our mission and the importance of securing workers' rights around the globe in our fast fashion world. I love to learn, and working at SAI has helped me to gain deeper understanding of labor standards in the global supply chain as well as corporate social responsibility. I love to work where I feel like I am making a positive impact on someone's life, and that is why I have dedicated my life to human rights.


SA8000 Training Courses
Photographs from Courses in Cologne, Bangalore, and Dhaka

SA8000 Basic Course in Bangalore, India April 13-17
SA8000 Advanced Course in Cologne, Germany April 20-22
SA8000 Basic Course in Dhaka, Bangladesh April 12-16
For more information about SA8000 Training Courses visit our webpage here or email Training Coordinator Emily Crain at ECrain@sa-intl.org 

Highlights & Announcements
Living Wage Group Master Researcher Training 

May 11-17, SAI will participated in the Training of Master Researchers from around the globe that were brought together in Istanbul, Turkey to learn the Anker  Methodology  of Calculating Living Wage benchmarks. The training included representatives of  6 countries: Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, and Tanzania in addition to the Ankers themselves and representatives from the six partner standards organizations that form the Living Wage Group.  Look for more information on this effort in the June SAI newsletter.  
ISEAL Global Sustainability Standards Conference

The ISEAL A Roadmap to Change: 2015 Conference, took place May 20-22 in Berlin.  The event was co-hosted by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)  and included a  full Conference Day  with plenaries and breakout sessions, an  evening cocktail reception  and the  ISEAL Community Day  for members and subscribers. Find out more about this event here.

AIM-Progress Supplier Summit - Mars, Inc. 

Mike Lee, SAI Authorized Representative in China, spoke about the TenSquared program at the AIM-Progress supplier summit in Shanghai on May 15. Mars Inc., has joined the business constituency of the Advisory Board for AIM-Progress.