Dear Friends,

I’ve been reviewing follow-up surveys from our 2017 & 2018 HVO Wyss Scholarship recipients and it is exciting to read about the impact that the training opportunity has already had on their careers.

All of these scholarship recipients are professionals early in their careers so this training was targeted at a key point in life, to allow them to improve their skills and think about their career trajectory. They all spoke of how their leadership skills have improved, which has led to their taking on more responsibility at work and, in some cases, considering the pursuit of higher education opportunities. 

Improvements were noted in their clinical skills, but also in communication skills and in an increased awareness of their profession’s global role. These young professionals are the future of health care in their country and by offering them these opportunities, we are looking ahead to a stronger, more resilient health care system.

HVO’s mission has always focused on education and training, with the goal of building the capacity of health systems. As our organization has developed so, too, have our methods for providing education. Different people learn in different ways so, in addition to our core programs working with volunteers at project sites, we are now able to offer alternative learning opportunities. Whether it is providing support for research, on-going mentoring, or telemedicine consults, e-volunteering is possible at many sites. Other sites offer specific, time-limited assignments, which are longer in duration, to allow volunteers to work with their colleagues on the development of new systems and management of health protocols. There are also scholarships for colleagues at project sites (in addition to the Wyss Scholarship for Future Leaders in Global Health ) to receive short-term training or attend global conferences.

All of these opportunities are designed with the ultimate goal of building the capacity of health care at our partner institutions.  Numerous unknown global health challenges lie ahead but, together, we are building a strong, resilient health workforce to address them. 

Your support is greatly needed; please join us .


Nancy A. Kelly
Executive Director
2019 recipients of the HVO Wyss Scholarship, including Tshering Pem, Jimba Jatsho, Ines Musabyemariya, & Mubashir Jusabani.
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"It’s important to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live a happy, healthy life. Aside from it being the right thing to do, creating good global health benefits society globally."

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"Humility is the feeling that should make you pause and listen fully before contributing."

In his commentary on Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Global Health NOW, Anup Agarwal shares his experience in global health and how he realized that the most important skill for global health professionals is humility.
"Two decades ago, nearly 10 million children did not live to see a 5th birthday. By 2017, that number — about 1 in every 16 children — was nearly cut in half, even as the world’s population increased by more than a billion people. "

This significant reduction in childhood mortality is wonderful news that we should celebrate, but the work of the global heath community is far from complete as we continue to work toward a world where everyone, everywhere has access to high quality health care at every stage of life.

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