Dear Friends,

As summer starts to wane here in Washington, there is a crispness to the air and people are starting to bustle around a bit more. “Back to School” signs in all the stores generate a level of excitement and energy as everyone gears up for a return to the school calendar.

For me, it is also a reminder that education and the advancement of our knowledge and skills are life-long pursuits. 

At HVO, we have a lot of colleagues at our project sites who are eager for training, information, and skill development. With the development of technology, we now have multiple ways of conveying that information, whether it is an on-the-ground assignment or an e-volunteer opportunity (for those who have previously served at a specific site) to continue working with a project. Before the fall season kicks into gear, why not sign up for a volunteer assignment?

Another way to prepare for the fall is to start planning for your year-end giving. For those who are over 70 ½ years, and required to take an IRA distribution, those distributions are fully taxable in the US. However, if you ask your IRA plan provider to make a “qualified charitable distribution” for you, that amount is excluded from your federal tax income. The yearly maximum amount you can rollover is $100,000 as a “qualified charitable distribution.” Please consider an IRA rollover to HVO

Your support is greatly appreciated, and will be put to good use in providing education and training for our colleagues abroad .


Nancy A. Kelly
Executive Director
We shared our annual report last month, highlighting our accomplishments in 2018 & the volunteers, partners, and supporters who made it possible.

You can view the report online , or contact if you'd like a copy mailed!
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Director of McGill Global Health Programs Madhukar Pai offers ten ideas on how health care professionals from high-income countries can improve global health consulting and avoid major pitfalls that hinder advancement around the world.

"Global health seeks to solve big problems. We're bound to fail. Although failures can help us learn, we rarely seem to publish or discuss failed products and strategies in global health. This blog post aims to crowd source and compile a list of failures in global health..."

"After decades of effort by the global health community and governments, more women are giving birth in health facilities than ever, and maternal and newborn mortality have declined since 1990." But there is more work to do to address maternal mortality rates, even as more birth take place in health facilities.

Mom and Baby in Bhutan
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We have established the Rita Feinberg Fellowship for Long-Term Volunteers to enable HVO to meet requests from our partner institutions that require volunteers for focused, long-term (3-6 month) assignments at specific project sites.

The Feinberg Fellowship projects currently seeking applicants include:

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