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Here on the east coast of the US, March is always a transitional month. This sense of change is seen in the seasonal spring proverb, “March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb” (or vice versa). Perhaps that is why it is also a month of many days of action.

As I looked over the different issues this month, I was struck by the themes this year:

All of these causes are important and all, at the core, seem to have a message of, “Recognize me and acknowledge my needs and existence.” It struck me that this is why HVO has such a critical mission of working to provide quality health care for all. No matter who we are, or where we live, at our core we are all striving for the same goals in life – to provide a healthy, happy life for ourselves and our families and live in collegial, respectful communities.

I hope that, in this month as we move towards a new season, you will consider taking action to help transform lives for the better – through volunteering or donating to support our work in global health. Remember, the life you transform is often your own!

Nancy A. Kelly
Executive Director
A big thumbs-up for professional collaboration!
A big thumbs-up for professional collaboration! A volunteer at HVO's nursing education project in Vietnam with local staff in Hue.
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Warming temperatures are exposing more people to heat waves and increasing the risk of disease spread.

Street View
The Global Nursing Caucus sat down with HVO Warfield Scholar, Christine Ufashingabire, AD.A, BNH, MCC & TN. She is the Head of Anaesthesia Department and Lecturer at the School of Health Sciences, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Rwanda.

Christine Ufashingabire at AANA Congress 2018
According to The New York Times, Americans tend to underestimate the progress that has been made in the global health sector in recent years. However, many pressing needs remain, including the need to invest in health systems in resource-scarce countries.

Emergency Medicine in Bhutan
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