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Rev. Nettie with John of God in 2011
Special Invitation:

A Visit to
John of God
The Casa Dom Inacio

with Rev. Nettie M. Spiwack
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Visiting the Casa with Nettie
Some Basics

Nettie in Spirit Lights (unretouched photo) at the Casa in 2011
Nettie in Spirit Lights (unretouched) at the
Casa in 2011. Yes, it's real. Not visible to the naked eye, but captured on digital photo. I was returning from evening prayers. 
An Invitation to Friends of Spirit!

Have you thought about going to see the famed Brazilian healer John of God? Perhaps put it off for "another time?" Over the years, numerous people have expressed the desire to go with me to Brazil for this unique and deeply life-changing experience.

I will be returning to the Casa Dom Inacio (House of St. Ignatius, home of John of God's healing work) in late August - early September (dates and info are below). This is an IDEAL time to join me.

Why go now? A few things to consider. This is for you if:

* You want the energetic and spiritual support--as well as the physical healing--uniquely available at the Casa. And I mean unique. You know "I been a lotta places." This comes in a way and with an energy quality I have experienced in no other environment.

* You are a lightworker, or are responsible for working with large numbers of people. The Casa is a place for you to be restored, recharged, and prepared for greater works in your mission.This year of 2012 has brought unprecedented spiritual challenges and new energies to the planet. This accelerated rate will continue. The Casa is a spiritual hospital here on earth. You do not need to be physically ill to be drawn there or to gain enormous benefit by going.

* You know that John of God will not be coming to the USA this year. There is no certainty when or if he will be sent by his spiritual team here again.

* You realize...let's face it, John of God, like the rest of us, is not getting younger. He is about 70 years old and leads a superhuman schedule. He is human and in a body like the rest of us. Last year when I was there he was even hospitalized briefly. How long this opportunity will continue to be available should not be taken for granted.

My own experience in losing two of my spiritual preceptors in a two-year period has been to underscore that there is no someday; the moment is now.

* Oprah is about to do an hour-long special on her visit to the Casa. Once it airs on OWN (her network) within the next few weeks or so, space in the tiny town of Abadiania will again be at a premium, and airline availability as well.

If you have had visiting the Casa on your "spiritual bucket list", or if you simply feel called now; this is the year, and this is the time to take action.

You will have your own unique experience in this place where miracles abound. Just being in an environment where the miraculous is the ordinary is a transformative experience.

For those who have longed for evidence, for proof of the world beyond, it is there.

For those who need no evidence, but who long for a place where who you are in your deepest soul is recognized, it is Home.

Many receive miraculous healing of the most difficult (and even the not-so-difficult) on the physical level.

Many more receive healing on the emotional and spiritual planes. And in my own experience, no one goes away unchanged.

August 27th-September 8th 2012

Tour Guides: Bob Dinga & Diana Rose

Rev. Nettie leading music for Sunday service at the Casa, 2011
Rev. Nettie leading music for the interfaith and international Sunday service at the Casa, 2011

It is my great delight to be present with you at the Casa.

As many of you know, I am a Daughter of the Casa, which basically means that I have a strong soul connection to this group of helping spirits.

That is different than being an official Casa Guide. A guide is someone who has been specifically blessed and charged by the spirit Entities of the Casa to bring people to the Casa. We will be traveling with the trusted long-time official Casa guides (and dearly beloved angels-on-earth) Bob DInga and Diana Rose, with whom I have made 3 of my 4 previous visits.

Bob & Diana, Casa Guides
Bob and Diana have made over 60 trips to the Casa leading groups. They hold your hand through every single step of the process of getting to the Casa, staying in the town of Abadiania, being treated at the Casa (which is a Portuguese-speaking environment, and where there are many complex things to understand in terms of how the environment works) and re-integrating the experience.

I cannot speak highly enough of their trip management and the incredible love and service that pours forth from their presence.

I only recommend traveling to Abadiania with a group and with guides. There is so much to understand and absorb, and to take advantage of. A guide not only smooths the way, but being in their care allows you to completely let go of all the logistical concerns and just relax into your healing and expansion process. This is an invaluable contribution.

Those wishing to join me will be a subgroup within Bob & Diana's group. You will have as much community or as much privacy as you wish. Personally I have met the most amazing people in my travels with Bob and Diana; they attract wonderful souls!

What are the Basics to Know?
Outdoor dining at the pousada
John of God sees people on the Casa days, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The benificent and holy spirit Entities who work God's grace through him advise two weeks worth of treatment at the Casa. It is possible to join us for one week, but the two-week stay is highly preferable
. If you must limit your stay to one week, it has to be the first week (starting Aug 27th).

The days between Casa sessions are spent healing and relaxing, receiving Crystal bed treatments, visiting the sacred waterfall (one of my favorite places on earth), eating wonderful meals under palm trees; and allowing true restorative quiet time like you may not have had in years, if ever.

There are also opportunities for service, for plenty of socializing in the cafes, for music, for private and group devotions, and more.

We stay at the best pousada (B&B) in Abadiania.
The food is incredible and the hospitality impeccable.


Of course, I am happy to answer any questions you have -including: "oh, I want to go! but...can you help me sort through my considerations...."  about your trip to see John of God.

Please feel free to forward this to friends-the ones who, as so many of you have said to me: "Nettie, I'd love my friend/sister/relative to know about this and to go with you."

Again, if you're having any thoughts of coming, act on it now before the next Oprah segment airs soon on OWN! Abadiania is a small town, there are limited flights to Brazilia, and the last time Oprah ran a story, everyone felt it. This time she went herself, and from what I saw of what looks like closing footage, we will feel it even more.

It's 2012. What are you waiting for?  :-)

See more photos of phenomena of the healing power of Spirit made visible on my blog, HERE.

with love and blessings,

Rev. Nettie M. Spiwack
Sanctuary Center, LLC