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LGBT HHS Network Call
Thursday, March 3
10 am - 11 am


Join us for a presentation about HIV criminalization, how people with HIV are targeted for prosecution, and policy considerations to address the issue.
Upcoming Events and Opportunities
Seminar: Health & Well-Being of the Hidden Poor: How the Federal Poverty Level Overlooks Economically Insecure Older Californians
This seminar from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research will use the Elder Economic Security Standard Index to examine the health status of economically insecure older Californians, especially for the so-called "hidden poor" -- the estimated 750,000 California seniors who live in the income gap above the federal poverty level (FPL) and below what it actually takes to have a decent standard of living. 

Monday, February 29
noon - 1 pm
UCLA Center for Health  Policy Research
10960 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 1550
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Join the live-streaming webinar here:

Survey of Trans* Experiences of Discrimination in Health Care
Recognizing that a key to good health and quality of life is being treated as a valued member of society and provided competent, safe, and respectful healthcare services, this survey is designed to measure perceptions by trans people of discrimination they may encounter while using or trying to access healthcare services. Hearing directly from trans individuals about their perceptions of discrimination in these settings is an important part of improving the abilities of providers and institutions to offer competent, respectful, and empowering care.
This survey is being conducted by Angela Lieber, MSW, College of Social Work, Florida State University, and has received approval from the Florida State University Institutional Review Board. Taking this survey, which includes the Trans* Perceptions of Discrimination in Health Care (Trans*PDHC), should take approximately 15-20 minutes.

You can access the survey here:
Imperial Valley LGBT Resource Center Support Groups
The Imperial Valley LGBT Resource Center will be offering support groups for parents, family member and friends of loved ones who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. In some cases, a mix of emotions surface when one learns that someone they love comes out as LGBT. We are here to provide a safe place for those loved ones to come and share their experience and to support one another.
The groups start Wednesday, March 2 and will continue every other Wednesday.
Health Policy Legislative Scorecard
Health Access released its 2015 Legislative Scorecard
which evaluates and scores California legislators' voting record on critical health care policies. The scorecard rates legislators based on how they voted on key health care consumer issues during the last legislative session.

The scorecard examines the five key pieces of legislation sponsored by Health Access during the 2015 legislative session. These bills aimed to prevent unfair out-of-pocket costs and to expand coverage to Californians regardless of immigration status. The scorecard also examines key tobacco control bills as well as two measures to provide better oversight of health insurers. The bills scored reflect the most high-profile debates in the state legislature with the most direct impact to health care consumers.
Survey of XXY and XXY-Variant Community Members
This survey is a project of the BEYOND XXY organization. All your responses will be anonymous and nothing you indicate here will be identified with you in any way. It is their intention to use the findings from these surveys to inform the scientific and medical communities, and the community of those with XXY condition or variants like it. They hope such members and their families will thus be enhanced with information not otherwise available.

Access the survey here:
Upcoming Network Meetings:
Network calls are scheduled for the first Thursday of every month, from
10:00 -  11:00 am
April 7, 2016
May 5, 2016
June 2, 2016
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Kate Burch, Network Director
510-873-8787 x106
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