Network News
December 2021
Welcome to Future Ready Collier's (FRC) Network News! FRC is a collective impact network mobilized around early development, school success, and college & career success. We meet regularly to maximize resources, share best practices, and collaborate to support all students in Collier County, Southwest Florida. This newsletter shares themes, milestones, and events, and we welcome your involvement!
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Across the Network...
What is a Goal Group?
FRC brings together organizations and individuals who are working on similar goals. These are our Goal Groups:

  1. Early Development: Ensure all children are Kindergarten ready.
  2. School Success: Ensure all youth are provided support during their elementary and middle school years.
  3. College & Career Success: Ensure all young people are career ready by graduating high school on track to obtain a degree or credential.

In November, our Goal Groups met in person after almost 2 years of virtual meetings! Conversations and catching up continued well beyond the meeting times. We had guided discussion and broke out into Priority Teams on details. Priority Teams currently include:

Early Learning Quality & Access // Family Educational Resources & Supports // Literacy Supports // Developmental Screenings // Kindergarten Transitions // Family & Student Support // Out of School Activities // College Access // Work-Based Learning Experiences // Family Cohort Support Program

Goal Groups are led by Co-Chairs representing different organizations.
Priority Teams have lead conveners to keep the projects moving.
Meetings are held quarterly, or as needed.

Save the Dates: The next Goal Group meetings will be held February 10-11, 2022.
Wishing you a lovely holiday. See you in the New Year!
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