Career Navigator Newsletter Issue 5 - Week of April 27, 2020
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The best advice for getting a new job - Learn to Network!

Networking remains the best way to succeed in your career. It uncovers the "hidden" job market; which means where you can find jobs that are not posted. There are many tools you can use to make networking easier and more effective. Two that are really useful are the Elevator Pitch and P.A.R. Statement.

Elevator Pitch - The Elevator Pitch is a brief spiel (20-30 seconds) about yourself that includes the most important, impressive and memorable aspects of your academic and work experience. It is very useful if you find the need to give a summary of yourself with limited time. Often networking situations like job fairs or networking events will only give you a few minutes to chat with someone who could help you professionally. If you have worked on your elevator pitch, practiced and prepared it in advance you'll be sure that it covers all the major selling points about yourself in the few precious minutes you have.

P.A.R. Statement - P.A.R. is an acronym for Problem - Action - Result. P.A.R. statements are also called accomplishment statements are short, precise 1-2 line statements that makes someone want to learn more about you. The P.A.R. statement describes the problem you faced, the action you took and the result of your action. A good P.A.R. statement will display in a positive light your skills and abilities. To develop a P.A.R. statement think of the work you are most skilled at or proud of, any special tasks or projects you worked on, and any awards or recognitions you may have won. Use these accomplishments as a basis for developing a P.A.R. Statement. Then identify key results from each action you took.

Remember in this time of social distancing, you have a wonderful opportunity to work on your elevator pitch and P.A.R. Statement. Then put them on sticky notes somewhere you will see them often, and practice everyday to make them conversational and not robotic. For informative articles about how to write an elevator pitch and P.A.R. statement, visit our FaceBook Group

Stay Motivated & Good luck!

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