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We are always excited to bring you updates on what is happening here at Shugoll Research, as well as trends we are seeing and reading about in our industry. We are sharing several great articles this month, including our feature article about how neuroscience is playing a bigger role in marketing by using brain imaging to measure responses to stimuli, and using that data as a tool to predict consumer behavior.
I recently had the privilege of being featured on the podcast Through the Noise , where I discussed my 30+ years of experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research and how the work we do at Shugoll Research helps to shape the strategic planning and marketing communications of corporations, not-for-profit organizations, trade and professional associations and government agencies. I have shared a link to listen to the full podcast below.

As always, please  contact me  if you have any questions about the services we offer at Shugoll Research.

~ Merrill Shugoll
Neuromarketing: The Intersection of Consumer Behavior and Brain Science
Science and marketing have always made good partners. Today, as technology etches itself ever deeper into our lives, this union is at a watershed. Neuromarketing has brought us to the point where science and marketing are virtually indistinguishable.

In today's always-online culture, we give up our personal information without a thought. Virtually no one looks at app permissions or reads a single line of the terms and conditions. Meanwhile, every screen tap, every "like," every swipe, and every page view is silently logged in massive servers somewhere. Neuromarketers today seem to have it a lot easier than the behavioral scientists of yesteryear.
Noteworthy News
How an Organization's Sense of Purpose Can Set it Apart

One of the major trends we are seeing in marketing today is the idea of the purpose-driven economy. Consumers are looking for products and services with which they can identify. When your organization has a strong sense of purpose and shared values, it will thrive. Here are some steps to take to set your organization apart.
Are Your Research Methods Really Engaging Customers?

Today, companies must work actively to re-engage customers in the survey process by restoring the balance between what customers want and what companies need. Engaged customers are happier customers, and engaged customers provide better information. Learn more in this article from Quirk's Media .
Adopt a Growth Mindset and Watch Your Business Flourish

A growth mindset is the belief that a person's abilities and intelligence can be developed over time. The possibilities that open up to a business leader when they adopt a growth mindset are phenomenal. Here are seven qualities a leader should adopt when approaching their business with a growth mindset.
Merrill Shugoll Appears on Through the Noise  
Merrill recently had the honor of appearing on the podcast Through the Noise, a light and entertaining podcast that explores “the business of communicating” through conversations with professionals who deal with the management – technical or creative – process of communications.
Focus Group Facilities and Amenities
The right environment is crucial to your success and Shugoll Research ensures it through the quality of our spectacular client suites. From our comfortable environment to  state-of-the-art technologies , it’s no wonder we’re ranked among the finest facilities in the industry. We also attend to details such as:

  • Providing your very own qualitative assistant to act as your go-to person, whatever your needs
  • Offering business center services
  • Providing equipment rental
  • Delivering convenient parking and mass-transit access
  • Providing state-of-the-art technology with full redundancy
Washington Focus Room - Bethesda, MD Facility
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