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Neurotic Parent "Prep Talk," 3/6

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"Prep Talk" with CollegePrepExpress, Tuesday, 3/6, 5:30PM ET:"Neurotic Parents' Guide to the College Admissions Game"
J.D. Rothman and her new book, The Neurotic Parent's Guide
You'll cry. You'll laugh. You'll learn some valuable information. 

Admissions rates of 6%? Kids applying to 32 colleges? 16-year-olds with more impressive r�sum�s than Fortune 500 CEOs? Has the nation lost its mind? Why yes, it has! 


Join Dr. Yo with special guest, author J.D. Rothman, as they discuss her fabulous new book and all the frustrations, rewards, insights, and humor that come with helping your kids navigate the turbulent waters in the college admissions game.


Tune in LIVE on Tuesday, 3/6, 5:30-6:00PM ET, or listen to the show or any of CPE's past "Prep Talks" from the archive or on itunesPrep Talk on iTunes

6-Session ACT Class Starts March 7 

ACT Class Brochure

Are you or is someone you know taking the April or June ACT? Enroll today or refer a friend to earn a $50 instant referral fee
Class-live & online
SMALL Classes = BIG Results






Take CollegePrepExpress's highly effective ACT Prep class with Dr. Yo to prepare for the April (or June) ACT. In-person (in West Hartford, CT) or online. Registration is underway, and space is limited! Dr. Yo's test prep course is a kick in the class!


Dates: 3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28, 4/4, & 4/11, 7:00-9:00PM ET

Enroll online, email Info@CollegePrepExpress.com, or call 860-519-1000 for more information.
Prep Talk on iTunes
"Prep Talk" on iTunes
Also, in case you missed it, check out our "Prep Talk" show, "Prepping and Cramming for the ACT"
Get Smarter This Summer: Week-long Classes at CPESummer School Is Cool

Don't go soft this summer! Give us a week-we'll push you ahead!


Are you on the fence between a standard and honors/AP class for next fall? Do you want to complete your whole CommonApp in a week? Do you want to get a handle on test anxiety or improve your academic skills? These classes are for YOU!

  • Fill in gaps from classes you're taking this year, or preview major topics in challenging classes you'll be taking next year 
  • Get ahead in the college-admissions game
  • Learn how to manage test stress and academic anxiety
  • Improve all your study skills 
Class-live & online

CollegePrepExpress is pleased to announce a new series of fun and focused, week-long summer classes in West Hartford and online to make you smarter and your summertime more productive. Our Mon-Fri classes, 3 hr/day, will help students in grades 8-12 achieve a range of academic goals. Each class costs $799; receive a 10% discount for registering by April 1, as well as for taking more than one class. Indicate your interest in one or more classes (no commitment) by completing this form


Review or Preview Academic Classes & Skills

  • Transition Math, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Precalculus
  • (AP) US History, (AP) European History, (AP) US Government, (AP) World History. 
  • Writing Across the Curriculum, Creative Writing, Summer Reading and Writing
  • Study Skills: Note-taking, Test-Studying, Paper-Writing, Outlining, Researching, Active Reading, Multi-media Projects and Class Presentations, and Building Historical Frameworks
  • View all class descriptions  

CommonApp Boot Camp: Get It Done!


Mindfulness-Based Test-Anxiety Reduction


Standardized Test Prep

  • PSAT, SAT, and ACT Prep
  • SSAT Prep
Instructors include Dr. Yo, Ph.D.; Alisha Cipriano, M.A.; and Hilory Wagner, author/communications professional.
                          Dr.Yo 1-20-12 Alisha Cipriano    Hilory Wagner
Take ONE WEEK to work on your grades instead of your tan!


High school students, particularly juniors, face the stress of getting good grades, taking a battery of standardized tests, succeeding in extracurriculars, and trying to choose the right college. Informed, involved parents can help ease that stress. Join us for a valuable overview of what parents need to know; organizing their child's college admissions calendar; the most important admissions criteria; which tests to take and when; reducing test anxiety; college visits, applications and recommendations; the early decision options; and more! Join Dr. Yo at this 90-min talk sponsored by West Hartford's LifeLearn: Adult Continuing and Summer Education.
Thursday, 3/8, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM, King Philip MS, Rm 213 
A big SHOUT OUT to all CollegePrepExpress's generous benefactors, who sponsored Dr. Yo in this year's Jocelyn's Run "Give-It-a-Tri" Triathlon to help kids and families with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Due to your generous support, CPE was the #1 donor at the event this year, earning that honor two out of the last three years.  If you'd still like to support this worthy cause, please click here.

BEST Deal in Standardized Test Prep! SAT/PSAT and ACT Prep Packs only $5.99 each! 


SAT/PSAT Prep Pack 2012 SAT/PSAT PrepPack

  • 15-slide SAT Overview of strategies and material for all three sections (Critical Reading, Math, & Writing)
  • Best SAT Strategies: 3 pages that tell you how to conquer each of the 3 sections
  • 10 Essential Grammar Rules to master the Writing Section
  • Comprehensive Math Compilation (11 pages of formulas and math facts you need to know to get an 800)
  • Tips for Good Writing: Writing tricks to impress examiners with your composition skills and earn you a 12
  • Bi-Weekly Daily SAT TO-Do Checklist

ACT Prep Pack 2012ACTPrepPack

  • 15-slide ACT Overview of strategies and material for 5 tests
  • Best ACT Strategies: 3 pages that tell you how to conquer each of the five tests
  • 10 Essential Grammar Rules to master the English Test
  • Comprehensive Math Compilation: 11 pages of formulas and math facts you need to know to get a 36
  • Tips for Good Writing: Writing tricks to impress examiners with your composition skills and earn you a 12
  • Bi-Weekly Daily ACT TO-Do Checklist

Each set includes SIX power-packed pdf files 

delivered to your inbox for only $5.99

Michael J. Youmans, Ph.D. 
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