Thanks for a great virtual walk on Sunday!
Screen Time and Your Eyes: How the pandemic may be affecting your child's vision.
Dear Walkers,

Thank you to those of you who joined us live for our May 2021 virtual Walk with a Doc!

For the May 2021 walk, we welcomed Dr. Jennifer Burke who gave a brief, family-friendly talk on Screen Time and Your Eyes: How the pandemic may be affecting your child's vision and then took parent questions live. 

AAP Parenting Resources
The American Academy of Pediatrics offers parents up-to-date parenting information on a wide range of pediatric topics. Here are a few on-point with our talk this month.

Follow these links to learn more (all links are available in English and Spanish by pressing the link at the very top of each page to change language).
Give Your Child's Eyes a Screen-Time Break: Here's Why

​​​​​​​​Children spend more time than ever staring at digital screens-on computers, tablets, TVs, smartphones, and other devices. All that screen time can take a toll on children's wellbeing, including how their eyes may feel. ​ Research shows...

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Warning Signs of Vision Problems in Infants & Children

​Eye exams by your child's doctor are an important way to identify problems with your child's vision. Problems that are found early have a better chance of being treated successfully. Babies older than 3 months should be able to follow or track...

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Melatonin and Children's Sleep

By: Anna Esparham, MD, FAAP, DABMA, DABOIM Trouble falling and staying asleep affects 15% to 25% of children and adolescents. Not getting enough sleep often leads to some pretty difficult behaviors and health problems-crankiness, trouble paying...

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Health Screenings at School

In most schools, children in the middle years are routinely screened for a number of common physical conditions. Hearing and vision tests are two of the most frequent evaluations, important be­cause difficulties with these senses are often...

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Myopia (Nearsightedness) in Children

By:  Sylvia H. Yoo, MD, FAAO, FAAP Myopia, or nearsighted- ness, is a common vision problem that often begins between the ages of 6 and 14. It affects up to 5% of preschoolers, about 9% of school aged children, and nearly 30% of adolescents....

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Why to Limit Your Child's Media Use

​​Today's children and teens are growing up immersed in digital media. They are exposed to media in all forms, including TV, computers, smartphones, and other screens. Because media can influence how children and teens feel, learn, think, and...

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When it is safe to do so, we will resume our in-person walks in Las Vegas and Reno.

In the meantime:
  • Keep walking every day
  • Wear sunscreen
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  • Keep 6 feet from other people
  • For everyone 2 years and older, wear a mask when you can't socially distance

We hope to "see" you at our future virtual walks. We will send registration details and a flyer soon.