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April 2019

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Along with all the other legislation we are tracking, the Assembly Judiciary Committee has introduced AB 421 which proposes to reverse the positive changes made to Nevada's Construction Defect Law in 2015.  In the last four years we have seen fewer frivolous law suits, home defects actually getting repaired and more carriers and options for general liability insurance. The reforms implemented in 2015 are having a positive impact on current and future homeowners during the current housing crunch and are helping our industry supply housing diversity to meet market demands.  Look for a call to action when the hearing is scheduled...

March New Members
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All Out Gutter (Fernley), Bowlin Built (Sparks), Calculated Industries (Carson City),  CCK Services (Las Vegas), Eastern Sierra Framing LLC (Gardnerville), Hutch Development Corp (Wellington) Longs Crating & Logistics Inc. (Las Vegas), Mountain Valley Roofing LLC (Yerington), Signature Landscapes (Reno), and  T&T Lawns Plus (Sparks)
Workforce Development Update: CORE is here!
We have been working with TMCC and CSN to develop the CORE Construction Entry Program. This is a 4-week course utilizing the NCCER CORE Curriculum. Completers will receive their NCCER Core Certification and OSHA-10; participants will receive instruction and hands-on training in safety, construction math, hand & power tools, blueprint reading and more. If you have new hires or incumbent workers who would benefit from this training, or would be interested in hiring completers of the program, please let us know! Click here to view class flyers.
Did you know that Nevada is expected to have 630,000 open jobs by 2024 with close to 100,000 in the construction industry alone?
HELP Nevada Builders support  Career Bound NV 
Career Bound NV

in its efforts to create a workforce development solution that helps schools and businesses connect students to career opportunities in our community and region! By supporting this unique effort, you will help Career Bound NV to qualify for an additional $100,000 in grant funding from the Gannett Corporation's Community Thrives Grant.
Click here for more information on the Career Bound NV initiative and why it matters. To join Nevada Builders Alliance in supporting this innovative program, click here to  Donate. Deadline is midnight on Friday, April 12!
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Solutions at Work
An innovative HR Consulting firm providing the edge employers are looking for.  Our mission is simple - support our clients so they can focus on building their businesses. We do this by providing best in class HR compliance, technology and workplace solutions.  Whether you are interested in reducing compliance risk, payroll, accessing HR expertise, or reallocating your internal focus - our dedicated professionals are ready when you are.  Contact us at 775-828-7420 or
Safety Corner           
Pro Group
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Caution High Winds
High Winds Safety

High Winds can become a major safety concern for construction workers in many ways. We all know how powerful winds can affect our neighborhoods by blowing trash cans and various materials all around and in some cases causing damage to vehicles, homes and businesses.
Now look at the construction site. We have materials that are staged in temporary positions such as wood and light metals, to name a few, that may be unsecured from being blown around and possibly striking surrounding property or workers on the site. If you have ever seen sheets of plywood becoming airborne and flying at high speed as if they were playing cards being flung into the air and scattered about, you would understand why it is important to secure all materials that can be blown away. Not only is it a job in itself to recover scattered materials but it is a situation asking for trouble if not addressed before the winds cause damage and unsafe conditions.
What about scaffolding? Many scaffolding accidents occur due to wind load lifting from underneath the scaffold paltforms and tipping over the whole system sometimes injuring workers or damaging neaby buildings and vehicles.
And last, hoisting materials and working at height. An assessment of the job tasks for the day should be reconsidered if high winds are present or expected
. Jobs that involve hoisting of materials or having workers working on elevated surfaces should be controlled or eliminated to prevent tip over of equipment, failure to hoist safely, or worker falls to lower levels.
These are just a few topics of concern when dealing with high winds. There is so much more to consider. If high winds are occurring or are expected at your worksite, you should be asking yourself, is it safe to proceed with the work we have planned today?  
For more information on High Wind Safety, or other construction industry safety questions or concerns, please contact PGM Safety Services, an affilia
Safety Services
te company of Pro Group Management, and we will be happy to assist when you visit us at or call (800) 859-3177.

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