Nevada Builders Blueprint July 2020
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The economic shutdown as a result of COVID has created an approximate $1.2 billion budget shortfall for the state of Nevada. This has legislators flocking to Carson City in July for the impending Special Session. The Governor hasn't formally announced the menu of items to be addressed but we here it's going to be complicated. Keep your masks on and watch our social media for updates...
June New Members
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ACR Mechanical Inc. (Las Vegas), All Framing & Drywall LLC (Las Vegas), Battle Born Steel LLC. (Las Vegas), Brandmark Landscape (Las Vegas), Carson Insulation (Carson City), Ceballos Enterprises (Minden), Custom Craft Builders (Gardnerville), Dclare Insurance Services LLC (Carson City), Park Pro Playgrounds (North Las Vegas), Pokrajac Corporation (Mound House), Steele & Associates LLC (Carson City), Steve's Collision Center (Sparks), Treeline Woodworks (Incline Village) and Northewest Builders Inc. (Reno).
Safety Corner
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Heat Illness Prevention
As the weather begins to shift into warmer temperatures, it is time again to dial in your Heat Illness Prevention Program. Even construction workers that feel they are used to working in hot temperatures should be monitored periodically throughout the day for symptoms of heat illness. And did you know that employers are required to provide water rest and shade to workers who work in extreme heat? Unfortunately, dozens of workers die each year and many more become ill while working in extreme heat or humid conditions. Your written workplace safety program should address heat related exposures and explain how your company protects workers from heat illness and how they will respond in a heat related emergency. Remember, if workers are not trained to respond to a co-worker showing symptoms of heat illness, the chances of survival are greatly reduced. When workers are trained about Heat Illness Prevention, they will not only help watch each other for symptoms but they can also monitor their own exposure. For anyone who has ever experienced heat exhaustion, it is the precursor for a very serious heat related illness called heat stroke which can be fatal. It is a horrible condition that can render you helpless and unable to move. When heat exhaustion hits, you may not be able to remove yourself from the heat, at which point a co-worker would hopefully recognize the symptoms and realize that this is an emergency situation.
In a heat related emergency, employers should consider the following responses.
1.      Take the affected worker to a cooler area where there is shade or air conditioning.
2.      Cool the worker immediately. Use active cooling techniques such as immersing the worker in cold water or an ice bath. Create an ice bath by placing any available ice into a large container with water. This is the best method to cool workers rapidly in an emergency. Remove outer layers of clothing, especially heavy protective clothing. Place ice or cold wet towels on the head, neck, trunk, armpits, and groin. Use fans to circulate air around the worker.
3.      Never leave a worker with heat-related illness alone. The illness can rapidly become worse. Stay with the worker.
4.      Call 911
For assistance in developing a Heat Illness Prevention Program, or for other construction industry safety questions and concerns, please contact PGM Safety Services, an affiliate company of Pro Group Management. We stand ready and eager to assist. Visit us at or call (800) 859-3177.
Association Health Plans
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2020 Association Health Plans-
Did you know you can enroll in our Association Health Plans anytime through-out the year? If your group is currently with another carrier, you can work with your existing broker to get NEW NBA Association Health Plans through Prominence Health!
New Cigna National Network!
Out-of-State Network UPDATE! All members enrolling in PPO type Association Health Plans (POS 3000 and PPO 2500) can NOW utilize Prominence Health Plans - Cigna National Network for providers and hospitals OUTSIDE of Nevada, click  here
All groups must be active members of Nevada Builders Alliance at the time of their enrollment into the Association Health Plans. For membership details, click  here

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