Nevada Builders Blueprint December 2022
From the Board President
Happy Holidays! 2022 was another unprecedented year in the construction industry. As the year winds down please take time to reflect on the many accomplishments from the past year and celebrate with family and friends. Thank you to all that attend our Capitol Tree Lighting event at the Bank Saloon and thank you to Prominence Health for sponsoring the event. Looking forward to another productive year in 2023!
November New Members
Welcome and Thank you!
A.M Steel LLC (Las Vegas), Alignment Metalworks (Reno), CommNV LLC (Sparks), Czyz's Appliance Inc. (Reno), DJD LLC (Reno), DLP Construction & Painting, Inc. (Reno), Gillard Construction, Inc. (Henderson), Ladder Truck and Toolbox (Las Vegas), Gradex Construction (Reno), Iron Dog Metals, LLC (Minden), Masterfield Construction (Sparks), MBA Construction LLC (Reno), McEneaney Construction Inc. (Reno), Pool Masters LLC (Las Vegas), Temple Curtis Industries (Wellington), and Trident Development (Las Vegas).
Safety Corner
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Working in Hazardous Weather Conditions
As construction work continues into the winter season, we see the weather shift to colder temperatures and more hazardous conditions for our workers. Make sure to start those conversations with your team on how to manage the risks of working outdoors and traveling on roads that have become much more dangerous.
Talk to your team about working outside in the cold. In these conditions, workers should dress properly to stay warm throughout their shift. They should also be trained in self-monitoring and the monitoring of other coworkers for symptoms of cold stress. If a worker is suffering from cold stress, workers should be trained in cold stress related first aid and how to call for additional medical assistance.
Common Types of Cold Stress include Hyperthermia, Frostbite and Trench Foot or Immersion Foot. If exposure to cold, wet, and windy conditions is not managed, these conditions can lead to hospitalization, amputation or even death.
On the roads, make sure to get vehicles ready for winter road conditions. Slippery and Icy Roads will now be a concern, and workers will have to plan for more hazardous situations. Be prepared to survive in your vehicle, if necessary, when facing extreme conditions and always have a way to call for help.
Working and traveling in hazardous weather conditions can be very dangerous. We want to help see you through the danger. For more information on Working in Hazardous Weather Conditions, or other construction safety questions or concerns, please contact PGM Safety Services, an affiliate company of Pro Group Management. We will be happy to assist when you visit us at or call (800) 859-3177.
Association Health Plans
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Health Insurance + No Cost COBRA Administration!
Prominence has partnered with Cobra Control Services, LLC (CCS) to provide your company with a comprehensive COBRA administration solution at no cost to you!

Prominence will cover the costs for employee and dependent notifications that require COBRA Qualifying Event Notices. The process to contract is quick and easy and the integrated approach to seamlessly move employee and dependent terminations data from Prominence to
CCS means it will take only minutes to confirm COBRA termination qualifications. Groups must first contract with CCS to receive the COBRA administration service through their Prominence arrangement.

Learn more about the Prominence + CCS partnership here >

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Contact Prominence at 855-787-0747 or email
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