From photographer Christoffer Relander's experimental series, 
Jarred & Displaced
. This one is "Old Tjikko."
Earlier this week, the lights of a small tree were turned on as locals gathered for a yearly ritual. The tree had been the only one left standing at a lo cal nursery ravaged by the worst fire in Californian history and this lent the ceremony a defiant message of hope and survival.

Meanwhile, in our community, we've welcomed people from Paradise in search of a place to rest or a new home. The response of our local non-profits and our creative community has been particularly warming. 

From Poet Laureate Molly Fisk's visceral poem - Particulate Matter - snapped up by Rattle in late November, to b enefit jams,  live auctions, school collections, and  holiday sing-alongs. All these have sprung up in support of a neighboring community which is just over an hour from our own mountain home. 

We know it could happen to us. In mid-December the Washington Post's piece, Living under a time bomb, singled out our community as one of many in California designated for extreme wildfire danger. Earlier this month I attended a California Arts Council convening of arts leaders - among whom were those from Mendocino, Santa Cruz, Butte, Sonoma and others - who have experience in, or are fast working towards, tailored emergency preparedness and response programs for their arts communities. 

We'd like to do the same here and we invite you to join us at the very beginning of an important journey. If you want to be part of a team forging a collaborative program of research, shared resources, communication and service, please be in touch. There's a growing movement in California in recognition of the "Artist as Second Responder" and, though the creative spirit responds spontaneously, we can resolve to  prepare our arts community in helpful ways. Send us an email if you are interested. Tell us of your experience or area of interest in this work - and we'll be in touch.

In our December newsletter we count our bles sings. We offer a reminder  of the resources available to our arts community as members, and about our Call to Artists page at We highlight the multi-inter-disciplinary talent of Dalrymple MacAlpin as our   Artist of Nevada County  this month,  and we  look ahead to  a small score of upcoming events  for New Year's Eve and beyond which we hope will provide meaning for your holiday and New Year planning.

Our  Editor's Choice  this month encourages you to join Truckee residents for a new form of serious fun,  and  we invite you to lean in with your own nomination of Nevada County's next Poet Laureate. You'll be hearing more from us about this shortly!

Finally, if you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift - then look no further. It's all in the name of creativity and in support of our celebrated program, Belonging.

Warmest wishes to you and yours during this season of giving.

Eliza Tudor
Executive Director 

Artist and Curator, Michael Llewellyn, his producer Heather Llewellyn, Jeff Brown and Fearthen Felix, Directors at UC Berkely's Sagehen Creek Field Station, Bill Fox, Director, Center for Art + Environment at Nevada Museum of Art, and Eliza Tudor, Executive Director at Nevada County Arts Council, invite you to join FORESTFIRE.
FestivalsFESTIVALS... Planning ahead

Two important festivals in January are looming, and they are all ours - Wild & Scenic Film Festival on January 17-21 -  the largest film festival of its kind showcasing the best and brightest in environmental and adventure films - and  the Nugget Theatre Fringe Festival, January 17-27 - Scott Ewing's unapologetically un-curated collection of eclectic theatre, dance, music, comedy and spoken word. 

More about this in our January newsletter but, for now, here are three  important dates, sponsored by Nevada County Arts Council, in partnership with Wild & Scenic Film Festival:

January 19 at 10.30am
Forest⇌Fire | A Wild & Scenic Film Festival Workshop - Click here

January 20 at 3.30pm
I AM HERE | A Wild & Scenic Film Festival Fireside Chat - Click  here

Funded in part by California Arts Council, Belonging recognizes t hat artists are integral to healthy communities and that the arts are a societal cornerstone that bring people together, build community, and foster social progress. Learn more here.

Join us for seriously fun Paint n Sip Funraisers  in January, February and March - all at  Summer Thymes in Grass Valley.

Create your own masterpiece to take home, while helping us raise much needed funds for our celebrated Belonging Program. At just $50 each with all materials supplied, they are a steal.

Sunday, January 6 at 3-5pm
Paint your own Gaugin with artist Denise Wey  - more information here.

Sunday, February 10 at 3-5pm
Paint your Spirit Animal with artist Jude Bischoff - more information here.

Sunday, March 17 at 3-5pm
Create a whimsical oil pastel and mixed media masterpiece with artist Liz Collins

dalArtists of Nevada County  Dalrymple MacAlpin

Tell us about your art form, or how you best describe your art?
It lies somewhere betwixt the muses of music, theater, puppetry, poetry and storytelling. There I am haunted by the ambiguous effigies of my ancestors. What makes each art form fascinating to me is being able to express them simultaneously in a complete work. 
At what age did you discover your passion for the arts? 
My first love was music. As a very young boy I made up songs and unexpected sounds to go with them. I recall using the rubber bottom of my Dad's slippers to make a sort of scratchy hip hop beat. At age 12 I began taking classical guitar lessons and from that moment on I became completely devoted to music. My first record came out when I was seventeen and I have been pursuing the lost chord ever since. 
What is your creative process?
I do not force the creative spark, nor that illuminating moment of ah ha! The supreme moment, referred to as kairos by the Greeks, comes when I sit at the piano, the harp, the guitar, the blank page or the wood carvers chisel and simply create. I do not pay attention to what key I am in, or if anything I write makes sense, or if anything I carve looks pleasing. As Horace says in the Ars Poetica, "The best poem is the one which conceals the effort of creation." I agree that creating a work of art takes a tremendous amount of effort, yet my experience has always been as if I am receiving the insights from the phenomenal, liminal and otherworldly realm, which exists just on the periphery of my consciousness. 

Dalrymple's new album,  Make Believe,  reflects three years of classical music theory and analysis, history, ear training, piano, vocal, and composition studies.
What is the art project or piece you are most proud of?  
Not hard to answer. I just finished writing, composing and recording the archetypal fairy tale cantata, Make Believe. This took three years to complete, is eighty minutes in length and incorporates thirty-five musicians with a medieval and a children's choir.  It marks the first work, which I am releasing under my own name, Dalrymple MacAlpin. After recording six albums with my past ensemble Lasher Keen, I felt I could go no further and I wanted to hone my knowledge of orchestration and composition, moving into more of a classical esthetic. That said, I feel Make Believe is just scratching the surface of what I intend to explore.
You have a play opening soon. How do you marry the several disciplines that you work with - are you fairly structured between them in terms of the attention you give each?
I find it is when wring a play I can weave each of my artistic disciplines effortlessly into a cohesive whole. With my current play Make Believe, a tale is being told with music, poetry, acting, dance and bardic storytelling. The total universal artwork referred to as Gesamtkunstwerk in Germany. A poem begins the story and a song picks it up from there, then players act out a scene which turns into a dance and rounds itself off with a storyteller narrating what is to come next. Within the theater I have found the alluring realm of fantasy to be most compatible with presenting my visions to an audience. I have in a sense, come home. 
What do you love best about our arts community in our county?
The support I have garnered from this community is astounding. I have never felt so appreciated and respected as an artist as I do within this county. Mikail Graham, Paul Emery and Sara Zahn are three who immediately come to mind as championing my work and whom have successfully produced and promoted my shows and plays. The amazing array of talent here is also very inspiring. Getting to work with opera singer and basso Profundo oktavist, John Ames, has been an honor, Poly rhythm virtuoso James Word, amazing musicians Lisa Stine, Cathy Collings, Randy and Callum McKean, Chris Streng, Jhon Renoir, The list could go on for far longer than you have room for I'm afraid.  I am truly thankful to be a part of this thriving artistic community. 
Name two Nevada County artists whose work you admire, and why.

... In the days of Lasher Keen, with whom he recorded six albums ...
Tynowyn Woolman was the first one to come to mind when asked this question. She has been tirelessly working in the community since the 1970's, I have been collaborating with her for years in various settings. She is a composer, musician, actress, dancer, seamstress, weaver, painter, puppeteer, you name it, a true renaissance woman. Tynowyn does not advertise, you won't find her on facebook, social media, websites etc. She simply does her art and pays no attention to the technological demands of this age. I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for her.  
Benjamin A, Vierling is another Nevada County artist whose work I not only admire, but firmly believe is imbued with such potent magic, even the most skeptical naysayer would see one of his paintings and not help but notice they are actually more than paintings, they are true works of art and have life of their own. What I mean to express here is that his paintings are alive. When given a tour of his studio I was witness to this marvel and have remained in awe ever since. I am honored to have his work featured on the cover of the Make Believe record. 
What is your current or next art venture?
Make Believe is my next artistic venture. The record I mentioned above in this interview is the soundtrack for the Make Believe play; an archetypal musical fairy tale for the young and young at heart. It incorporates a live nine-piece chamber ensemble, fifteen actors and live cinema projections. A veritable tapestry of sights and sounds studying the dual nature of darkness and light, we witness six girls make their way from a drab dilapidated orphanage into the otherworld, with the help of their mystical guardians. It will premiere at the Nevada Theater January 25th-Febuary 3rd 2019. My wish with Make Believe is to remind the audience, magic not only exists, it also contains an inescapable soul, which has in fact never left us.

After Make Believe I will be debuting my first marionette opera, based on an original back-story of how Rumpelstilzchen acquired his ability to spin straw into gold. This is a project I have slowly been working on for years and am very excited to unleash. 

Find our more about Dalrymple here

Connect with Dalrymple MacAlpin here

NewYearsPlanning for New Year's Eve?

Here are a few ideas worth planning for:

The Miners Foundry and Paul Emery Music present Tom Petty tribute band Petty Luv with special guest Love Train. Doors open at 8pm and the Show begins at 9pm. Buy tickets here.

Masquerade Party , buffet, ball drop and after party all the way through to midnight at the Alta Sierra CountryClub from 6pm. Call  (530) 273-2041 to reserve.

New Year's Eve Family Celebration including fireworks, live music and activities at Olympic House capped with an East Coast New Year's Eve ball  at Squaw Valley. See here  for more information.

Robby James and the Streets of Bakersfield for a Boot Scootin' New Years Eve at the Gold Miners Inn. Doors open at 8pm, Entertainment at 9pm. Call  530-477-1700 or see here  for more information.


Nevada County Arts Council invite your nomination for our next Nevada County Poet Laureate.

Members of the public and organizations may nominate, while poets themselves may self-nominate. 

Use our online nomination form and learn more here.

Free Poetry Hours hosted by Molly Fisk

In January, February and March, Nevada County Arts Council will continue its monthly poetry sessions. 

Mark your calendars:
January 16 at 5.30pm  
Nevada City Winery, 321 Spring Street, Nevada City 
(Happy Hour is 3-6pm for $1 off a glass of wine, so come early!)
February 14 at 10.30am
Flour Garden,   999 Sutton Way, Grass Valley

March 8 at 12pm
Philosophy, 10412 Donner Pass Road, Truckee

Learn more about the Nevada County Poet Laureate Program here
EditorsChEditors Choice: 
Disco Snow Tubing

When - Thursday December 26
Where - 1651 Squaw Valley Rd
Olympic ValleyCA  96146

Where do Truckee residents go for a bit of High Sierra culture between  Christmas  and the New Year? They head for Squaw Valley for disco music and snow tubing.

SnoVentures brings lights, lasers and live DJs from 5-8pm. Disco tubing is the all new family-friendly party where you spin down the tubing lanes to music and lights.

Disco Tubing times are 5, 6 and 7pm every Saturday December 29 through March 23, 2019 and December 26-31, 2018; January 19-20, 2019; February 16-17, 2019.

Tubing tickets are sold on first come, first serve basis while s now tubing sessions are 55 minutes long and begin at the top of the hour.  Tickets are available for purchase through SnoVentures Activity Zone at (530) 452-4511.

Finally, it goes without saying that snow tubing hours are weather and conditions permitting... but it's looking good for Thursday.

Learn more about the connection between snow, light and dance  here.

Find Holt Ballet Conservatory here...
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A reminder to all our member artists and arts organizations of these great resources:
  • Become a member of Nevada County Arts Council here!
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CallingArtistsCalling Artists

A reminder to Nevada County artists of all disciplines to regularly check in to our new Call to Artists page at 

Don't forget to check this page for new opportunities across all disciples, and remember to keep us in the know about any call you wish the community to know about!

Here are just a few current calls - near and far - for artists living in Nevada County:
  • Student Call for Poetry Out Loud
  • ARTlandish Studios Open for Artists
  • Ellu Gallery invites Artist Members
  • KVMR & NCArts Tin Art in the Garden
  • Good Food Art Gallery at BriarPatch
  • Narrative Magazine's Fall Story Contest
  • 9th Annual Beyond Baroque Poetry Contest
  • The Center for the Arts Mural Documentation
  • The Left Coast Cup Show
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