May 13, 2022
Newsletter for May 13, 2022
This Issue:
  • A Little More Time Provided For Public Comment On Proposed SEC Climate Change Rule
  • First WOTUS Roundtable Session Appears To Set The Table For New Regulations Contrary To Agriculture’s Best Interests
  • Your Assistance In The Search For Project Manager For NDA State Meat Program
  • Speaking Of Job Openings…
  • …And Then There’s The Economy
  • Nevada Department Of Agriculture Seeking Survey Responses
A Little More Time Provided For Public Comment On Proposed SEC Climate Change Rule
The past couple of weeks we have been offering the developing information about the pursuit of a new Climate Change related set of regulations by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).  Farm Bureau and other agricultural organizations had requested that there would be an extension to the deadline for public comments on moving forward with these proposed regulations.  The comment period was set to end May 20th - (39 days after the announcement came out to start the clock for the public to respond).  We’ve learned that this deadline has been extended.  The comments are now due on June 17th.

From the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) we’ve learned that there has been a strong response from Farm Bureau members throughout the country.  Thank you to the number of Farm Bureau members in Nevada who have already responded to the Nevada Farm Bureau Action Alert that went out earlier this week.  If you haven’t already clicked on the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) Advocacy Link for this comment process – Please Take Action and send your email!

You are able to personalize the email before sending it and we would encourage you to especially make the opening paragraph more specific for yourself.  The message will not only be going to the SEC, but is also copied to your members of the Congressional delegation.  Notable with Nevada’s group of elected legislators, U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto serves on the U.S. Senate Financial Services Committee.  That committee happens to also be one of the oversight committees watching the SEC.

Zippy Duvall, AFBF President shared his thoughts on the impacts the regulations, if adopted, will have on farmers and ranchers.

Nevada Farm Bureau has reached out to U.S. Congressman Mark Amodei requesting that he join with other members of the U.S. House in a letter that Congressman John Rose from Tennessee is coordinating.  This letter would be sent to Gary Gensler, chair of the SEC and urges that consideration be given to the scope of the negative impact that this proposed regulation will have on American agriculture.
First WOTUS Roundtable Session Appears To Set The Table For New Regulations Contrary To Agriculture’s Best Interests
Monday, May 9th kicked off the first of 10 virtual regional roundtables that supposedly will give stakeholders the ability to offer their perspectives on the direction the new Waters Of The US.  Of the nine remaining sessions Farm Bureau leaders, including Nevada Farm Bureau President Bevan Lister will have an opportunity to offer input.  The first session organized by the National Parks Conservation Association and featuring Midwestern presenters mostly focused on attacking agricultural practices and the current system of voluntary activities for non-point source water impairments wasn’t going to be acceptable.

American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) Senior Policy Director of Government Affairs, Courtney Biggs offered her perspective on the way the first session transpired.

Along with the several activist speakers who used the platform of the roundtable panel to bash agriculture and encourage stronger regulatory controls beyond the parameters of the Clean Water Act, the topic discussions selected for consideration included Climate Change and Social Justice.

Farm Bureau will continue to be involved in following the remaining sessions and pressing for regulations which follow within the Clean Water Act and appropriate approaches to address water quality issues with workable solutions.
Your Assistance In The Search For Project Manager For NDA State Meat Program
Last week’s newsletter gave attention to the effort for establishing a Nevada state meat and poultry inspection program. That article identified the opening within the Nevada Department of Agriculture for the position of the Project Manager.  

This position was made possible by funding from the Nevada Legislature’s Interim Committee to add a person to the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s team for organizing and preparing the regulations and programs necessary for a Nevada meat processing system.  This position would be funded for a two-year stint and would be identified as a Project Manager for the Meat and Poultry Inspection Program.  Nevada law already provides for a state program, but requires the necessary regulations and operation details to go into effect.  One of the responsibilities for the project manager would involve bringing on board an inspector to work with the industry for inspection readiness, environmental plans and safety plans.

We hope that you might consider anyone who you have contact with who might be interested in serving in this position. This link will take you to the information regarding the position and the instructions for an applicant to submit their application.

We also noted in the article on this last week that we are hoping that Farm Bureau members and others from Nevada who are interested in getting more involved in moving this forward will be in touch to see how we might coordinate a private sector working group to assist in working with the Nevada Department of Agriculture to make things happen.  Please drop a line to to make yourself known, should you be interested.
Speaking Of Job Openings…
Nevada Farm Bureau is also very interested in filling a vacancy for an agricultural specialist to work on the Nevada Sagebrush Technical Team (SETT) If you looked at the webpage for the SETT, you saw the name “Ethan Mower” who was the representative for Agriculture listed.  Ethan has moved on from this position and the opening is currently vacant.

We believe that it is in the best interests of Nevada agriculture to have a person working in this area.  It is position which works for the Nevada Department of Agriculture, but is based in Carson City within the SETT operations. This link will provide an interested person (more than likely a range management -oriented person) with the details about the opening as well as the portal to submit an application for the position.
…And Then There’s The Economy
While the news covers the next load of financial support that Congress has approved for the support of the Ukrainian war effort.  Closer to home we watch as the Nevada Legislature’s Interim Finance Committee dishes out more spending authority from the funds that the federal government have provided because of the attempts to boost state and local governments impacted by hardships of the COVID-19 crash, caused when the Governor lock downed the state.  The other side of the coin is only starting to come into clearer focus.  American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) Chief Economist, Roger Cryan offered this new Market Intel report on “Inflation and Money”.
Nevada Department Of Agriculture Seeking Survey Responses
The Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) is requesting your participation in the 2022 Farm & Crop Industry Surveys. Data collected will help to ensure the crop industry is accurately represented as a segment of Nevada’s food and agriculture sector. This data will help the NDA as they seek funding opportunities to support Nevada’s agriculture industry and provide insight into resource needs. 

Surveys are separated by crops grown indoors and outdoors and each survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes. Please complete the survey(s) that is/are most relevant to your operation. The deadline to complete the survey(s) is July 1, 2022

Each survey is designed to collect industry data in an anonymous format. Your participation is voluntary. Please do not provide contact information or other identifying information in your response. Should you have any questions or require assistance related to these surveys, please contact John Baggett by email at or call 775-353-3610.
Have a great weekend!