November 12, 2021
Newsletter for November 12, 2021
This Issue:
  • NDOT Sustainable Transportation Funding Study Advisory Working Group Update
  • State Water Planning Looking For Input
  • Brand Inspection Regulations Set For Hearing As Part of December 8 Board of Agriculture Meeting
  • Nevada Farm Bureau Annual Meeting Begins November 17th
  • YF&R Committee / Ronald McDonald House Project 
NDOT Sustainable Transportation Funding Study
Advisory Working Group Update
In July an “Advisory Working Group” got underway with an assignment that came from the 2021 Nevada Legislature when they passed AB 413. The assigned study is intended for the Advisory Working Group to develop proposals for the 2023 Nevada Legislature which would provide a sustainable source of funding to meet the needs of all different users of modes of transportation. The proposal(s) submitted must all take into account social and user transportation equity and fit into the state’s objectives of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. At least two specified proposals must receive analysis from the group – (1) A Utah Road Usage Charge Program; and, (2) a proposal from the Natural Resources Defense Council.
Nevada Farm Bureau Executive Vice President Doug Busselman is one of the 29 members of the Advisory Working Group.
The fourth meeting of the group was held on Tuesday, November 9th and as part of the completed tasks to this point, agreement was reached on the principles that will be used to evaluate the various multiple concepts that might be included in the formation of the proposal.
These approved seven principles, are aimed at completing this phrase … “As guiding principles in the pursuit of this objective, Nevada’s sustainable transportation funding mechanism(s) should be capable of:
  • Financial sustainability - yielding sufficient revenue that correlates with ongoing maintenance needs and demand for future transportation needs regardless of changes in population, vehicle technologies, ownership, travel patterns, fuel sources or decreases in consumer spending.
  • Flexibility - funding a wide range of transportation-related projects, programs or priorities across various agencies to meet the needs of system users across all modes.
  • User equity - recovering a share of the costs from those who use the transportation network.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions - aligning with state transportation greenhouse gas reduction goals.
  • Social equity - improving the distribution impact on historically underserved communities.
  • Sufficiency - generating sufficient revenue over targeted investment timeframes for existing and future transportation needs.
  • Transparency/Efficiency and Ease of Compliance - simple to explain, with awareness of how funds are used, cost-effective and readily administered at statewide and local levels.
The next meeting for the working group will be in January and will include review of data on various revenue generating concepts and weighing those revenue systems (in part or on a whole) with the principles outlined above.
When Nevada Farm Bureau voting delegates meet in Fallon next week (Friday, November 19) consideration might be given to policy positions on a couple of key points embodied in a number of the funding concepts being evaluated. From a Farm Bureau perspective, we will need to have some idea on where we stand with regard to “indexing” (basically a formula system where assessments are pre-programmed to increase…Washoe and Clark Counties each have their own system where annual increases in the local charges on fuel taxes are programmed to increase.) We also need to determine views on milage charges based on road use (this is part of the Utah plan and not only addresses gas/diesel fueled vehicles, but also other forms of vehicles such as electric, hybrid or hydrogen.)
State Water Planning Looking For Your Input
The new water-planning team at the Nevada Division of Water Resources have released a survey to gather public input on various elements of water management in Nevada. They are intending this input to help them in guiding development of an updated version of the State Water Plan.
It goes without saying that we would strongly encourage you to make the time in Clicking Here and sharing your thoughts on the questions offered for input. The survey will be available for input through December 15th. From experience, completing the survey takes 10-20 minutes and it would be helpful for you to look up in advance of going to the survey (if you don’t know it off the top of your head) the groundwater basin where you are located.
It is uncertain at this point whether this update of the current plan will become the challenge that the last time we went through the adventure, but with good input up front of the process, it might not turn into the way things went then…?
Brand Inspection Regulations Set For Hearing As Part Of December 8 Board of Ag Meeting
The Nevada Board of Agriculture will be taking public input as part of the public hearing for the adoption of permanent regulations and this hearing will be held on Wednesday, December 8, 2021. This hearing will be in conjunction with the Nevada Board of Agriculture’s meeting on that date. The hearing will start at 9 a.m.
The regulations that will be covered involve the portion of regulations NAC Chapter 565, section 2 relates to the Board of Agriculture’s authority for this portion of the livestock brands regulation.
Members of the public will be able to share their input on fees charged for an annual horse movement permit as well as fees charged for a lifetime horse movement permit. This opportunity for input will also cover the new travel fee ($35) that will be charged for brand inspections for issuance of an annual or lifetime horse movement permit.
This link will take you to the website to review the proposed regulations.

Nevada Farm Bureau Annual Meeting Begins November 17th
The Nevada Farm Bureau Resolutions Committee have completed their responsibilities in preparing a proposed report of Farm Bureau policy recommendations for consideration by the organization’s voting delegates. Voting delegates will meet in Fallon to determine the organization’s policy on Friday, November 19th at the Fallon Convention Center, Fallon, NV.
Before the voting delegates meet on Friday, the activities of the 2021 Nevada Farm Bureau annual meeting will begin with tours of the Fallon area on Wednesday, November 17th, starting at 1 p.m. After the tour has taken place a group dinner will be held at the Churchill County Museum in Fallon. 
The Thursday, November 18th schedule will include several information conferences and organizational elements. These include the first round of the 2021 Young Farmers and Ranchers (YF&R) Discussion Meet Contest. 
Information conference topics will include presentations on carbon sequestration in Nevada soils, and also an overview of several key programs and projects that are being coordinated through Nevada Cooperative Extension. A member of the American Farm Bureau Federation’s lobbying team will be attending and sharing updates on Western legislative issues. One of the information sessions will include details on plans being made to address the work ahead in effective engagement for improved representation in the Nevada Legislature.
Friday, November 19 will concentrate on actions by the Nevada Farm Bureau voting delegates and formation of Farm Bureau policy for the coming year, but will also include the determination of the YF&R Discussion Meet winner.

Farm Bureau members who wish to register for the 2021 Nevada Farm Bureau Annual meeting can accomplish this by visiting the Nevada Farm Bureau website. Click here!

YF&R Committee / Ronald McDonald House Project 
We are trying to fill 20 boxes to donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. 
Please help us fill these boxes by bringing to the Annual Meeting November 17th through the 19th, or by mailing to the Nevada Farm Bureau office (2165 Green Vista Dr Suite 205 Sparks, Nv 89431). 

We are hoping to fill the boxes with some of the following items:. 
  • pony tails/ scrunchy 
  • small brush/ comb 
  • hard candy/ nuts/(something that has a long shelf life)
  • Gum
  • Puzzle book
  • pocket sized notebook
  • floss
  • washcloth/ loofah 
  • toothbrush 
  • Wet Wipes
travel sized:  
  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant 
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Mouthwash  
Monetary donations will also be accepted to buy items that may be lacking after the annual meeting. Thank you for helping us reach our goal.
Thank you for following Nevada Farm Bureau activities and engaging to make a difference! Have a wonderful weekend!
Don’t forget to register today for the 102nd Annual meeting.