January 8, 2021
Newsletter for January 8, 2021
This Issue:
  • Brand Inspection Regulation Workshop Scheduled For January 14, 2021
  • Nevada Cattlemen Update Set For Virtual Zoom Sessions Jan. 12 & 13
  • Nevada Legislative Session Approaching Quickly
  • AFBF Virtual Annual Meeting Starts Sunday, Jan. 10
  • Farm Bureau Advocacy Shifts To Policy Implementation Phase
  • Final Notice For Water Resources Regulation Workshop January 13 - 9 am (The Link To Connect is included with this week's newsletter.)
It Is Important For You To Participate In Nevada Department of Agriculture Virtual Workshop For Brand Inspection Regulation Changes - Thursday, January 14, 2021
As we announced last week, the Nevada Department of Agriculture is proposing regulation changes for brands, covering various fees and some additional changes in regulation wording. Your opportunity to provide input and your thoughts – or to ask for clarification on what is in the works will happen through a virtual workshop. The agenda for the Thursday morning (9 a.m.), January 14th, 2021 session and link for connecting to the workshop can be reached by clicking here.  

Again, from our review of the information presented in the small business impact report, the agency is expecting the fee changes to collect, beginning in fiscal year 2023, about $1,254,500. This is roughly $518,838 more than the amounts collected in fiscal year 2020. 

Their plan is to restructure the operations, according to the Small Business Impact Statement by hiring five full-time, state employed brand inspectors and 30 seasonal part-time state employed brand inspectors.

We went into greater depth last week with the specifics of the two segments of regulation changes, but to get a copy of the 3-page portion of the proposed regulations – click here – it covers changes in the regulation code NAC 564.010. The in-the-field increased fees for actual brand inspections is covered in the second portion of the proposed regulations. This more extensive, 8-page portion of the regulations can be reviewed by clicking here . This section covers NAC 565.200, NAC 565.220 and NAC 565.230.  
2021 Virtual Nevada Cattlemen’s Update January 12 & 13 
This year’s Nevada Cattlemen’s Update will be a two-day virtual session will be Tuesday, January 12 and Wednesday, January 13. The details for the Cattlemen’s Update is provided here.

The four sessions to be held over the course of the two-days are highlighted by topic areas of
  • Animal Health (set for Tuesday morning 10-Noon);
  • Livestock Processing and Slaughter (Tuesday afternoon 1-3);
  • Economic Overview of Agriculture in Nevada (Wednesday morning 10-Noon); and,
  • Rangelands and Rangeland Management (Wednesday afternoon 1-3). 

In order to be part of the Zoom sessions, you need to register in advance Click Here to register.

To receive a producer packet of information, including the Red Book and a 2020 Noxious Weed Book, prior to the event, or for more information, contact Staci Emm at emms@unr.edu or 775-475-4227. Persons in need of special accommodations or assistance should call or notify Emm at least three days prior to the scheduled event.
Ready (or not) Nevada 2021 Legislative Session Starts February 1

With the 81st session of the Nevada Legislature just around the corner, there still isn't a clear idea of how the session will be carried out. Most people are expecting a "virtual" approach will be the route that those who are in charge of the session to take, but there hasn't been any official announcement.

Those who went through the two special sessions that played out this past summer are not especially thrilled by the idea of the Legislative Building being locked down and people (other than Legislators, staff and the selected media) being locked out of what is alleged by the Legislature's Website as "the People's House".

How the various committee meetings will be conducted is uncertain as well, but there may be some degree of improvement from the "Committee of the Whole" process that the special sessions happened. Money committee members are expected to begin their work before the end of January (although the Legislative Calendar of Meetings) wasn't sharing this information when we last checked to see what upcoming meetings were on the docket.

We also have learned that Governor Sisolak will be presenting his State of State video on January 19th and the budget that he is proposing will be released on the 18th of January.

It's not too early for you to get started with contacts to your elected representatives in the Assembly or in the Nevada Senate. This link takes you to the Legislature's webpage section for the 2021 Nevada Legislature and by clicking on the options for obtaining the Assembly and Senate memberships (this is the 9th area from the top of the list for areas to click on for various features). When you enter the "Legislator Information" area (either Senate or Assembly option) you will be able to find the working email to connect to the person who you wish to send an email to. Perhaps one of the first emails to send would be for the encouragement of opening the Legislative Building and holding a "normal" legislative process where citizens get to participate...
American Farm Bureau Federation Virtual Annual Meeting Kicks Off Sunday, January 10
This is the last chance we're going to have to encourage you to take action for getting registered and being prepared to participate in the American Farm Bureau Federation 2021 annual meeting. You can actually register and sign yourself up to participate throughout the meeting dates, but we won't be sending anything more to prompt you to join in.

Workshops that you might find interesting and useful are going to be held January 10 and 11th. This link offers a detailed look at the workshops to be held as well as the scheduled times. There will be a full-fledged program of content, featuring 50 different speakers and 20 different sessions.

The schedule of the events for the entire Virtual Annual Meeting is located at this link.

Registration is required for everyone attending and members can use this link to take care of getting registered…Individuals should use the top box at the top of the registration site. It is titled: “Virtual Annual Convention Registration – For Use by Farm Bureau members and nonmembers”  When you register yourself, you will obtain an email response which will give you the user name and password you'll need to take part in whatever item you want to tune into.

Along with the meeting's general sessions as well as the information conferences, you could enjoy the the "Ag Foundation Night In." Register to participate and enjoy the headline entertainment featuring Sara Evans and Phil Vassar.

For those who make the choice of getting registered and then participating in how many ever sessions you decide to take part in -- please let us hear from you with your thoughts on how it went and what you believe to be good things or not so good of things... Email doug@nvfb.org with your feedback.
Farm Bureau Advocacy Shifts Into Policy Implementation Phase...
The 117th Congressional Session has gotten started and as noted above the 81st Nevada Legislative Session will be starting February 1st. These legislative sessions provide opportunities for pursuing the policy positions that Farm Bureau members established during the annual policy development process.

In addition to the several regulatory workshops that have been covered in this week’s newsletter are also places where Farm Bureau policy is carried forward and brought to the attention of those who are involved in deciding what regulations will be.

During the recently concluded state Farm Bureau annual meeting season, the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) developed video content that presented program information to be used in meetings that were frequently virtual sessions. This example, presented by Cody Lyon, Managing Director Advocacy and Political Affairs, offers an overview of the full cycle of Farm Bureau’s policy process – beginning with annual policy development activities and operating through all other phases of making policy happen.

The AFBF Advocacy website offers a useful tool for sending email messages to members of Congress and staying informed on objectives that Farm Bureau is working to accomplish.

In the near future, Nevada Farm Bureau’s system of legislative activity will be shifted into gear. Through this newsletter and Action Request emails, we will work to keep you informed and hopefully we’ll be able to persuade you to get involved in making connection with your representatives in the Nevada Assembly or the Nevada Senate.
Your Final Reminder! Please Participate In Nevada Water Resources Workshop - January 13th at 9 a.m.
We don't want you to forget that on January 13, starting at 9 a.m., a virtual workshop will be held on the proposed regulations for the extension of time. As we reported over the past several weeks, after a rather contentious workshop that took place this past summer, covering an expansive regulation package for language changed in law (AB 62) for extension of time, there were changes made to divide the one large package into three regulations. 

To participate in the virtual workshop, please use the connection link provided in this Notice for a Workshop.

At this point, the review that Farm Bureau has made for the rewrite of the regulation, there has been major improvements coming from this latest version. We welcome feedback from members who have more extensive experience on how the outline for this process fits from a practical point of view. For the remaining two proposals for regulations, one of the rewrites (covering water surveyors) has been released, but Nevada Farm Bureau has not made a point to work on that set of regulations. One other proposal is anticipated, but has not come out for review.
AFBF Virtual Annual Meeting, Regulation Workshops - Lots Of Chances For You To Join In And Make Your Farm Bureau Membership Count!