Aug. 6, 2018

Contact: Peter Kostes
Public Information Officer

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Nevada Reaches 80 Megawatts of New Rooftop Solar Capacity and Tier II for NEM Excess Energy Credit Opens

Carson City, Nev. - Over the weekend, the applied-for and actually-installed capacity for the rooftop solar net energy metering (NEM) program in Nevada exceeded a combined total of 80 megawatts under the Tier I excess energy credit rate structure established by Assembly Bill (AB) 405. Pursuant to AB 405 and the Order issued by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) in Docket No. 17-07026 on September 1, 2017, Tier II has been immediately opened.
Under the statutory language of AB 405, NEM customers in the Tier II category will receive an excess energy credit of 88% of the retail rate for the net excess electricity sent back to the grid and beyond what was delivered to them by NV Energy over the monthly billing period. Tier I will continue to remain open until it reaches a total of 80 megawatts of actually-installed capacity. Those customers in the Tier II category may have the opportunity to move into Tier I through attrition and until Tier I closes.
Applied-for and actually-installed NEM rooftop solar capacity totals for Tier I and Tier II will continue to be posted on the PUCN's website each business day and can be found at

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