Let Your Website Help You
Reach a Larger Audience
You might think of your self storage business website as nothing more than a necessary evil.

A place for people to find you on the web, get a phone number or address and maybe check out some pricing info.

However, the fact is, your website can be so much more if you let it. In actuality, it can be the most crucial tool in your marketing tool-box.

Why the Need for Self Storage Can Come at Inconvenient Times

A website is accessible from anywhere.

Let’s illustrate how having a fully functional website tied directly to your self storage facility is massively beneficial.

Stan and Barbara’s marriage has been on the rocks for a while now.
Fast forward to Saturday at one AM when Stan comes home after a long night with Jose (Cuervo), Jack (Daniels), and Jim (Beam) only to find the locks on the front door won’t open, and all of his worldly possessions are on the front lawn.

Sure, he can sleep on his sister’s couch, but she doesn’t have room for his three mountain bikes, fishing gear, and collection of Gronk jerseys.

(This is where we, as storage operators, come in to save the day)

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Zac Sharp, StoragePug

Zac Sharp, Zac Pug, is a product specialist for StoragePug, a software company helping self-storage facilities and operators rent units through their website. Powered by modern marketing, StoragePug has built an e-commerce platform that connects customers to self-storage through online rentals, contemporary automation, billpay, and lease eSign.

For more information, call 833.786.7784; visit https://storagepug.com .
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Different Pricing Strokes for Different Folks
At Veritec Solutions, we collect prices on a daily basis from over 1,500 self storage companies, operating more than 18,000 stores. The number of stores in these companies range from one to over 2,000. So, what are some of the insights this data provides?

For the first half of this article we focus on 10 of the larger operators. Specifically, we analyze the pricing activity for unit types that were displayed on websites for at least 300 days in 2018 (that is, they were rarely sold out). Furthermore, we restricted our analysis to unit types that were at least 25 square feet but no more than 300 square feet in size. For example, a unit type might be the 10’ x 10’, ground floor, climate-controlled units at a given store. The average number of unit types per store ranged from six to over 30. For each of the 10 companies, prices were obtained from more than 100 stores.

How often did Operators change prices?

Figure 1 shows both the average number of times each company changed the prices of its unit types and the maximum number of price changes made for any unit type. The data from these 10 companies, noted on the graphs as A through J, suggest that large self storage operators approach pricing very differently.

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Warren Lieberman
President of Veritec Solutions

Dr. Warren Lieberman is President of Veritec Solutions ( www.VeritecSolutions.com ), a Revenue Management and Pricing software and consulting company. Warren began his career with American Airlines and has been working with self storage companies for twenty years.  Veritec’s Self Storage Revenue Management System is currently used by approximately 40 companies.  
Figure 1
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Encourage your colleagues and competitors to join the NVSSA for 2020 and they will receive free membership with the state association for the last few months of 2019. Offer expires 12/1/19.

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Nevada SSA Website
We are excited to announce the launch of our new Nevada Self Storage Association website, https://www.nvssa.org/ .

The new website is a great resource for members which features: 

Nevada SSA 2019 Annual Meeting
The NVSSA is currently working on plans for a 2020 Annual Meeting in Reno, NV . This will be a fantastic opportunity for storage owners, operators and managers to network and discuss what is happening across the state. The meeting agenda will include topics presented by self storage experts in our industry. We will have educational seminars for both owners and managers as well as a legal review session for updates on the current laws. There will also be vendors and suppliers doing business in your region ready to discuss your every need. 

Visit www.nvssa.org to keep an eye out for more information and updates.

Future Webinar to be Announced

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Listen to August’s Revenue Management Webinar
via Playback

Did you miss the August SSA webinar on revenue management, which was presented by Jim Ross (Self Storage Domination)? Don't worry, we've got you covered. You can watch the webinar here  via playback using the  password 9gBRhcbC . This webinar is free for SSA managed state association members.  

Our August webinar was hosted by
Jim Ross
Owner of Self Storage Domination

Legislative Update

 Governor Sisolak recently signed a bill to authorize storage operators to sell tenant insurance to their customers. The law takes effect on July 1, 2020. Please review Jason Sifers’s article below for more details.

SB 312 mandates that companies with 50 or more employees in Nevada offer their employees forty (40) hours of paid sick leave per year. The law becomes operative on January 1, 2020.

Starting on January 1, 2020 , AB 132 makes it unlawful for an employer to refuse to hire a prospective employee because he or she tested positive for marijuana on a drug screening test. The law does provide exemptions, including for those positions that require an employee to operate a motor vehicle or for a position “in the determination of the employer, could adversely affect the safety of others.”

Additionally, if the employer requires the employee to submit to a drug screen within the first 30 days of employment and the employee fails, the employee must be given the option to have another test conducted (at their expense) to rebut the positive test results. 

Big Changes are Coming to Self Storage Tenant Insurance in Nevada

One of the most stressful situations self storage operators and their employees face is an angry tenant whose property has been damaged, destroyed, or stolen. Most self storage operators use leases that contractually limit their liability and require tenants to insure their stored property (those that don’t, should). While this language may offer some protection to the facility, it does little to ease the tension when a tenant learns of damage or loss to their property. Worse, it does nothing to help that tenant get the property back. Homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies may not help either, as they typically have deductibles and exclusions that make them ill-suited for property kept in self storage. 

Many facilities have turned to offering third-party personal property insurance, but this has its own drawbacks. Under current law, unless the facility’s employees are licensed to sell property and casualty insurance in Nevada, the employees are extremely limited as to what they can tell tenants about the policies.  

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Jason Sifers

Jason Sifers is an attorney at McDonald Carano LLP and has served as outside legal counsel to the Nevada Self Storage Association since 2017. Jason can be reached at jsifers@mcdonaldcarano.com .
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