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January 31, 2022 | Issue 7
From the Desk of Executive Director Isla Young
The GOWINN Team, and all of our state partners, have hit the ground running in this new year. In this publication, you'll find details on the robust industry series in Nepris for Nevada, the final report from the National Governor's Association Workforce Innovation Network grant, an announcement of voting members for the state's new industry sector councils, a list of additional Project SANDI training partners, and many more resources and updates. The team would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to partners across the system that are working hard to complete applications for the Economic Development Agency's Good Jobs Challenge grant which has the potential to bring significant resources to support important sectors across the silver state. Please make sure to respond to requests for support ASAP as the February 10 deadline is nearly upon us. We certainly are stronger together and Nevadans will benefit greatly from that collaboration.

Isla and the GOWINN team
Nevada Workforce Innovation Network
Report and Recommendations
Nevada was the recipient of a National Governors Association Workforce Innovation Network (WIN) grant to put together a cross-agency team and engage outside counsel to analyze the economic impact of COVID-19 and the state’s current efforts to build a strong workforce for its current and future economy. Based on this analysis, the charge was to make recommendations to impact both short- and long-term outcomes in the education to workforce pipeline and related issues. This report is not an assessment of what worked and what did not in the state’s response to the economic impact of COVID. Through analysis of data and countless discussions and interviews with state and local leaders across Nevada, this report provides a picture of the challenges and opportunities the state faces as it responds to a changing economy and becomes better prepared for better times as well as the next downturn. Based on this view of the landscape, recommendations were made to strengthen current efforts in the state, where appropriate, and look to research and best practices from other states to fill gaps to build a more robust and resilient education to workforce system with the necessary wraparound services to put far more Nevadans on the path towards economic and personal success.
Register for an NV CTE Series Session on Nepris
Still not really sure what this whole Nepris thing is all about? Register for an upcoming Industry Chat with an NV employer to listen in on their engagement with students and get ideas for a session of your own!

Tech Careers at Tesla! (completed 1/25/22)
ISO Nevada Virtual Classroom Speakers!
Nevada’s Annual Computer Science Education Summit 2022
This year the event is VIRTUAL
Saturday, February 26, 2022
8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

We invite all K-12 educators, administrators, counselors, parents, higher ed, and industry partners to register and join the summit from the comfort of your computer.
ICYM The Nevada Department of Education Needs Feedback!
The Nevada Department of Education (NDE) is transitioning most of its current career and technical education (CTE) programs of study from a 3-year course sequence to a 2-year course sequence to increase access and opportunity for students to participate in CTE. As part of the process to revise standards for each program of study, NDE is relying on Nevada’s business and industry community to provide feedback through criticality surveys on what standards and skillsets should be taught in each program.

They have asked us to share links to the criticality surveys for the CTE programs of study that will have their standards revised in 2022. The descriptions are from the current programs of study and are subject to change based on feedback from business and industry on the program standards. Please complete the survey(s) for the programs of study that are aligned with your organization and share broadly.
Nevada's Industry Sector Council Voting Members
We are delighted to confirm voting members have been identified for the state's 4 initially revitalized State Industry Sector Councils. While the meetings are open to all, these individuals will be asked to bring formal business to a vote, when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Business: Boxabl, Yanni Tassev, Business Intelligence
  • Business: NAS Electronics, Jeff Wayne, CEO
  • Business: Tesla, Paul Seybold, Training Manager
  • Business: Vineburg Machining, Gerd Poppinga, President/CEO
  • Labor: IBEW 1245, Hunter Stern, Assistant Business Manager
  • Post-Secondary Education: CSN Manufacturing, Frank Woodbeck, Director for the Center for Advanced Manufacturing Excellence
  • Other: Nevada Industry Excellence (NVIE), Tom Simpkins, Executive Director
  • Business: Sephora, Dale South
  • Business: Novo Logistics, Dong Min, CFO
  • Business: Iris Automation, Mark Genung, VP of Operations
  • Business: Amazon, Perry Williams, Director of Operations with the Las Vegas Fulfillment Center
  • Labor: Teamsters, Gary Watson, President
  • Post-Sec: TMCC Center for Applied Logistics Management (CALM), Amy Williams, Executive Director
  • Other: Henderson Chamber, Scott Muelrath, Executive Director
  • Business: University Medical Center (UMC), Shana Tello, Academic and External Affairs Administrator
  • Business: Charles River Laboratories, Danielle Brown, General Manager
  • Business: Nevada Rural Hospital Partners, Joan Hall, President
  • Business: Comagine Health, Jerry Reeves, Medical Director
  • Labor: SEIU, Grace Vergara-Mactal, Elected Executive Director
  • Post-Secondary Education: Pending
  • Other: Nevada Hospital Association (NHA), Patrick (Pat) Kelly, President/CEO
  • Business: Pending
  • Business: Aristocrat, Emily Walker, Global Program Manager - Employee Experience
  • Business: BALANCED Agency, Vas Kamyshanov, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
  • Business: Motional, Dasya Duckworth, HR Business Partner - Global Operations
  • Labor: Northern Nevada Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Center (NNEJATC), Alan Darney, Training Director
  • Post-Sec: TMCC, Jim New, Professor, Computer Technologies
  • Other: NV Help Desk, Duana Malone, Executive Director
The first quarterly meetings are being spread out across late February and April and will be shared with this list and posted on the GOWINN website. To make sure you or others are included, please submit interest via this form.
Additional Project SANDI Partners Identified
GOWINN recently awarded $1,172,325 in funding to additional partners as part of the $13.8M Project SANDI, made possible by the Reimagine Workforce Preparation Grant. This funding is in addition to the $2M already awarded to Truckee Meadows Community College, Great Basin College, Western Nevada College, and College of Southern Nevada for short-term credentials and certifications. Funding is directly applied to tuition and supportive services that will benefit more than 400 individuals seeking skill development in Nevada's most high-demand careers.

Awards include:
Lessons Learned in Workforce Innovation: How Ten Governors Are Redesigning Workforce Systems For Better Employment Outcomes
Nevada is featured in a new issue brief from the National Governors Association (NGA) spotlighting ways that Governors and state workforce system leaders are reconnecting workers to the labor force and to sustainable, high-quality employment, through new models of service delivery that have emerged amid the disruptions of COVID-19.

[State] was one of 10 states in the inaugural cohort of the NGA Workforce Innovation Network (NGA WIN), which launched last year as a nonpartisan learning and action collaborative for state leaders who have demonstrated strong commitments to building a resilient workforce. The new issue brief is the product of months of collaboration with NGA Center staff and a network of subject matter experts to design, launch and scale innovations to state service delivery systems for job seekers.

While all 10 states participating in NGA WIN implemented a similar innovation design to identify and close gaps in job-seeker service delivery, each state carried out a unique initiative aligned with its Governor’s workforce and economic recovery goals. The new brief highlights the state objectives, activities and outcomes achieved during the grant period.
Diversifying Partnerships for Success in Work-Based Learning
"Nevada recently launched Supporting and Advancing Nevada’s Dislocated Individuals or Project SANDI for short. Project SANDI builds upon longstanding workforce and education partnerships within Nevada’s public libraries. Libraries in Nevada have hosted maker spaces for STEM learning and played a critical early role during the pandemic making medical supplies for Nevada’s health districts. They also offer on-ramps for careers in Nevada’s high-demand industries through introductory courses for advanced manufacturing and VR-powered health care certifications and have been co-located with OneStop Career Centers since 2015.

In 2020, Nevada was awarded an Education Stabilization Fund – Reimagine Workforce Preparation (ESF-RWP) grant from the U.S. Department of Education to launch Project SANDI, which allowed them to build upon that strong existing foundation. Nevada’s Governor’s Office of Workforce Innovation (GOWINN) leads the work to provide training for in-demand jobs, including a focus on virtual reality-powered career training. The public library system will work with postsecondary education institutions to host remote training sites using the latest virtual reality software and hardware."
The Nevada Governor's Office of Science, Innovation and Technology Regional STEM Networks publishes High-Quality STEM Program Rubric
The Regional STEM Networks’ High-Quality STEM Subcommittees, in collaboration with OSIT, developed a Nevada-specific rubric to evaluate and identify high-quality STEM programs. The rubric was developed using research for high-quality STEM programs and a rigorous independent evaluation process to provide guidance for measuring the quality of STEM programs. Once the pilot is complete, the High-Quality STEM Rubric will serve as the criteria for programs to be added to the STEMList.
Informal STEM Learning Environments Evaluation Guide
Information Session
The Informal STEM Learning Environments Evaluation Guide is now available. Join the Informal STEM Learning Environments (ISLE) subcommittee on February 1, 2022 to learn about the guide and effective evaluation of your informal STEM program.
High School Students Earn Nevada State
STEM and STEAM Diploma Seals
OSIT and the Nevada Department of Education celebrate the 1,004 students who earned the Nevada State STEM Seal and the 1,488 students who earned the Nevada State STEAM Seal in the graduating class of 2021.

You can see the artwork created by Nevada students and read more at the Nevada Department of Education.
All Schools in Nevada Have Access to Discovery Education
The STEM Careers Coalition is a national STEM initiative powered by corporate and non-profit leaders and anchored in schools by Discovery Education.

 An expanded collection of no-cost digital resources is available to mark its second anniversary; all schools in Nevada now have free access to Discovery Education.
Las Vegas Announced as Finalist for
$1B Build Back Better Regional Challenge
U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo today announced the 60 finalists for the U.S. Economic Development Administration’s (EDA) $1 billion “Build Back Better Regional Challenge” – the marquee of EDA’s American Rescue Plan programs. (Click here for press release.)

The 60 finalists – each a coalition of partnering entities – will compete for Phase 2, which will award 20-30 regional coalitions up to $100 million to implement 3-8 projects that support an industry sector. Today’s finalists, chosen from a pool of 529 applicants, will each receive a grant of approximately $500,000 to further develop their proposed projects.

The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA), the lead for the proposal, aims to support a general and advanced manufacturing industry cluster to refine strategic economic recovery planning, create jobs, catalyze wage growth, and increase the region’s economic output. To support this effort, the coalition, which includes city governments and local universities, proposes four complimentary, collaborative, and aligned construction and non-construction projects: 1) expanding a water line to support manufacturing; 2) developing a manufacturing area in the region; 3) providing education, entrepreneurship and business acceleration, and other support for advanced manufacturing; and 4) developing sites for advanced manufacturing businesses.
Creating a Mentorship Program
Mentoring is a way for employers to foster employee and organizational growth by pairing less experienced workers with colleagues who have expertise in a specific area. The relationships can be used to provide career guidance, broaden networking opportunities or break down organizational silos, but setting up a program takes a thoughtful approach.
What are some great examples of #mentorship you've seen across Nevada? Post about it and tag us!
Please send relevant opportunities and updates to to be included in future issues.