Nevada's Workforce Innovation News
December 28, 2021 | Issue 6
From the Desk of Executive Director Isla Young
As 2021 comes to an end, we reflect on all GOWINN has accomplished throughout the year in collaboration with our key partners. We also take the opportunity to look ahead to all that 2022 has in store. The GOWINN team is looking forward to announcing additional Project SANDI education partners, kicking off a major outreach campaign to promote free short-term training in Nevada's high-demand career pathways, re-launching our NPWR state longitudinal data system, selecting an intermediary to manage the new ANAA grant, welcoming many new Governor's Workforce Development Board members, and scheduling meetings for our renewed Industry Sector Council. We also look forward to selecting two new GOWINN team members and celebrating more industry and education engagement on the Nepris for Nevada platform.
We wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to continued partnership in 2022. 

Isla and the GOWINN team
Program and Engagement Manager
The Program and Engagement Manager will maintain relationships between industry and education to scale work-based learning and support career and technical education. The individual will support employer networks under the direction of the GOWINN Executive Director and the Program Development and Engagement Specialist and will work with Regional Development Authorities, Chambers of Commerce, Local Workforce Investment Boards, and other business partners to support the education-to-workforce pipeline.

Based in Las Vegas
Strategic Data Manager
The Strategic Data Manager will manage large-scale data project design, implementation, and analysis from the Nevada P-20 statewide longitudinal data system (NPWR), and lead projects that may include staff from across agencies. The individual will play an important external role in communicating findings to the broader community via presentations, collateral materials, and a host of other mediums.

Based in Las Vegas.
Engage With Nevada Classrooms
Step 1- Watch this video.
Step 2- Create your account.
February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month
To celebrate, several virtual and in-person events are being developed to enhance the relevance of classroom instruction to real-world application.

How can you help? Join the industry professionals presenting an industry chat in the NV CTE series during the month of February.

  1. Pick the date/time. Work with a teacher with whom you may already have a relationship to find a date/time during the month of February that works well for both of you. No existing relationship? No problem! Teachers have let us know they can usually find a way to make a session work if scheduled between 9 am and 1 pm, Monday-Friday, so you are certainly welcome to schedule for any time that works well for you. With several thousand teachers enrolled across the state on various time schedules, it is very likely your availability will be a fit for at least a few. We have also received feedback from teachers that 20-30 minutes, including time for questions, is ideal. That being said, if you have a more elaborate idea that will take more time, go for it!
  2. Schedule your session in the Nepris system. Remember, you may use one of the provided templates to guide your content or create something completely novel!
  3. As you develop your presentation, you may find Nepris’s Presentation Tips helpful. You are also more than welcome to reach out to me with any technical questions that arise or Denise from NDE, copied, with content-related questions.  
IONnovate Launches
Software Developer Registered Apprenticeship Program
with Western Governors University
A first-of-its-kind Software Developer Registered Apprenticeship Program has been developed through a collaboration with Western Governors University (WGU), the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA), the College of Southern Nevada (CSN), NV Workforce Connections, Global C2 Integration Technologies (GC2IT), and IONnovate, and was unanimously approved by the State Apprenticeship Council in September 2021. Students enrolled in the program, benefit from the “earn and learn” approach which will help them master essential technical and behavioral competencies on the job while helping Nevada businesses meet workforce development needs and retain a highly-skilled workforce.
Top Users of 2021
Top Industry Partner
Tom Simpkins
Tom has been the Director for Nevada Industry Excellence (NVIE) for a little more than a year and has had a rich career deeply rooted in manufacturing, business strategy, leadership development, continuous improvement, and team-building. NVIE is the go-to resource for Nevada manufacturers to achieve higher performance, ensuring the industry is resilient and leads the world in innovation.

In Nepris, Tom has hosted more Industry Chats and has accepted more volunteer opportunities than any other user. Way to go, Tom!!

Top Education Partner
Traci Scichilone
Traci is the AP Computer Science teacher at Reno High School in Washoe County. Her profile on the RHS site quotes her as saying, "from the very first day that I taught high school students, I knew that it was where I belonged." She has hosted two classroom sessions and has a third in search of a volunteer. Traci also used the Nepris video library more than any other teacher in Nevada in 2021 and hosted Governor Sisolak to engage with students as the platform was initially being rolled out.

Las Vegas Visit Highlights Focus on Equity and EDA Investments
Southern Nevada’s economic development was at the forefront of a roundtable discussion with Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development Alejandra Castillo and the United States Senator Catherine Cortez Masto this month. More than a dozen Nevada businesses, community members, and governmental leaders joined the event on Wednesday, November 10th.

Held at the Historic Westside School in West Las Vegas, the roundtable discussion served to highlight the Economic Development Administration’s (EDA) recent American Rescue Plan investments in Nevada and a $6.9 million investment made to the College of Southern Nevada for construction of a 10,000 square-foot facility to house its Westside Workforce Education and Training Center.
Liability Insurance and Work-Based Learning
Employers often cite liability concerns as one of the top reasons they cannot provide work-based learning opportunities for high school students. The National Governors Association has produced a brief to help states make it easier for employers to navigate resources and overcome the barriers. Check it out, share with your elected officials, and help scale Work-Based Learning in Nevada!
Reviving the art of apprenticeship
to unlock continuous skill development
Picture this: your team is responsible for a big presentation this week and you've asked a coworker to draft something up. But his first effort isn't quite right - neither is his second one. Do you take the time to teach him how to do better, or rewrite it yourself while burning the midnight oil? All too often, it's the latter, leaving everyone frustrated or even demoralized. But there might be a better way, if your organization cultivates a culture focused on developing employees through on-on-one learning, particularly with many companies facing yawning skills gaps today. Here's how to modernize and scale an apprenticeship model, plus steps that can help build momentum as you put it into practice.

Torea Frey, Managing Editor at McKinsey, Seattle
Degrees At Work
Emsi Burning Glass' study, Degrees at Work, uncovers the economic outcomes of various educational paths by analyzing the careers and skills of thousands of people.
As predicted, the findings showed that people in the market adapt as they go, change over time, and move in and out of different career fields.
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