August 23, 2018

Nevadans come out swinging in opposition to proposed Yucca Mountain dump scheme!        
As reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada's Republican governor, Brian Sandoval, his State Agency for Nuclear Project's executive director, Robert Halstead, and other Silver State officials, have recommitted to yet another round of resistance in 2019 to the high-level radioactive waste dump targeted at them since the enactment of the "Screw Nevada bill" of 1987. With election day 2018 a couple months away, Nevada's U.S. Senate candidates, Dean Heller (Republican incumbent) and Jacky Rosen (Democratic challenger, currently a U.S. House member from southern Nevada), vie to prove they are the most opposed -- and most effectively opposed -- to Yucca, in a state where the vast majority of voters oppose the dump. As Judy Treichel of the environmental non-profit Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force wrote in an op-ed to the Las Vegas Sun a year and a half ago, "Nevada is the Battle Born state and after 30 years we still say 'No.'" Ian Zabarte (pictured above, at right, with Beyond Nuclear's Kevin Kamps, at the recent "Zero Hour" youth climate rally and march on the National Mall in D.C.), Principal Man of the Western Bands of Shoshone Indians, and secretary of the Native Community Action Council (NCAC), has achieved hard won legal standing, in opposition to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's licensing of the Yucca dump, in the biggest proceeding in the agency's history. (NCAC has also been appointed to the NRC's Yucca Licensing Support Network Advisory Review Panel.) The 1863 "peace and friendship" Treaty of Ruby Valley, signed by the U.S. government with the Western Shoshone, is clear evidence that the U.S. Department of Energy lacks title to the land and water at the site, so cannot legally proceed with construction and operation of the $100 billion+ dump. More than a thousand environmental, and environmental justice, organizations across the U.S., including Beyond Nuclear, have joined the "we do NOT consent!" coalition opposed to the Yucca dump over the past 32 years. Please take action to help block this environmental injustice, targeted at a scientifically unsuitable site, by urging your U.S. Representative, and both your U.S. Senators, to oppose H.R. 3053, the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act of 2018, and any other legislation that would speed the dump's opening, increase how much waste could be buried there, launch unprecedented numbers of Mobile Chernobyl shipments through most states, etc. You can phone your Congress Members' D.C. offices via the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. To learn more, see our Yucca Mountain website section.  
Canadian First Nations, NGOs condemn federal plans for defunct nuclear reactors          
As stated in a press release circulated by 40 Canadian First Nations, citizen groups, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs): "The plan to entomb and abandon radioactive carcasses of nuclear reactors next to major rivers is an abomination," says Dr. Gordon Edwards, President of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility (photo, right). "Billions of taxpayer dollars are being spent on plans that are clearly designed for the convenience of industry rather than the protection of human health and the environment for hundreds of thousands of years. The Government of Canada must consult First Nations and Canadian citizens to arrive at a meaningful and enforceable policy on how to manage these wastes in the very long term. There is no such policy now." Bad precedents set in Canada would likely be cited to put at even further risk surface waters impacting U.S. citizens downstream, such as at atomic reactors, radioactive waste dumps, and other nuclear facilities located on the shorelines of the Great Lakes. The Canadian coalition press release comes at the same time that American anti-nuclear allies, including Beyond Nuclear, rallied at the Port Huron, Michigan/Sarnia, Ontario "Blue Water" border, against Ontario Power Generation's radioactive waste DUD (Deep Underground Dump), targeted at the Great Lakes shore; against radioactive waste and other nuclear materials shipments across the Great Lakes Basin; and such reactor risks as those at the Fukushima Daiichi twin reactor design (General Electric Mark I Boiling Water Reactor), Fermi Unit Two in Monroe County, Michigan. At the fourth annual Great Lakes Environmental Alliance rally by the St. Clair River, Beyond Nuclear raised the risks presented by Montreal-based SNC-Lavalin's merger with Holtec International of New Jersey, to form the so-called Comprehensive Decommissioning International consortium. Both SNC-Lavalin, as well as Holtec, are beset by corruption scandals, including bribery allegations, and even convictions. To learn more about bi-national efforts to protect the Great Lakes against atomic reactor and radioactive waste risks, see Beyond Nuclear's Canada website section.
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