Dear friends,

Mashiv HaRuach Umorid Hagashem. During the rainy season we add these words to our Amidah prayer asking God to bring wind and rain. Living in Portland we are aware of the need for rain, as our usual lush and green surroundings have begun to brown this summer. Recently, however, we’ve seen the devastation rain can bring as we watched the havoc Hurricane Harvey has brought to southeastern Texas in the last week. 

We know many of you share our sense of urgency to help and support the displaced families, flooded schools, and synagogues in crisis. Kol Yisrael Arevim Ze Ba Ze. “All of Israel is responsible for one another,” teaches the Talmud. The time to help, the time to connect, the time to support is now.

As a congregation, we have “adopted” Congregation Or Ami, a small conservative congregation in Houston, Texas, one of many in need of support. Below you’ll find a letter from their rabbi, Gideon Estes. At present they are still assessing damage, waiting for the rain to stop and congregants to check in. Currently, the most useful service we can provide is financial support as they patch the roof and get the building ready to be a communal gathering place once more. 

You may make donations directly through our CNS congregation that will go to their needs of supplies for families. As more concrete needs become available we will continue to update you.

Rabbi David Kosak
Rabbi Eve Posen
Cantor Eyal Bitton
Fred Rothstein
Steve Blake
To offer financial support, you can:

1) Log into your online account through our website:
  • Click here and log in.
  • Click on "Make A Donation" on the left side
  • Click on "Houston Hurricane Relief" (the 4th fund listed on left side)
  • Fill out form, submit and follow the instructions to finalize payment.
2) Call the office: 503.246.8831
3) Stop by the office to give your donation
4) Mail in your donation

Congregation Neveh Shalom
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A Letter From Rabbi Gideon Estes
Dear Families of Neveh Shalom:

My name is Rabbi Gideon Estes and I am the Rabbi of Congregation Or Ami in Houston, TX.  We are so grateful for your support. As many of you know, Houston is experiencing unprecedented flooding as a result of Hurricane Harvey which now is a tropical storm but still continues to cause days of rain. Every waterway in Houston is approaching and surpassing record flood levels.  My congregants who live throughout the city are suffering in different ways. Some have been without water and power since Saturday, and others had their homes flooded while others will have their homes flooded or be unable to access their homes for weeks to months as we wait for flood waters to subside. Currently, at the synagogue we are dealing with multiple leaks including in our Ark. Luckily, our Torah Scrolls are safe but we face the daunting task of roof repairs and carpet replacement in the sanctuary in weeks just before the High Holy Days. We cannot know the extent of damage until the rain stops. It has been raining in parts of the greater Houston Area since Friday and we are expecting the storm to continue through at least Wednesday if not longer. 

We as a community deeply appreciate any help you are able to offer.

Rabbi Gideon Estes